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Reed Murray  Carrollhood S/T out now | Link in profile

Words won’t do justice to express how proud I am of her for bringing in $2.7 million for St Jude through GuardianCon, so I’ll just leave it here. #35mm

TBT with some homies #whosgotmymommaspancakes #tbt

Call me, “Champagne Papi.” #millerhighlife #brocantemarket

I was born into opportunity and the struggle of freedom is unknown to me. As much as I would like to say I constantly value the privilege of living in this country, I often take it for granted. There are so many people who fight for the chance to be afforded the same opportunity and there is a growing mentality in this country to simply turn them away. Remember what today means and consider the fact that if you were born here like me, we did nothing to earn or deserve the benefits of freedom we have been given.

At the motherland that is the Mai Kai with my tiki and tour brethren. #lonelaguinitas #maikai #fl

I spent my Saturday night making quite a few rum cocktails for some great people and I’ll be looking forward to the next event we put together. 🌴🍹🍻 @villagekey 📷: @kellly.murray #villagekey #tiki

Two months married. There are really no justifiable words except that I am thankful. #parkeryoungphotography #31818 #stpetersburg #florida 📷: @parkeryoung

The New One may be the best one. Thanks for the non-stop laughter, @birbigs #straz #tampafl #mikebirbiglia

Happy Mother's Day to the best - and cheers to all moms out there bringing life into the world. #parkeryoungphotography #mothersday