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File under: how to tie a headscarf -and- look badass. 🎀🔥 Tap the link in bio for the full details of the look. #R29Shortcuts
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Happy birthday, @drewbarrymore.🎂✨ We're forever grateful for your #beautyjunkieweek advice and mission to empower women. Planning on celebrating tonight with a binge-watch marathon of @SantaClaritaDiet.👌☠️📺 Tap the link in bio to read more about Drew Barrymore's new role as a zombie in the new Netflix show.

Tag your salty sweet friend to share a marg on #NationalMargaritaDay 🍹🍹. Wishing we were on a beach sipping margs, but office happy hour will do. 🌺🌴 Tap the link in bio to see how to make the perfect margarita.
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Ola Joseph was born in a small fishing village in Nigeria and later attended college in Lagos before coming to the United States. He served in the United States Navy while simultaneously obtaining a Bachelors and Masters Degree. An author of several books and now world renowned speaker, Ola travels the world to use his voice to teach and mentor others. 🌟❤️✨#AcknowledgeIsPower

"Dance is my air. It's all that I know and all that I am. When I'm dancing, I am whole. I know exactly where I'm supposed to be. As humans, we are all meant to love each other, and my art form is my way of spreading that positive energy. It means the world to me that I get to do what I love every day, and the fact that I get to travel the world while doing it is priceless.

I'm always a little nervous before going on stage, mainly because I care so much about the work. I want to present it in the best way that I can. And then I remember why I'm even here in the first place. I'm here to share a piece of who I am with the audience. I have to remember to trust the gift that I have and just be honest.

I had a dance teacher in high school named Linda Denise-Fisher Harrell, a former dancer with the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. I had never seen a woman of color dance and move her body the way she did. Her grace and poise were unlike anything I'd ever seen. She was a goddess, and I was immediately intrigued and inspired. She was my first introduction to Ailey." — @bahamaballerina

Refinery29 had the opportunity to sit in on a rehearsal with the talented #AileyII dancers and ask them all of our 💪💃🔥 q's about what inspires them. Swipe right to see some moves you might want to try on your next night out (or to just do in front of your mirror at home). #AcknowledgeIsPower
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Taking a moment (or two) to wish #NinaSimone a happy birthday. Remembering the legacy she left behind as an advocate for equality and her wide range of talents as a musician. 🎶🌟 Playing "I Put A Spell On You" on repeat for the rest of the night. #AcknowledgeIsPower

"'You have such a pretty face,' he says" by @ashleehaze, Spoken Word Artist
He was blithely unaware of the fact that my face don’t hold a candle to the rest of me.
It wasn’t the key factor that has helped many a sibling find rest in me.
I have served as pillow for little brothers in church pews.
Comforted my loves as they basked in blued hues.
I have been deemed personal Teddy bear enough times to make Build-A-Bear jealous.
Keep nightmares at bay under my spell,
It’s this statue that contains so many details. Michelangelo couldn’t correctly carve out my waist.
God got happy with the mold and added more chocolate, my face is just the icing on the cake.
So if you are looking for something thin, I suggest you count me out.
Pencils are easily broken and a brick house.

“I didn’t want to make a general statement about Black women — I just wanted to show what I've seen in my own life. This is just what happens. I was weary of the depiction of single-life woman woes. But there’s an element of truth to it, so if it’s someone’s truth and it’s my truth, then I’m going to put it on the screen. One of the downsides of being a lone female voice is that people are going to look to me to either dispel all stereotypes or feed into them, and that’s unfair. We're telling a story, and that shouldn't be perceived to be every truth for a Black woman.” Our features writer, @ariannagab interviewed @issarae about the humble beginnings of the TV show @InsecureHBO, how to navigate awkward situations, and the power of female friendships.💜 Read the full interview at the link in bio.
Photographed by @simonelueck

Embracing the empowering qualities that one tee can have.🙌✌️😍 We're wearing this one with everything.
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#WilmaRudolph was the first American woman to win three gold medals in track and field during a single Olympic Games. This win elevated women's track in the United States and she is now regarded as a pioneer for women's rights. Today she serves as a role model for those who face challenges and overcome them to strive for success at all levels. 🥇🌟#AcknowledgeIsPower

Happy birthday @badgalriri.🍷🍷🍷 Cheers and thanks for being the ultimate style, beauty, and life icon. 🎊💫

All of the thank yous to #AudreLorde for the endless words of wisdom.
#MotivationMonday #AcknowledgeIsPower