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the vampire diaries  – promise me this is forever.

{3x20 – do not go gentle}
thank you so much for 4.7k! ❀
Q: did/do you ship klaroline?

{6x08 – fade into you}
cuties aw 😍
thank you so much for 4.6k guys!!

{6x19 – because}
i miss jo sm :((
Q: did you ship jolaric?

{6x02 – yellow ledbetter}
hey hi :))
Q: did you like the prison world storyline?

baes looking handsome af in every century 😍 repost because it flopped last night :))
ic: @vdedit ❀

{6x02 – yellow ledbetter}
PLEASE be active guys 😩
Q: is there anything i can do to improve my account? (i promise i will start to post more again, but other than that) ❀

Hey guys, Mai is at a festival so I'm posting for her. We would like to say thanks for 4k! It means a lot.
qotd: Fav character with their humanity off?
aotd: Caroline or Stefan!
- @itstvdfacts

{6x14 – stay}
#7daysofvd saddest death – nothing makes the tears roll like when watching this scene. liz was such an amazing character and seeing carebear sad makes me sad :(
Q: whose death was the saddest for you?

{6x07 / 8x16 – parallel-ish}
#7daysofvd favorite ship – delena.
i do realize i am late af with these edits. πŸ˜‚ sorry this sucks but ah
i am so close to 4k adsfhlfg only 99 more :))

{8x13 – the lies are going to catch up with you}
#7daysofvd favorite male character – kai parker. love him sm :')

{1x10 – the turning point}
posting late again, whoops. 😬 hope it doesn't flop.
thank you all so much for 3.7k!

{2x19 – klaus}
#7daysofvd – favorite female character; katerina petrova aka katherine pierce aka kitty kat aka queen kat or whatever you like. πŸ˜‚ she's such a precious little bean, i love her so much. ❀

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