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Raise your hand if you’re in desperate need of a carefully curated kit with skin essentials 🙋‍♀️. Tag the crew below and let them know it’s time to treat yo self.👇👇👇
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🤝 It's time people quit shaming others just because they're unique or non-traditional Anglo-Saxon names. Respect one another.
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💞Make no mistake — straight sized cis women are f*cking beautiful (well, duh), but it's problematic when fashion industry leaders expect ~every~ person to fall into that category. Whether you're white, POC, #plussize, skinny, fat, cis, trans, gender non-binary, and everything in between — all people deserve to see themselves represented✨.
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In honor of #NationalNativeAmericanHeritageMonth, we're highlighting Indigenous American women who are paving the way for future generations❤️.
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#AcknowledgeIsPower #RepresentationMatters
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🚨 It's not cool to make fun of someone for being who they are. It's not funny, it's mean and it needs to end. 🤚
If you need tips on how to deal with meanness in the workplace, click the link in bio.
#WorldKindnessDay #HereForYou
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☁️🧚‍♀️Today is #ThxBirthControl Day and we're celebrating everything birth control has made possible for you. Tell us why you’re thankful for your BC in the comments below👇, & tune into to our #ThxBirthControl Twitter 🗯discussion🗯from 2-2:30pm EST.
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Nearly a week after election day the #Arizona Senate race has been called for Democrat #KyrstenSinema. She will occupy the seat currently held by Republican Jeff Flake. When she was elected to the U.S. House in 2012 she became the first openly #bisexual person elected to Congress.
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#AcknowledgeIsPower #RepresentationMatters

"Why is being weird so frowned upon by society? All the best people are the ones who harness their weirdness. 🙃🌈💕" — @katieabey
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“Don't 👏 forget 👏 it 👏 ."
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Tag a talented friend and let them know the world needs to hear their voice. 👩🎤✨
@Westside, a new unscripted series streaming now on Netflix, reminds us that everyone has to start somewhere. 👉Swipe right👉 to watch the trailer!

🎧 This week on the #UnStyledpodcast, @christenebarberich talks #motherhood and intuition with #HilariaBaldwin. Double tap the link in bio to 👂 the new #UnStyled.
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@y3lda — founder of @CamelAssembly, an international community of creative female leaders who gather to make change — knows what's up. 🙌
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