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the vampire diaries  – promise me this is forever.


{1x10 – the turning point}
tysm for 3.4k guys, i love you all sm. ❀
Q: did you ever ship matt and elena?

{1x12 – unpleasantville}
i miss the first season sm, they were so fetus :(
Q: bonlena or bamon?

{6x20 – i'd leave my happy home for you}
sorry i'm posting so late, hashtags didn't work earlier. πŸ™ƒ hope you guys are doing well :)) also tysm for 3.2k woo. ❀

{2x05 – kill or be killed}
here's some stelena for y'all. 😍 also thank youu for 3.1k yay! ❀

{8x15 – we're planning a june wedding}
the steroline wedding was so damn beautiful, ahh my little babies 😭😍

{4x17 – because the night}
repost bc this flopped the other day :)) again i just wanna say thank you SO much from the bottom of my heart for getting me to 3k followers! i've had this account for 2.5 months now and i honestly can't believe i've come this far already! so tysm guys, ilyyy! ❀❀

{once upon a time}
happy 16th birthday to one of the most amazing souls i've had the pleasure of meeting here on ig, @iamtheoncer. words cannot express how happy i am to have such an incredible person like you in my life. happy birthday noora! i hope you have the most amazing day ever with lots and lots of cake and everything else bdays has to offer. i love you so much. ❀ + this edit is for you bae, enjoy 😏

{5x06 – handle with care}
posting the same two eps in a row cause that's all i have :)) pls be active. ❀
Q: favorite doppelgΓ€nger?

{5x06 – handle with care}
/requested. - idk why i never thought about editing this scene, silas is hilarious πŸ˜‚ please dm me scene requests if you want so i can post more :))
and thank youuu for 2.7k! so close to 3k already woo ❀

{4x23 – graduation}
i'm sorry for being so inactive ugh ;( please don't let this flop tho!!
also tysm for 2.6k, ily guys ❀

{8x09 – the simple intimacy of the near touch}
hiiii :)) πŸ‘‹πŸΌ
Q: stefan or damon?

{4x23 – graduation}
i'm sorry for being such an inactive little piece of shit ;( i hope y'all are still active though! the text is pink cause it part of a two part edit i posted the other day, but it had a serious case of flop so now i'm posting it just like this :))
also tysm for 2.3k!! ❀

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