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I’m just grateful to be here ✨
Grateful for my family.
TOGETHER, now. As it should be.
To have showered last night and had a warm meal with my boys this morning.
For the great weather and abundance of different flower species in our town that we greet on our morning walks. Hell yeah, I’m grateful.
What can you be grateful for today?
I know times are intense, but this is why it’s especially important to practice this, for YOU.
For your families lineage and healing. For a better tomorrow...
What’s happening along the border hit a big trigger for me. Here’s more of my personal story-
Not only is El Paso my hometown, but it’s where my family was also separated, at a very young age.
After my parents divorced when I was 5, us girls stayed with my mom and my two older brothers moved away to be with my dad. They both had two more kids and remarried.
Fragmented is the word to describe how it felt to have your loved ones scattered about the states, holding space for your single parent who is working so hard to keep things together.
I feel for the parents who are suffering this great pain, I pray for you and I take action for you.
I encourage you to, also. Every act of love and intention ripples farther beyond we can comprehend, please drop some comments below for how we can use our voice and hearts in this matter and focus on the SOLUTION here. 🌏

Today’s message from Spirit via @alana_fairchild Sacred Rebel deck✨”Stay grounding in who you are, practice more love and keep practicing forgiveness to yourself and others. Breathe, be patient~ change takes time. Like a learning child, have fun with delivering the message and be clear. Be sure to take plenty of time to process your emotions and get like plenty of rest for integration. You’re doing amazing!” With the #healingcrystals clear quartz, malachite, amethyst and carnelian. 😘 Drop you’re favorite emoji below if you’re feeling this message! ✨

✨Local Fam,
With great honor and joy we are now offering #healing sessions for our Colorado community, a beautiful blend of #aromatherapy #reiki and #acupressure therapeutic touch 🌀openings Sunday-Tuesday’s! $55 per session, or bundle special of 3 sessions for $150. 🙏🏽 Book through our website and thank you again for being apart of the Reiki Womb!

✨ "The only thing the separates you from me is a frequency... which is a different expression of the same energy." - Teal Swan, @tealspiritualcatalyst 🙏🏽 Happy Tuesday everyone!

Happy Fathers Day my King🍻
The moment I saw you I knew, that I’d be having yo babies! ‘Baby. I love you infinitely. 💕Cheers to all you papas out there truly paving the way for our future generations, you’re amazing!

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I'll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass the world is too full to talk about.” -Rumi 🙏🏽
#plantangels #rumi #prana

🙏🏽Spirit Message of the Day

Happy New Moon Beauties!✨
How’s it going for you? I’m in major automatic writing mode, loving this form of intention setting. Share yours below! 🧚🏼‍♂️
June’s featured Medicine Wheel is the Anti-EMF Dreamer- perfect for #Gemini season to soothe the mental planes, remove toxins and detox the body at a cellular level. 🌙🌚🌙Available in the shop along with a few open spots for customs. Starting at $49. Link in bio and hope you’re having a wonderful week! 🌺
#dream #dreamcatcher #homedecor #bedroomdecor #bohostyle #emf #reikiwombdesign

And just like that, you’re 4 today! 🎈Waylon Fox, my sweet #rainbowbaby thank you for choosing me to be your mama 🙏🏽

Hi everyone!
I wanted to tune in with you all and offer up some #insight I’ve been receiving on protecting and strengthening our auric fields.
✨We are #energetic beings, time to disconnect is super important! Our minds can experience more silence and #astraltravel becomes a regular experience- even in waking life. What’s your experience been lately with #astralprojection I’d love to hear from you! Comment below.
I love practicing one or two days of no phone at all during the week. It does wonders for your thinking mind and intuition. 🧠
At night, the first part of my sacred #sleep routine is shutting down the internet and phone. Turning off the millions of electromagnetic waves our brains are constantly taking in and processing is crucial for our energy bodies. 🙏🏽 During the day when we use electronics- I love keeping some smoky quartz or black tourmaline nearby or even in my pocket (great #crystals for EMF protection) and using a awesome grounding phone cover that removes 98% of radiation emitted during use, too. Hit me up for resources, EMF protection is on the rise and spreading awareness is encouraged! What’s your favorite tool?
In Reiki Womb world- we suggest our Plush Soft Grey Anti EMF Dream Wheel features shungite- a stone that pulls toxins and electromagnetic wavelengths out of the atmosphere, available in the shop! Link in bio. ✨

“Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere, they’re in each other all along.” -Rumi ✨

✨”You’ve got this!” -Spirit
Sacred Rebel deck via the epic @alana_fairchild 🌀

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