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Reid Barkoff  -University at Buffalo🔵⚪️ -Fitness Advocate💪 -Have any fitness questions? Dm me!

Two of the biggest keys in life and in the gym in my opinion are perseverance and consistency. I see people all the time try working out and give up because it's too hard or just stop going for whatever reason. But in these hard times you need to push back, not give up, stay consistent and you will succeed.

Lighting and angles🎥

We will all have days when we don't feel the best, look the best or even preform the best in the gym. Today was one of those days for me. I felt weak and looked bad in the gym. But these are the days that count the most where you have to push yourself to the limit at your weakest point.

How I feel about Mondays 😂

Wide grip bicep curl is a great exercise. They hit the short head of the bicep and really help add size to your arms💪

Came into freshman of college year with a max bench of 185 leaving freshman year being able to put up 225 for 4 and a max bench of 245. The best has yet to come.💪

Great arm day today! One more week until I get to go home and train at @bevsgym couldn't be more excited!💪💪

Hard work and dedication goes a long way.

A wise man once said "real men train the booty🍑" - @calumvonmoger
But in all seriousness reverse v-squats are a great exercise to hit quads and glutes. If you have a v-squat or hack squat machine give these a try!

A month into my cut, going well so far but still have a lot of work to do. It's time to grind.💪

Stay focused.

Hey @smith.julian am I doing this right?

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