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Symmetry. Find it to find balance from day to day. We usually dont pay attention to it around us. #classic #alternative #new #instabest #vida #exposure #makehappy #intro #autumn #earthday #landscape #meditation

Every day is responsibility but everynight try to become alive.

Cascading Sunlight

Take joy in the small things

Just one of those days. Solar Eclipse

Life isnt always sweet thats why we need dessert. Eat Up.

Your world can feel like it ends in more ways than one. Helping others should be like breathing

Some things don't mix but yet still make an awesome combination.

Great Nights, Lights on the Boardwalk. Felt like a dream.

Feed yourself with food that enables you to distribute your energy to the world

Six Flags Bully in the Souvenoir Shop

. . . in the pursuit of consciousness

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