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reese chubbs  New Single "Oh No" Reese Chubbs feat. Jaquae Straight Smash‼️‼️ Booking

U know I make a Movie πŸ“½πŸ“½πŸ“½πŸ“½ out of every situation!!!!! @dumpitb @blkreese @thebread_man @prodressnal_tv @therealmayor3000 @mrhorseshoe @mr_o.c.ent

This is the motivation This has always been the goal To get n this type of Position........ I wanna b able to feed my people forever @realsway told me keep grinding stay focused n you'll b able to Younging !!!! U got what most don't got..... I said what is that Sway????? He said an Authentic story U can b vouched for..... @dumpitb @mrhorseshoe @mr_o.c.ent @blkreese @therealmayor3000 @thebread_man @jerseyblockboss @steel_sev

Shaq n Kobe ........ I throw @dumpitb the alley oop he gon 360 slam dunk that bitch every time!!!!!! Last week he crossed a nigga over then shattered the backboard πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @dumpitb @mrhorseshoe @mr_o.c.ent @blkreese @therealmayor3000 @thebread_man @jerseyblockboss @steel_sev @prodressnal_tv

Starlets Night Club Queens NYC long night n the studio tired as a mother fucker but still pose for the camera πŸ“½πŸ“½ @dumpitb @mrhorseshoe @mr_o.c.ent @blkreese @thebread_man @therealmayor3000 @og_nya.lee @jerseyblockboss @steel_sev

"I remember when we was kids we ain't have nuttin now of days to start the car I gotta push a button" We Came A Long Way!!!!! @dumpitb @mr_o.c.ent @mrhorseshoe @jerseyblockboss @thebread_man @therealmayor3000

Work hard Build ya Brand Never Lose Focus...... U on the right track Younging I'm proud of U after serving 8 years n prison seeing how far you've come Sky's The Limit!!!!!!! Don't let nobody tell U otherwise @dumpitb @mrhorseshoe @blkreese @thebread_man

Lights cameras action we rolling My Life So Real!!!!!! @dumpitb @mrhorseshoe @mr_o.c.ent @blkreese @thebread_man @therealmayor3000 @prodressnal_tv

I can look n the mirror comfortably knowing I ain't never did no FUCK SHIT!!!!!!!! How many of y'all can say that about y'all selves @dumpitb @mr_o.c.ent @mrhorseshoe @blkreese @thebread_man @therealmayor3000 @jerseyblockboss @steel_sev @prodressnal_tv

"What We Live for Die for..... The list goes on U know is still more Rolex watches Gold chain ya man killed his homie just to get a stain" @dumpitb @mr_o.c.ent @mrhorseshoe @therealmayor3000 @blkreese @jerseyblockboss

If u had to risk ya life to put shoes on ya daughter feet Would u do it????? Or would she b barefooted ???? @dumpitb @mr_o.c.ent @mrhorseshoe @thebread_man @therealmayor3000 @blkreese @jerseyblockboss @steel_sev

Woke up this morning n We thank God Live good never had a job if u could feed ur kids selling dope a 9 to 5 job that a b a joke πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @dumpitb @mr_o.c.ent @mrhorseshoe @blkreese @thebread_man @jerseyblockboss @therealmayor3000 @steel_sev

"Never judge a book by is front cover n just because he white don't mean he undercover them niggas u b serving they b working too everybody wanna rap see what commercials do" @dumpitb @mr_o.c.ent @mrhorseshoe @blkreese @therealmayor3000 @prodressnal_tv @jerseyblockboss

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