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Refinery29  We aim to create a world in which women feel, see, and claim their power. We are inclusive and expressive. You can also find us on @r29fashion.

Tag someone who needs this v important memo 📝 from @cher because we all do sometimes (and proof that #Cher doesn't need anyone after a 💯performance at the #BBMAs). 💞🍰✨

Giving the green light🚦on wearing mom jeans 👖 for all performances (karaoke included).
cc: @lordemusic #BBMAs

Tag someone who isn't afraid to pull a @nickiminaj and ask for their part of the meal 🍔🍟. #BBMAs

TFW it's finally warm and you can werk your favorite dresses. #ad Add a little shine to your body the next time you go out.
Photographed by @filippodelvita
#R29xStTropez #yourultimatetan
cc: @sttropeztan @sephora

Tag a Gemini ♊️ who's quick on their feet and can adapt to just about anything. 👟👟 For common misconceptions about Geminis debunked, tap the link in bio.
cc: @abbie_wintters

A cheeky Saturday 🍑 Ashley Armitage's playful photo series "Taking Back What's Ours" explores the un-gendered body part. As a way to deal with unwanted attention to the female body, Armitage aims to divert the attention to butts because in most cases people don't know what gender it belongs to.
Tap the link in bio if you're tired of seeing the same old butts.
Photographed by @ladyist

Not the face tattoo you were picturing. @mianne.chan and @alyssainthecity faced their fear of needles head on by microblading their eyebrows so that they never have to fill them in again. Tap the link in bio for the whole process and fleeky eyebrow envy. 🔪🔪🔪

Christy DeGallerie shows us that being a mom isn't about being perfect. #ad It's about appreciating all of those good moments and embracing them every day. 👏💞“As humans, we tend to put people under these umbrellas. Ava is just one child though. She’s one person. She’s unique, like all people.” #R29xTJMaxx
cc: @tjmaxx

Wishing 🌿photosynthesis🌿 applied to us humans because we're planning on soaking up the sunlight all day today.🍦
Photographed by @rockienolan

🎂HBD🎂 @cher, chasing greatness and 🎶 wishing we could turn back time🎶 and embrace our silly moments.

Beep beep. Scoot over Friday we're coming for you, weekend.💃🎶🚘
cc: @gunneranimation

We're more than ready to take on fresh styling moves with @asos_de. #ad Here in Berlin, we're embracing mismatched patterns and bright colors to celebrate the new season (while also wearing what speaks to us because that's how we roll). "Berlin has taught me to wear what you want... People wear the craziest clothing and it’s normal, not like in other cities." —@kidnappedkid
#R29xASOS #R29StyleStalking

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