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Reesie McGuigan  A day in the life. Hunter/Jumper, Dressage, Eventing & Balanced Seat Riding instructor @rees.equestrian 🐴 lesson videos @reesiestang 🐎 mustang GT

Ari, the new horse at Allee Bubba. A bit green and built downhill. This was her first time being ridden in several months. Obviously she has a good brain, but at times she gets flustered and worried, so she will quicken her steps and invert occasionally. She comes with some baggage, as at one point she was a rescue horse (underfed and who knows what else). With some good rides, she will work into the advanced riding program. We'll see how she does!

Bella's little Appy pony loves her! Appy is very sorry she spooked at the chickens and caused Bella her first fall πŸ™ˆ #manymorewherethatcamefrom #cuteness #appaloosa #poa #appypony #horsebackriding #ridinglesson

Itty bitty Lina riding Cricket! Cricket liked her right away! #cute #ridinglesson #horsebackriding #arabian #arabianhorse

Little bitty kid learning to fly on a big, big horse! 😍#cutekid #horsebackriding #ridinglesson #kidsandponies #alleebubbafarms


This is called the "HOLY $@#&; THERE'S A LADYBUG ON MY HORSE" yoga pose. #neardeathexperience

Lalla showing off her #safe and #ponyclubapproved longeing setup-- reins are properly tied, longe rope is held correctly! #attagirl #ponyclubsafe #notaponyclubber #butactinglikeone


Rhett doing a great impersonation of a #giraffe. He was looking at some balloons. #spooky #horse #quarterhorse #aqha #handsomehorse

Schooling Future in the 2' jumpers. This is one of the lesson horses at Allee Bubba Farms, one of the barns where I train. This is a gem of a horse. She is absolutely irreplaceable and is a great teacher for beginners and advanced riders alike. She has been working very hard lately, as not only do I rely on her for English lessons 2x a week, but she is also used by other instructors at the barn and for summer camp as well, over the last month or two. Just like people, horses need a mental and physical break from time to time, and I can tell she needs to go back to basics, relax, and have fun for a little while. Anywho, she was mind-blown by a skinny fence at the jumper show, and she was done after that. Her confidence over fences has now taken a blow. I wish I had more time than just one jumping round to try to school her over it, but unfortunately we had to exit the arena. I hated that we had to end on that note. Looking back, I should have excused her sooner, since she wasn't acting like herself, but like they say, hindsight is 20/20. I am always trying to learn how to be a better student of the horse and what I'll take away from this experience and hopefully have the horse and rider better prepared, and we'll all have a better experience next time. Sorry for long post. I am reflecting on things, y'all. #humbledbyhorses #thankgodforlessonhorses #heartofgold #jumperhorse #showjumping

Here is my crappy #cellphonephotographer shot of the #solareclipse. It doesn't come close to capturing the essence of this amazing experience, but I can re-live the day by remembering the moment! #ohmygodthisisamazing #eclipse #eclipse2017 #eclipsetotality #brevardnc

Baby Wesley! (Who's actually 10)

I call all the projects "baby horse"... He is 10 years old, but he's only been under saddle less than 3 months. He was a wild ride when I first met him. He was about 30 days under saddle at the time. He had a lot of anxiety and couldn't relax. It seems his mouth was damaged, and his neck had a huge knot in it and was more developed on the underside from being defensive. I spent a month working him on the longe line, encouraging him to stretch and when ridden, I asked very little of him at first, except to stand still and walk calmly. When he was ready, I started asking more of him and he is now WTC and started over x rails. He also went on a field trip to Running Wind last weekend and handled the situation very well!
I'm excited to see how this little one turns out. His name used to be Scrappy. I hated the name, and after two months, finally the perfect name came to mind: As You Wish, aka Wesley, because he is so obedient and sweet like Wesley from Princess Bride 😊 #wesley #asyouwish #arabcross #projecthorse #greenhorse #horsetraining

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