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#CristinaYang, pls be our BFF 🙏✨. Happy birthday, @iamsandraohinsta 💘.

Everybody is somebody’s Mona Lisa 💭🌹.
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Major mood after saving major 💰 on the cutest makeup looks. 👄💄

How bout you? 👀👀
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Tag a moon pal who lives and loves by their moon signs🌙because whether we realize it or not, humans have always had a ❤️relationship💕 with the moon. #NationalMoonDay
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The world of healing crystals is about as wide as the App Store — there's one for everything. Protection? Check ✅.Better sleep and dreams? Check ✅. Dubious "energetically charged" water? Definitely check ✅. It's no wonder, then, that there are quite a few crystals with the spiritual capacity to address all types of matters of the heart.
Of course, no stone will get you a date or fix the underlying issues in your relationship, but crystals can serve as a physical, tangible reminder of your own abilities. For instance, wearing #rosequartz won't make everyone you pass fall in love with you. Rather, its subtle, loving energy may prompt you to be a little warmer in your everyday interactions.
Double tap the link in bio for 6 crystals to cure whatever’s going on in your ❤️-life.
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“While looking to the youth for the next big thing is nothing new, what's often left out is the part where we give proper credit where credit is due. But not this time, as we recognize and laud ✌️ Gen Z'ers and local college students who abandoned the stereotypical campus 🏫uniform of nondescript leggings and a Uni tee in favor of their own unique aesthetic.
There's @thatgirlyusra who honors her Pakistani heritage while also incorporating elements of athleisure and vintage into her everyday outfits, and @rachellevinberg, the ringleader of all-girl skateboarding group @theskatekitchen, who nails the gender-neutral, laid-back look necessary to hit kick flips and rail grinds on the way to class.”
If you ask us, these girls are killing the next wave of back-to-school trends with items from @hm's newest collection. What's your fave back-to-school trend? 💼📚
Photo: @rebekahcampbell
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"’Auntie, what's that in your ear?’
‘Oh... you mean my earring?' (My usual response)
‘No...the black thing’
‘They're scars in my ear just like on my face because I have a skin condition.’
‘Oh. I thought they were tattoos! I thought you had a tattoo on your nose!’
‘A tattoo on my nose?! Now THAT would be very painful. Even more painful than these scars!’ *giggle*
A convo about image with a 5-year-old does not have to be embarrassing. Children can be so easy to talk to about what has happened to my skin and some show such a high level of openness and maturity. There's this acceptance (at least to my face...I dunno what they say to their parents afterwards 🤣) even if they don't fully understand.'s heartwarming. Especially after a grown-ass woman commented that I shouldn't be around people, let alone children (true story). But, I will not dwell on that. I will focus my energy on these little gems who make my day 😃.’”
#LupusAwareness #HereForYou #AcknowledgeIsPower
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Tag that one friend who REALLY needs some help with her moneys💰.
Our popular series, #MoneyDiaries, is now also a Facebook Group! 💪Join the Money Diaries community today to ask all of your finance-related questions💳, educate yourself about savings and investing💸, hear from like-minded women about their spending habits 💵, read and watch exclusive content⭐️, and more! Tap the link in bio to join.
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👌”When I was growing up and aging, we weren't looking at ourselves that way. I didn't notice my neck until I was 65.” — @lindaandwinks 🤷‍♀️✨
Linda Rodin proves that 70-something really is just a number. Double tap the link in our bio to read her Trademarks feature.
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Do it from the heart.
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