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REGAN GRIMES IFBB PRO  Canada 🇨🇦 | Living Kuwait 🇰🇼 Team Oxygen Owner @FlexPlexCanada Bpi Sports Athlete DoYouEven | Otomix


Chase your dreams, Don't listen to the naysayers, and most importantly do what makes you happy.
🚨Can you guess my weight and age in each photo?
#Bodybuilding #TransformationTuesday

Chest has always been a weak point working hard this year to make it a strong point! Every chest workout I do DB and Barbell movements then machines! #AmbitionIsPriceless Stringer 👉🏼 RgArmy.com GRIMES10 for 10% OFF 😄 #MUFFINPUMP @abdullah_84otb

Some clips from Quad workout today! #Twigs #CamelCrew
Do you train quads and hams together or split them?
Thanks @suliman_altarkait & @abdullah_84otb for the push today! #TeamOxygen

Around my workouts I always drink @bpi_sports Best BCAA’s, I really like the watermelon Ice flavour. Best BCAA™ uses oligopeptide-enzymatic technology that may improve the speed and efficiency of absorption to better help the recovery process.
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Heading into my 6th week in Kuwait.. crazy experience so far. Bodybuilding here is as serious as it gets! #CamelCrew #Kuwait

It's not always about the weight but I'm happy with this look at 290! Next stop.. 300! #TeamBpi #BpiSports #DoYouEven #Otomix @abdullah_84otb #RgArmy

Chest and Biceps today, My favourite chest machine💪🏼 never used anything like it before! @o2_gyms #RgArmy #MuffinPump #290lbs

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#RgArmy @pat_lee

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Few more months of BULKING and then we will start to SHRED! #RgArmy

Warm up
10lbs 20 reps front raise, 20 reps side raise, 20 reps rear delt db fly X 2
Db Side Laterals
5x 12 last set drop set
Increase weight each set
Smith Machine press
4 x 12-15 increase weight each set
Machine press reverse
5x 15 reps heavier each set
Machine rear delt fly
5x 15
Try more workouts like this by joining the BIGGER BY THE REP Program! link in bio @regangbodybuilding #RgArmy

BACK DAY with @sergiconstance || Working on bringing more density for 2018! #Bulking @abdullah_84otb

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