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Erica Rose  : Constructing collaborative tools to empower creativity : creative alchemy : empath, artist, mama #mithfactory #reikirain

Finding inspiration in the cold keeps my heart & head warm ♥️ 🔥 #icepatterns #meltingmyheart #freezeout

Studio time... re”writing” a book with some amateur lyric of my own. Time really flies, this project has been with me a few years now - only 200+ pages to go. 🙂#butwhoiscounting #healingwords
beings altered the landscape
bees and earthworms
from cosmic forests
began to disturb the earth’s surface
to cultivate
to turn
. .
art by Erica Rose 2018

“Recently I learned how trees communicate,
the way they send sugar through their roots to the trees that are ailing.
They don’t use words, but they can be said to love.
They might lean in one direction to leave a little extra light for another tree.
And I admire the way they grow right through fences, nothing
stops them, it’s called inosculation: to unite by openings, to connect
or join so as to become or make continuous, from osculare,
to provide with a mouth, from osculum, little mouth.
Sometimes when I’m alone I go outside with my big little mouth
and speak to the trees as if I were a birch among birches.”
((excerpt from Epistemology
by Catherine Barnett))
#catherinebarnett #birchamongbirches #biglittlemouth #art 💜
Painting by Erica Rose © 2018
#toconnect #inosculation#beauty#artist #colorpalette #roots#epistemology

“Well, your faith was strong but you needed proof..”

#loveisnotavictorymarch #secretchord #buckley

“Both artist and lover know that perfection is not lovable. It is the clumsiness of a fault that makes a person lovable…this is a common theme in folklore ... where you stumble and fall, there you find the gold.” –#JosephCampbell

22 years of painting, and I feel as though I have only gotten started... and that is loooove. .
#creativealchemy #mithfactory #painting #truelove


New ground. New moon. & gratitude
There is something about making canvas from start to finish that always gives me a feeling of accomplishment. Although it can be tedious work to build, it is also soothing to the part of my brain that wants everything to make sense and be “in order.” I welcome this contrast to the more intuitive process of painting and I enjoy knowing that the strong foundation was built with my own two hands , and, of course, the help of my uncle & cousins for the wood building parts because #teamworkmakesthedreamwork (and I don’t play well with heavy machinery;)
Happy New Moon tonight 🌙

Beautyfly 🌹

For all the skeptics and dreamers out there.... 💁🏼‍♀️
There will always be something new to discover and understand about our world and the things we already know. Keep that infinite sense of wonder alive. 🧚‍♂️
#imaginationislimitless #followyourheart #loveisthetruth #reikirain

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