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We want to see your body part that you love most. The one society might tell you to cover up, but we want to see you wearing it proud – scars, stretch marks, veins, and everything that makes you who you are.
Share your photo and story on Insta, tag @refinery29 and use the hashtag #TakeBackTheBeach — you could even see yourself in an R29 story sometime soon!
Photographed by @rebekahcampbell

Comment below with what usually works best for you, or someone you love when they're going through a tough time.
There's no guidebook that tells us the right way to be supportive, but it's abundantly clear that opening up — and keeping open — dialogue around these sometimes-stigmatized topics is a must. #HereForYou #MHAM

@watanabenaomi703 aka "the Japanese Beyoncé" is an actress, comedian, and fashion designer for @PUNYUS. She's a cast member on Japanese SNL, a judge on X-Factor Japan, and the most-followed person on Instagram in the country (5.2 million!). The 28-year-old is also celebrated for her curvaceous figure and for being a champion for plus-size women. Her designs reflect Japan’s “pocharri” trend, which encourages women to embrace the term “marshmallow girls,” reshaping the notion that girls who are bigger aren’t cute. The goal is to help women embrace fashion and style, without having to change their bodies. #NaomiWatanabe makes it her mission to prove that one size does not fit all and women of all shapes and sizes is a mission we all can get behind.
In celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month this May, we're featuring some of our favorite Asian American and Pacific Islander American thinkers. They'll tell their stories about the rewards, challenges, and realities of straddling two identities — especially when the compatibility of the two has recently come under attack.
Illustrated by @paulinapizza
#AcknowledgeIsPower #APAHM #AsianPacificAmericanHeritageMonth

Brows that are straight-up stunning. 👏 #ad Flaunt this look no matter where the night takes you.
Directed by @yungjames
#R29xRevlon #chooselove
cc: @Revlon, @nyamuoch_girwath

Tag someone who needed no reminder that it's peak watermelon season which means it's officially summer and we're on the hunt for ripe 🍉. Photographed by @meganmadden
cc: @luciebfink, Dress: @ferragamo, Top: @closedofficial

After an Ariana Grande concert in #Manchester tonight, explosions went off just outside the arena. Reports state that 19 people are dead, with 50 injured. Our hearts go out to those who are affected by this senseless tragedy.❤️

If you're comfortable, share your experience with a phobia in the comments below. ✨
When you have an excessive fear that interferes with how you live your life, it's usually a sign that you've transitioned over into phobia territory. In general, any excessive fear can be considered a phobia, but most phobias are very specific.
Tap the link in bio to read about how to potentially cure a phobia and the various different kinds of phobias there are.
Illustrated by @tsjissetalsma #MHAM #HereForYou

"I didn’t realize this until very very recently, but fetishization has played a huge role in almost every sexual and romantic encounter I’ve had. Every look, every touch, every loaded word during these encounters are embedded with racialized and sexualized power dynamics that often times end up with me being sexually objectified because of my race. I think that acknowledgement and introspection of what extent identity politics play in your attraction for someone, and your choice to pursue someone and interact with them are crucial in at least beginning to dismantle these ideas that are embedded in the way you interact with the world. I don’t really have an answer as to how to not fetishize someone, but I do know that it begins with self-reflection and honesty." — @kiicsi
Emmy Liu is an Asian American with a passion for creative writing, self-care, and laying out in the sun ☀️. For #APAHM, we partnered up with @yungwolftown to highlight Asian Americans through the #norientalseries, who are using their voices to progress the #AAPI narratives. "Oriental is often used as a misguided compliment usually to reduce our culture into a word because it is rarely fully understood. As Asian women, experiencing all the false stereotypes regarding us is absolutely tiring. Like that we are submissive, quiet and obedient. There is also a mass fetishization of Asian women in society. All that can be traced back to colonization in Asia. There is a lack in physical representation in media when it comes to Asian Americans. Through these images, it is our way of showing the different variations of Asian femininity that is unapologetic & authentic." Photographed by @yungwolftown #R29Collabs

“Today you are You,
that is truer than true.
There is no one alive
who is Youer than You.” — #DrSeuss
Internalizing this poem again because it's #MotivationMonday and this is still just as relevant as that one time we read it in middle school. 📝👏
Illustrated by @nessleee

It's been a little over half a year since @nytimes writer, Michael Luo wrote his open letter to a woman who shouted at him and his family to "go back to China" in the Upper East Side, but the letter and sentiment still feels just as relevant today. We are living in a political climate where racist, xenophobic, sexist, bigoted comments come unfiltered, unsolicited, and from places devoid of reason, empathy, and kindness.
Tap the link in bio to read @conconwang's whole piece on getting over her fear of dressing "Asian". #APAHM #AsianPacificAmericanHeritageMonth

☀️+ 👙 + 🕶 + @supergoop = the MDW vacation we need. #ad Seriously, though, don't forget the sunscreen.
Photographed by @samcannon
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Tag someone who needs this v important memo 📝 from @cher because we all do sometimes (and proof that #Cher doesn't need anyone after a 💯performance at the #BBMAs). 💞🍰✨

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