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“Because I was told I couldn’t wear certain things, I paid more attention to them; I wanted to wear them more." — @iamkelseylu 💥
@landonpeoples sat down with #KelseyLu to discuss how culture and style collide. Double tap the link in our bio to 👀 what she had to say.
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🚨 Friendly reminder from R29er @mariajialingpitt 🚨: IT IS OKAY TO FEEL IT ALL ‼️
Tell us what you’ve been told you’re “too” much of and how you’ve embraced it instead. 👇👇👇
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☁️🌤You will make it through this.⭐️
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Committed to preserving mother 🌎 today, tomorrow, and always. Tag your crew to let them know how they can do their part. Drop a tip for more ways we can all do our part to minimize our carbon 👣
Tap the link in bio to see how you can live a more sustainable life.
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👏 Thank you for being strong 💪.
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Hosted by Global Editor-In-Chief & Co-founder, @christenebarberich #UnStyled returns with a fresh lineup of extraordinary women – voices and conversations defining real life and the cultural shifts across work, love, politics, success ... and yeah, personal style, too.
@jcrew’s @jennalyonsstyle got real about her experience in the industry. Tap the link in bio to 👂.
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“Political thot for @modelcitizensvote💪🏾"
🔈Tag your statement tee photos with #ReadOurLips and use your caption to tell us what that statement means to you for a chance to have your story shared on our page each week.
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✨🌈 Do not settle for anything less than butterflies🦋.
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🖼 We asked women making more than $100,000 open up about how they got there and what exactly they do. Today, we sat down with a 31-year old Design Strategist and previous Money Diarist in Denver, CO who works in museum design. 💰 Swipe through and tap the link in bio to see her financial journey.
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⭐️F**k the hand you were dealt. You have the power to change the game.⭐️
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👾 Respect game so we can all win 🎮.
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