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Finished up at @newbreedacademy. Worked on details. Good times.

@banejitsu, thank you for this pic. No doubt, you are one of the best in the business. @combatjjworlds, @ebiofficial 12 was a total success. @eddiebravo10 & @victordavilaufc, keep up the good work fellas. #ebi12 #cjj #ebi #mikebeltran #refereemikebeltran #bjj

Good No Gi class today by Coach Wil. Had a blast with these guys at @newbreedacademy.

Thank you @banevis for this very cool pic from the 1st @combatjjworlds, @ebiofficial 12. It’s always a pleasure seeing you. Keep up the good work mi amigo. #ebi12 #ebi #combatjiujitsu #mikebeltran #refereemikebeltran #bjj #cjj

Had a good time rolling with the @newbreedacademy pajama party crew.

Check out these kids go at it. 2 Top State level kids from @tribe_wrestling “TEAM TRIBE” out of @sjbwrestling room. TEAM TRIBE is a premiere wrestling 🤼‍♀️ Club for kids in SoCal. They wrestle year round and have an amazing program. If you are looking for a wrestling program for your son/daughter, “TEAM TRIBE” is awesome. Mikey wrestled for them and gave him the skills to start on the Varsity Wrestling team @sjbwrestling. I highly recommend this club. Give them a follow at @tribe_wrestling & @sjbwrestling. #teamtribe #boscowrestling

TBT, time flys and it feels like yesterday when Mikey was called “Lil Mikey”. He grew up on the mat at @newbreedacademy always wanting to train with me. Today he’s over 6’03” and 170 pounds and wrestling at an amazing program, @sjbwrestling on Honor Roll. He’s grown up with a lot of love and tough love with me. He knows I’m tough on him and nothing is given in this life. “IT’S EARNED”. I am raising a man with character, not an entitled I deserve it weak ass with no drive or accountably. Raising my son like my Dad raised me. Take no BS, just “HANDLE IT”. #teambeltran #casabeltran #michaelbeltran #mikebeltran #newbreedacademy #bjj

Supporting @sjbwrestling BLUE vs GOLD wrestling with @tribe_wrestling. Saw some of the up and coming youngsters from TEAM TRIBE and our BOSCO BOYS. Can’t wait for wrestling season.

Good times with my fiancé at my sisters engagement party over the weekend. Congrats to my sister Ivette and her fiancé Alfonso.

We had all great time at @combatjjworlds 1, @ebiofficial 12 over the weekend. Another successful event.

My fiancé hooked it up tonight. Dinner is served. Chicken enchiladas with salsa verde, beans with jalapeños and rice. Casa Beltrán is very satisfied. #casabeltran #teambeltran

With my son @_michaelbeltran_ getting ready to start @ebiofficial 12 @combatjjworlds. Make sure to watch it on @ufcfightpass. @eddiebravo10 @victordavilaufc #teambeltran #ebi12 #cjj michaelbeltran

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