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Happy International Yoga Day! As fun as it may be, theres a lot more to yoga than standing on your hands. When people ask me what kind of yoga class to take, the answer is never simple. There are so many styles of yoga to choose from. Many people begin yoga for physical reasons and accidentally discover inner peace on their road to physical fitness. Asana (the physical practice of yoga) is only one of eight ‘limbs’ of yoga. If you’re curious about the yoga lifestyle, do some research. It’s so much more than a fitness routine 💙

forced @bobbysilver to pose all pretty like

The Ohio River was ranked as the most polluted river in the nation in 2017, with other Ohio waterways also facing serious pollution problems. Ohioans, if you’re as proud of your state as many of you claim to be, please act locally. Consume less BS, shop at the thrift store, pick up trash around your neighborhood, plant some pretty things, vote. Do anything besides just slapping a cute Ohio-shaped sticker on your car and calling it a day. Thank you ❤️

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The only way to wear fur

Ohio weather

I’m learning to accept that I live inside of a weird meat suit and to love my body for what it is. Sometimes I look great! Other times, I look at my reflection and feel alienated by my own body. I’ve always had mixed feelings about my body image, so instead of fixating on things I cannot change, I’ve come to appreciate my body for what it can do instead of focusing on fabricated ideals of beauty specific to a culture I happened to be born into ✌️

Nature is Everything

If you think you’re really cool, you probably aren’t

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