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"We're in the center of the world right now. Well maybe not anymore. Who knows? New York sucks now. It's so expensive. We're all getting priced out. All these rich people are pretty happy about that. I kind of wish New York wasn't safe. That's what the hat should say, "Make New York Unsafe Again." Cheap again. Affordable again. New York's cool, it's fallen off a little bit right now but it's probably still the most active place in the United States. This city, you can't afford to stay, let alone leave. But I mean that's why we're here too. Broke ass motherfuckers can make money off of rich people just by being around. That's what us poor working class people are for."
You can check out Russell's work at @headtooheavygallery this Friday, 3/17

Realizing that it wasn't for him, Russell (@crashfloor) describes his college experience. "I wish I had dropped out way sooner. It was so shit. I basically was taught how to not trust anything I think. And I'd want to like fucking take that back, but whatever. School was a waste, especially if you're going to get involved in arts. Art School is even worse. At least I'm lucky enough I didn't go to art school. That shit is like a scam. They don't even teach any technique. Maybe with printmaking there's a reason to be there because there's all these things to learn about it."

Raw is one word that perfectly describes Russell Murphy (@crashfloor). A born and bred New Yorker, Russell gives us his views on how an artist evolves.
"Toulouse-Lautrec was maybe the first painter I was into, but then, obviously I was into skateboards so I got right into graffiti right after that. I've been writing graffiti since I was 16, really. I had vandalized all my schools for years before that, teaching other kids how to write. Catholic school sucked. Punk rock, skateboarding, and graffiti. That's the evolution right there. For all these fuckers. Or it's like you know, replace one with something else. Hip Hop, drugs, graffiti. Whatever the path is. I went to school for architecture so it was another reason to paint, I guess. Same category of principles."

Detail from "The Temple of the transforming vizigraphs" by @frenchinald
On display at @superchiefgallery until March 10th. #reedpicks

Checking out the @frenchinald and @rajniperera CONTROLLER show at @superchiefgallery #reedpicks

@nastyneckface1 signing his new zine "Stray Dog Nightmare" tonight at @paradise_plus_nyc #reedpicks

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