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Refugees Welcome Australia  Connecting households with spare rooms to refugees and people seeking asylum. Donate to our #LoveForRefugees campaign on Chuffed ⬇️

With the latest two placements, we are so proud to celebrate a grand total of 30 homeshare matches in less than a year! We have connected people from all walks of life who have been able to live together, learn from each other and empower one another. Thank you to all our hosts who have opened their homes, and all our volunteers who helped make this happen.

A little introduction into the role of buddy coordinator. Buddy coordinator is a volunteer role that helps a lot in the work we do. If you too want to volunteer please contact us or visit our website in the bio. #refugeeswelcome #volunteer #brisbane #community

Introducing some of our Project facilitators! The work they do is very important in arranging hosts with refugees. #refugeeswelcome #volunteer #community

When I first started with RWA, I thought the project was as a simple as the concept: a person with a spare room, a person who needs a room. Boom, done, one less person who is homeless. And then I started realising how naïve this vision was. Living in a sharehouse most of my life, I am well aware of the awkwardness there is in dealing with the most mundane aspects of life, whether it is deciding who is responsible for buying laundry powder and olive oil, or remembering to speak in a low voice when I make an overseas call. It is one thing to do it with your family or friends, but it is another story to navigate it with a complete stranger, who speak a different language and comes from a different culture, and, if you are the guest, who already shows so much generosity towards you! This snapshot highlights to me the care and attention goes in the work of our project facilitators who not only match material and location needs, but also personalities and emotional maturities.
I am so honoured to work with them and assist their work in anyway I can.
Gaëlle - Community outreach RWA Volunteer
#refugeeswelcome #volunteer

'I am from a “western” country so settling down in Australia is going to be quite easy! Nope, NOT TRUE. Arriving in a new country is not easy. I was the one who made the choice to move abroad. I was looking for something new, something more… And if I am not happy I can just go back home, easy! I am an “expat”, it is a fancy term for migrant, one of the main difference with a “refugee” is that I had a choice and decided to come to Australia, while a refugee is protecting the most important thing: his/her life but for some reason at times they are not welcome. I am volunteering for Refugees Welcome to create the welcoming culture people deserve and to change the perception on exile.'
-Juliette, RWA Organising Volunteer
#refugeeswelcome #volunteering #refugeesaustralia

“When working in the community I like to think I am in a forest, which is being nurtured through the work I do along with other community organisers”
-Misha, RWA Event coordinator volunteer #refugeeswelcome #volunteer

Making a difference...

Our 22nd resident is now at home!

Our new promo video 🎥 is finally here!! 🎊Watch below to learn more about our work in creating a new #cultureofwelcome You can watch the full video on our Facebook page. Plus our #loveforrefugees campaign is ongoing! ❤️ You can donate following the link in bio on Instagram or the pinned post on Facebook 🙌 #refugeeswelcome

Happy Birthday to our youngest resident, born today. #LoveForRefugees #CultureOfWelcome #RefugeesWelcome

Open Homes, Open Communities. Help us create a new culture of Welcome! Link to donate can be found in bio. #cultureofwelcome

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