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Reed  Currently in LA 🛩Traveler 💌 📷🎞 Patreon👇🏽

I’ve got the excited butterfly feeling in my stomach about sharing this video publicly. It’s been 3 years since my first Patreon video so it was time for an update ❤️ what’s your favorite clip!? See the entire video for free on my Patreon | Link in bio all video and editing by @alpalshmal

There’s no place like the PNW 🌿 See the other images from this shoot with @corwinprescott currently on my Patreon. This is the only SFW images I can post without ruining his image with censors so go see the magic!

Whenever I’m in LA I miss Ohio and now that I’m back in Ohio I miss LA... its snowing here! This photo was taken earlier this week by @amberrosemcconnell in the city of traffic and sunshine ✨

This photo goes out to my friends and patrons who bought me caffeinated beverages over the last 2 weeks through all the driving and modeling! Y’all rock. Now go see a free lil set of photos on my Patreon (linked in story) pledge if you like what you see and have $10 to spare for visual stimulation

Always on the run... here I am back in Ohio! I rode around passenger in awe of all the beautiful leaves 🍁 I forgot how simply beautiful Ohio can be. Where’s your home town? Photo by @slayboy.bunny

Interrupting your scheduled photo viewing for something far more FUN! Arcade action with @slfilms 👅 I wanna see every single one of your comments. I hardly ever share video with you!!! Shout out to all these babes, I want to relive this 🎟

Wonder Woman wants to know... Did you VOTE!? If you’re registered to vote 🗳 I hope you made it happen we drove home to CA to make sure we were first in line this morning (I had my mail in ballot to turn in)💫 This Set is on @alpalshmal Patreon currently so go see it

Do you like my new @solsticeintimates undies!? Tell me if you do in the comments 😈 This set is so cute and I don’t think I have any other purple lingerie so hell to the ya. Photo by @alpalshmal gettin those @kathryn_galloway3 inspired angles #showusyoursolstice

I want your definition of a fuckboy! Leave it in the comments I’m out here in Phoenix, AZ and if you’re here too you can meet me tonight @megaphonephx @bareitallexpo the event if FREE however you can donate to @bareitallexpo on location which is 4700 N Central #112 Phoenix, AZ 85012 I’ll be speaking about my own experiences with fuck boys! Swipe for the flier

Still on the road but this is a pretty edit from @ashleylfrench from the very first day of the road trip! Happy to share this set to my patrons this month, join in the $10 tier for nude sets 💫 thanks for letting me wear your cute hat!

Phoenix we are here and so happy to be back in Arizona! We drove all the way from OR and saw so many beautiful places in between ✨ This weekend I’ll be speaking @bareitallexpo here in AZ on Sunday so come one come all we are talking about #fuckboys but don’t worry a fuckboy can be any person. I’ll also be talking about my modeling experience with sexual assault for the first time publicly soooo ya. Any questions?

Free from Jafar in my new set “Slave Jasmine” inspired by one of my favorite scenes in Aladdin 🧞‍♂️ check it out only on my Patreon eeeep! My Disney Princess Dream

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