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R E E D MORANO, A.S.C.  director• THE RHYTHM SECTION • I THINK WE'RE ALONE NOW • MEADOWLAND • season one | pilot & episodes 2&3 of THE HANDMAID'S TALE

“the director brilliantly gives language to emotions that are hard to explain otherwise.” -Zainab Salbi • •• • I couldn’t be more proud of this brilliant gangster filmmaker. Honored to call her my friend (& family) @angelicabzollo is a director and her first feature “Trauma is a Time Machine” won the The Tauro d'Oro Best Independent Film Award at @taorminafilmfest and she’s just getting started... 🙏🏼♥️#traumaisatimemachinefilm #femalefilmmakerfriday (beautiful cinematography by the great @lumino as always...)

8 years ago today this enigma came into my world. I am no longer the boss in the family & that’s okay by me, because I’ve never laughed this hard in my whole life until after he arrived. HBD to my littlest baby- There is no one else on earth like you. I love you bazillions Fletchy

they released a new ‘exclusive’ frame grab of Del from our film & @itwanmovie featured in the @entertainmentweekly fall preview. In theaters in LA & NYC 9/14! If you like the idea of seeing #peterdinklage & @ellefanning interact in a possibly very bizarre scenario then go see @itwanmovie #ithinkwerealonenow #ithinkwerealonenowmovie #INTHEENDCHAOSWILLFINDYOU this still brought to you by myself & my dope crew & @arri_rental & colored by @tomopoole at @company_3 #anamorphic

This is what a family looks like. And just like that, THAT’S A WRAP on THE RHYTHM SECTION. It’s taken me a long time to admit it. actually over two weeks! I’ve been in the edit for a week & coming down off this shoot has been particularly hard.
This was easily the most all consuming & challenging but also the most gratifying experience.
Last year we prepped for 3 months, shot for 2 months then we went on a long hiatus & nearly EVERY SINGLE PERSON on the crew came back to finish our film 6 MONTHS LATER... which doesn’t fucking happen. A crew of nearly 400 people!! And they all came back - for another 3 months- from each of their own lives, just to see this one story through TO THE VERY END.
This crew is, simply put, the A LIST. It was my first time working with each of them because they typically do the “big stuff”. But instead, they spent the last year with me. They dedicated themselves to make all my crazy dreams come true.
Not only the department heads, but also everyone who worked for them.
Although we started out as strangers, they all made this film their #1 mission for an entire year. Not for a lack of other work & certainly not for the money. The novelty of the fact that all of these legends believed so fully in our film never wears off. 🙏🏼 It was painful how much I missed my family back home but now it’s no surprise I feel a big piece of me is missing - because this is also my family. I am so lucky to have had them all carry me & the film on their shoulders for the last year. And I can’t wait till I’m with this world class crew again. I love you Team Rhythm Section!!! We made an “action movie!!!” I think...or something else entirely lol 😳Can you believe it?! 👍🏼👍🏼 #THERHYTHMSECTIONMOVIE ps. scroll to end photos for incriminating #gangstabobbitt photographic evidence #seanbobbitt #slanbitt #tomconroy #crispiansallis #georgewalker #leemorrison #chriscorbould @shantallcons

hbd to the one & only H

So...this is our poster, guys.
I THINK WE’RE ALONE NOW opens theatrically sept.14th in NY & LA and sept. 21 everywhere else @ellefanning #peterdinklage ______
If ever there was an image that signifies the emotions I have for this film, this is it. Thank you @onegemini_studios for going into my fucked up brain & creating the most bananas art for the most crazy unconventional story. you’re a mad genius & everyone who appreciates good art should follow the versatile @onegemini_studios - he’s a super talent comic book artist/writer & he used to sit in front of me in 10th grade algebra. I think I might’ve cheated off of you...sorry bout that, Blair...🙏🏼🧡 #ithinkwerealonenow @itwanmovie @automatikent @momentum_pics #INTHEENDCHAOSWILLFINDYOU ps. There is a sneak preview tomorrow at 6:30pm at Lincoln Center @filmlinc as part of THE FEMALE GAZE series w/a q&a with yours truly

¡SNEAK PREVIEW! of I THINK WE’RE ALONE NOW at Lincoln Center as part of the series “THE FEMALE GAZE” which poses the question: Is there such a thing as “the female gaze”? The series highlights films of many of my most favorite cinematographers (regardless of gender) such as Agnes Godard, Ellen Kuras, @natashabraier, @rmorrison & Kirsten Johnson...and my film is showing Thursday, August 2nd @ 6:30pm. Tickets available on the Lincoln Center website. There will be a q&a afterwards so you can heckle me. 👍🏼👋🏼 @ellefanning #peterdinklage @automatikent @momentum_pics

coming soon... WEAR HEADPHONES! 🎧🎧@ellefanning #peterdinklage @itwanmovie

Thanks for cleaning me up, guys!! It was weird for me but so fun - 💯 in la bande 😳 @mollyihoward & @lalignenyc 🧡🧡🧡 u!
#Repost @lalignenyc
This bombshell, the Head Honcho @reedmorano, easing us into post holiday Monday in our Top Stitch Dress 💣🐚 #withlabande 📸 @ungano_agriodimas 💁🏻‍♀️ @ashleyjavierhair 💄 @beautybyharper for @cledepeaubeauteus at @dsgstudios

one of the greatest of all time has left us. the only thing I can say is at least he left us with his images to learn from. For me- he was the most fearless & visionary cinematographer who was WAY WAY ahead of his time...
“When I choose to work on a film, the most important thing to me is that it is about human feelings. I try to work with directors who want their films to touch the audience, and make people discuss what the film was about long after they have left the cinema.” - Robby Muller, NSC —- RIP Robby. How you saw the world has had the biggest impact on me of all.

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