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Erica Rose  •Constructing collaborative tools to empower our creative essence •A sweet & mystical infusion of art/scent/storytelling/myth #mithfactory #reikirain

lacuna no. 9

lacuna no. 8

lacuna no. 7

Textured palette for our Wednesday eyes.
Keep your mind clear and your heart open so that you can hear your truth #KuanYin

“My witness is the empty sky.
My reward is the perfect blue sky at dawn in the desert in a bird-resounding riverbottom grove.”
#jackkerouac #someofthedharma 🌵

Resting witch face #fullmoonmood
Life can get messy, #forreal... and there is always peace to be found within the chaos and power within our struggles.
Creativity is wild, expansive ... and sometimes we just need to ride the wave, have faith, and surrender to the majestic power of the unknown. 🌕
Creating space for truth, by letting go of false beliefs. Accepting all within and without that cannot yet be changed. This is compassion. This is powerful alchemy. To all of the messy, wild and unknown in life... I am grateful. 🌕
Wishing you grace under tonight’s blue moon.

Blue Moon in Libra on the rise, and Jasmine on my table... 💙
I am currently working on a beautiful scent collaboration with a dear friend, and jasmine is coming through in the scent palette with so much compassion.
It is such a thrill to work this way and I am enjoying the process as I watch the fragrance change and evolve over time. As I work I observe many things about the energetic and emotional magic of the plants I am working with, and Jasmine is one with an infinite storyline...
Jasmine is middle note royalty, a balance of masculine/ feminine energy in floral fragrance, creating a energetic dance with any scent. She has shapeshifting abilities, changing from a mid to base note, rearranging her position depending on what other essences surround her (a true leader). Because of this quality she is a great collaborator and blends well with (most) other scents, speaks a language of unconventional and infinite unity. Also.... she speaks the language of the heart - pure looooove. The benefits of Jasmine are seemingly endless, but here are some properties that I have observed...
We can use jasmine to attract the energies of pure union, collaboration, love and luck. This beautiful moon flower can also help us navigate our difficult emotions, bringing relief from anxiety and lightening heavy moods. Jasmine blooms at night and I believe it is a good scent to keep us compassionate and gentle as we take our deep journeys of self-discovery and exploring the often rocky terrain of our subconscious / shadow.
Spray a few drops of Jasmine onto your pillow at night and watch your dream life unfold into magnetic empowerment 💗 •••
What are your thoughts about jasmine... how do you use this scent in your life?
Wishing you a happy and healthy full moon in Libra tonight. 🌕 #reikirain#fullmoonblessings#jasmine#quanyin

Yesssss! There is so much strength in our sensitivities, our softness, our human fragility... the ability to be vulnerable can be a superpower.
And also I feel that we can have both simultaneously. The sweetness of honey and the wild boldness of fire. Ahhh, the mysteries of the feminine within. We bring so much goodness to the table #allinadayswork
#victoriaerickson #reikirain

lacuna no. 6

lacuna no. 5

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