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Reed  Currently living outside of LA 🛩Traveler 💌 📷🎞 Patreon👇🏽

Detail shots are everything 💋 how do you feel about this lingerie!? I’ll be sharing this set to my patrons today! Join the $10 tier to get access to all NSFW sets like this one. Be sure to watch my story for more sneak peaks and direct links

My favorite color is yellow but most people wouldn’t know that! What’s your favorite color?! Swipe for the booty 🤞🏼Photos from one of my favorite archived set on my #Patreon pledge $50 and gain access to every Patreon Set I’ve ever posted! Photo by: @markvelasquez101

Modern day selfie 🤳🏽 or @christiandeoliveira ? Link MySpace pages in the comments hehe jk

When’s the last time you went to a museum or art installation? Let me take you on an adventure! I love telling stories and this week I wrote a blogs about this place with so many images to accompany it. I would love if you read it! It’s in the $5 tier on my Patreon & if you pledge I’m one step closer to my Indonesia goal. Plus you gain access to hundred of photos Instagram will never see 🥂Link in my bio

What are your “must haves” at a pool party? Mine would be a cold drink and sunglasses 🕶 leave your must haves in the comments! Photo by @toxiclovephotography this set coming soon to my Patreon 🏖

Have you ever gone skinny dipping? Beach day yesterday with @jamesfelixraw cropped sadly but what can ya do 🏖

Yesterday I surprised @alpalshmal with a day full of visual stimulation 🍃 a Preview is on my Patreon! In regards to these plant babies do you have any house plants? Looking for recommendations

What would you say if I told you you I wasn’t regular old ice cream? This delicious treat is medicated and if my memory serves me right it’s got 25mg of THC a serving 🤤 Nope this isn’t a promoted post lol just something cool! Go see more of these images by @alissa_brunelli on my Patreon today! Link in bio

Have you ever felt like time was going by too quickly? I can’t believe the art show is already over but I had a blast! Photo by: @meredithdevine

True life: I’ve used all my data this month and will only be functioning off WiFi for the next week. So if you’d like to see what’s going on tonight at the art show just come! It’s in LA - Swipe for the Address

My excited face 👀 Sooo ready to join @sita.uncensored and her creative crew this weekend. Here’s an open invite to join us -keep up with updates on my story! Side Note: have you ever passed up on a piece of clothing because you didn’t “need it” well I wish I would’ve snagged these killer @solsticeintimates while I had the chance 🤩 photo by: @joseph_maddon

Do you like when I share film exposures? Los Angeles there’s just 2 days before the Art Show and I want you to be there! Share some wine courtesy of @tankwinery (while supplies last) Bring your ass, cash, and cards as @sita.uncensored would say! I’ll be bringing a gallery of Polaroids to display so don’t miss it! This image by @alpalshmal on one of our Spectra SE Polaroids 👀

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