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Refik Anadol  Media Artist & Director at RAS. Co-founder / Creative Director at Antilop


Our studio’s new architectural immersive installation Pladis, time and space journey inside open source dataset from NASA. Documentation is coming soon. @yildizsergisalonu @mu_ulker @idil.ilkin_ghg

One of the chapter from Engram, new data sculpture series using EEG data with machine intelligence, exhibiting @pilevneligallery . 6M x 5M, 3mm LED Media Wall.

Dear friends, many thanks for your wonderful reactions for Engram, new data sculpture series exhibiting @pilevneligallery . Here is a quick answer to many of your questions; I've been exploring the idea of framing trompe l'oeil of a contemporary algorithms with data since 2011. You can simply see the journey of me and our studio. Some of them executed as it's some of them went through iterations to make the project happen. But at the end many thanks to our collaborators and friends who made this dream journey come true!
1) Augmented Structures, Istiklal Street, 2011/November @alperderinbogaz
2) Frequency Series, Istiklal Street, 2013November
3) Peruvian Landscapes, DMA MFA, UCLA, 2013/May
4) 34N119W, Westfield Topanga, UCLA, 2014/July @raman.mustafa
5) Virtual Depictions:San Francisco, CA, 2014/December
6) Wind of Boston:Data Paintings, Boston, MA, 2016/August
7) Wind of Istanbul:Data Paintings, Istanbul, Turkey, 2017/September

Dear friends, Melting Memories opened @pilevneligallery yesterday with beautiful reactions! Many thanks for everyone who was there to support us! Here is Engram, new data sculpture series using EEG data with machine intelligence. 6M x 5M, 3mm LED Media Wall.

Opening Tonight / Açılış Bugün: 18.00-21.00 - ‘Melting Memories / Eriyen Hatıralar’ @pilevneligallery . #meltingmemories #eriyenhatıralar #pilevneligallery

Virtual Archive (2017) is an installation of a 3D, computer-generated environment that is open to interactive explorations by single-users. Via a virtual reality headset, the user flies through a 3D data point cloud formed by a t-SNE machine learning algorithm, visualizing more than 1,700,000 documents present in SALT Research archive collections. Refik Anadol's installation is displayed as an extension to the artist's Archive Dreaming, also commissioned by SALT in 2017.
Devised during Anadol's residency at Google's Artists and Machine Intelligence, Virtual Archive is a proposal for research possibilities in the immediate future. The user first reaches a data tunnel, which slowly transforms into a navigable 3D t-SNE data cloud. When the cloud settles into a 2D library of archival documents, the user can later move from one object to another and select content for close-up studies as if they were available in a physical environment. @salt_online @warothhsk @kerimkarao @kenricmcdowell

New exhibition; Melting Memories opening @pilevneligallery on February 7th!

Engram is a new sculpture study from a dataset that is collected during recalling long term memory. Excited for the opening of Melting Memories @pilevneligallery Sound design of the exhibition theme by @kerimkarao

Dear friends, very excited to announce upcoming exhibition Melting Memories, opening in İstanbul at Pilevneli Gallery. By using brain activity data during recalling a long term memory and machine intelligence, light and engrams will be transforming into data sculpture and paintings! @pilevneligallery

Dear friends, 2017 was simply wonderful for our studio!

We have been using data and light as a material where media arts and architecture collides! But this year we expanded our horizon with a unique project; Archive Dreaming! Our collaboration with SALT and Google's Artist and Machine Intelligence brought art and machine intelligence together and we were fortunate enough to explore new dimensions inside latent spaces, data universes and even made invisible more visible with our recently developed Virtual Archive VR experience!

Deploying machine learning algorithms in our practice pushed us to the edge of our practice and finally merged our visions with LA Phil to give consciousness to Frank Gehry's Disney Hall by using LA Phil’s invaluable 100 years old archives of half million performances!

Infinity Room's appearance in Beijing literally made it a global immersive experience, landed every continent in the world with purposefully reaching more than quarter million audience! And ofcourse new infinity immersive rooms are coming soon in many different forms and context!

We unveiled one of the first data-driven permanent public art project here in Los Angeles, ConvergenceLA in and started working on Interconnected, a new data sculpture and painting series for Charlotte International Airport in North Carolina using billions of data points from global flight network! We redefined digital poetry with Wind of Istanbul:Data Paintings inside Norman Foster designed lobby located at a high-rise in Istanbul and kicked off new ones in Dubai, Beijing, and Tokyo.

We deeply learnt about novel findings in anthropology and archeology from a pioneer archaeologist Stanford's Prof. Ian Hodder and created new data sculpture series from Çatalhöyük's 25 years long excavation data sets with machine intelligence.

Our projects are recognized by genius minds and souls from Google, Microsoft, Nvidia, Intel and IBM. I'm deeply grateful for every member of our studio who supported the journey to make the dream come true!

Friends, family members, colleagues; We will keep changing the world in 2018 and wishing each of you a wonderful one with full of serendipity!

Our studio’s recent public art project CIRROSTRATUS is inspired by the high-level clouds of the same name and the multicolored prismatic effects of light reflection and refraction that they display. The distinct effect of cirrostratus clouds defines the unique signature of the coastal Southern California sky, producing a color palate of sunlight not found anywhere else in the world.
Commissioned by IDS Real Estate Group in conjunction with the Culver City Art in Public Places Program.

One of the data simulation part from Wind of İstanbul:Data Paintings project. @ferkoart_ @ferkoinsaat #ferkosignature

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