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My most popular DIY Macrame Pattern to date, just saying. // The hardest part are the Clove Hitch Knots, specifically lining them up after the crisscross. But it can be done by beginners and experienced alike. It just needs patience and practice. Find it at the link in my profile. 🤞🏼

We all start somewhere and I'm starting right here. I'm telling myself not to compare my beginning to someone else's middle and enjoying the process one stitch at a time. Embroidery is totally therapeutic and I can see me doing this for forever and ever and ever and a day. ❤️ // Is anyone else learning a new craft over this long weekend?!? Please do tell. 😊

Back to Basics: How to Tie Larks Head and Square Knots // Here is a video that I plan to show every three months or so. It's the first knots that I learned and probably the same for many others. Tag a friend who may be interested. // This Video will show you how to tie both the Larks Head and Square Knot. Both knots are very common in Macrame with the Larks Head most often used to attach the cords to a ring, bar, or piece of wood. I point out a few things and tried to move as slow as possible. These are shown with two 8 foot pieces of 1/4th inch cotton 3 strand rope. // The Larks Head Knot can either be done over or under the bar. To tie a Larks Head Knot, fold your cord in half, making an "N" shape at center and place it over the top, pull the loop down, now making it a "U" shape and pull the ends of the cords through the "U", then tighten. You can also go under the bar and this will make it so that your cross bar is on the reverse side, as pointed out. // To tie a Square Knot, you have the two inner "filler cords" and two outer "working cords", take your left cord and go over the center two cords and under the right cord, then grab your right cord and it goes under the center cords and is pulled up (from back to front) into the hole on the left. Next you grab your right cord and go over the center two cords and under the left cord. Then your left cord goes under the center two cords and is pulled up (from back to front) into the hole on the right side, then tighten. // To do a right facing Square Knot, do the same as noted above, but start with your right cord. You can tell if it's a left facing or right facing Square Knot based on which side the vertical cross bar is on, as I point out. //If you're new here, Hello. 👋🏼 I offer DIY Macrame Patterns and Kits at the link in my bio ➡️ @reformfibers or at Also, You can find more helpful videos at #TGIFF➰ and #ThankGoodnessItsFiberFriday // Where do I purchase my rope? I purchase Cotton rope from @knotandropesupply

I have to say, today was a good day! // I taught a quick 2 hour macrame class in Malibu for a Team Building Activity with @nikelosangeles // I'm now saving and saving and saving and building a dream to have a vacation home in Malibu, because dreaming is fun. 😜y

This DIY Macrame Pattern is so super easy, so super cool, and totally available in my shop, link in profile. ➡️ @reformfibers or (Buy 3 and get one free 👌🏼) // Just a few Square and Diagonal Clove Hitch knots made with some super chunky rope from @knotandropesupply and some shiny brass from @ims_metals No secrets here! // This exact piece hangs in the lovely home of Alexis Renee Sassard, who I've met through Instagram and I look forward to meeting IRL (in real life) one day sooner than later. BTW, she's creating/making her own wall hangings and table linens. Sign me up for all of the handmade linens, please. 📷: @alexisreneesassard

What do you get when you pour time, energy, and love into your passion? It might look something like this, but I know it would be different for everyone. 👌🏼 // I taught a group of lovely ladies at a beautiful shop in Costa Mesa, CA on Sunday. It will forever be engrained in my mind because my mom joined in on the fun. ❤️ I taught two sets of sisters, which is always cool, a mom that made the time to create even though she was throwing a birthday party for her son that day, as well as many others. The older I get the more I realize how important it is to feed your soul; to listen to the whispers in your life because they often lead you towards goodness. I'm glad we all spent those hours together learning and laughing and maybe doing a little shopping too. 🤷🏻‍♀️🙋🏻🙃

Easily one of my favorite shots of my work. This was early on, within 6 months of starting to do macrame. I was obsessed with Macrame Plant Hangers and Indigo rope and was trying to figure out how to incorporate other colors into my work. As much as I have learned in the last two years, I'm totally still a beginner that's as excited to learn new things as I was on day one. The challenges, frustrations, complications, studying, phone calls for help, that's what it's all about. And then when I learn new things I like to share it with everyone; Sharing is Caring ❤️ // Shot by @wanderingwithmary #plantsofinstagram #plantlove #houseplantclub

It's a Macrame SECRET, so keep it between you and I. 😉 This is how I Tie Horizontal Clove Hitch Knots. I turn the working cord counter clockwise and pull the filler cord through. I like doing it this way because there is less cordage flying around and it's also faster, much faster. 🔥 Tag a friend who may be into this. // If you're new here, Hello. 👋🏼 I offer DIY Macrame Patterns and Kits at the link in my bio ➡️ @reformfibers or at Also, You can find more helpful videos at #TGIFF➰ and #ThankGoodnessItsFiberFriday // What do you do with the ends and where do I purchase my rope? You tuck or weave ends into the back and I purchase Cotton rope from @knotandropesupply // #Knit #Knitting

For some strange reason I feel the need to talk about my past, my upbringing, my childhood, my building blocks of what lead me to this very moment. A lot of the things I wouldn't change, most things where I was just an innocent bystander, many things I'm just now understanding and relating to, all things that would surprise you, that last one I know for sure. I'm not going to list them here, I'm not sure if this is the right platform, but I just thought to share. // I've been feeling like this for months and as of recent feeling very inspired by @kevion and @drama after listening to their interview together on the 'Short Story Long' podcast. I grew up the youngest of 5 kids in the city of Ontario, CA and worked for an Action Sports retailer for many years, so its crazy for me to listen to the interview and feel related to it somehow. At any rate, this is the beginning, eventually I'll share it all. I'm accepting that this is all a part of the process of being an artist and growing through and enjoying it; it's what it's really all about. Thanks for listening, following along and supporting what I do. ✌🏼#CoachKevs

All of these are hanging on a rack in my home and I'm thinking that I need to plan for a shop update soon. All in favor say, I, or give me a 🙋🏻. // The round ones may be sold as a set of 3 and the others are also currently available at West Elm Pasadena, and Costa Mesa. Get them while they're hot. 🔥 #WestElmLocal

You can't win them all, but you can try, you can always try. // Our house is having some unexpected work done, there is a constant hum in the background, I am spending only a few hours in my studio a day, I have a new pattern to work on, some brass to cut, guides to print and my mind is spinning with things I want to do instead. Just saying. 😬 // The weather is gloomy, I just want to lay down and take a nap. I don't feel like I am winning today, but I can't win them all.

If you're looking for a simple and impactful DIY Macrame Pattern then this one is it. // It is titled 'Triangles and Diamonds' and is available at the link in my profile ➡️ @reformfibers ⬅️ It is all Square Knots! I mean, does it get any easier than that?!? Tag a friend who may be into it.

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