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Reggie  I play music. B3. Pie-nano. Yell reeeeeally loud. Plink plink on six strings.

HK worrying about nothing but looking worried about everything.

The artwork and lighting @vandalnewyork are pretty badass. Great street artists for the eye, great high end spins on global street food, great company with @leebrice @donnie_marple @johnbohlinger tonight. Compliments to the kitchen and to the service staff for a great night. We're stuffed.

The scaly foot gastropod is the only creature known to incorporate iron into its shell and exoskeleton, making it the most metal living thing on earth. Sorry Bruce Dickinson. #metal #ironmaiden #stillmyhero

Michael Gray ladies and gents. "Running Between the Raindrops" in R# major. No that's not a real key but #drummersdontknow

According to my niece, Harper, "daddy's boogers were all black from the smoke ha ha!" Also, my brother is pretty badass and actually humble about it; he didn't like that the rest of the firefighters and locals who helped put out the fire and save this pupper got no credit, so here's to ALL the volunteer firefighters in Livingston TN! Also, my brother is a badass.

Our stand up game is on point these days. #aheadofthecurve

He was smackin' away until he realized I set up the camera.🙄 #leadsingerdisease #howsmyhair

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