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I've worked under worse circumstances.

This is what my off days look like. Staying up past everyone else in the house and listening to @manchesterorchestra.

Well y'all, most the time the road is a very fun, fulfilling, and enjoyable time. Unfortunately a lot of people don't see the breakdowns, wrecks, and set backs everyone has "living on the road". Tonight after leaving our show with @crowdermusic we were driving towards home as I was laying in between the bunks talking to Cody and JP and I suddenly went sliding towards the front of the bus after JJ hit the breaks. I jumped up and went to the front of the bus to make sure everything was alright, and found out we hit a tree that was laying in the middle of the road. It messed up a tire and the windshield pretty bad, but luckily JJ is safe; as we all are. Thankful to be alive right now and even more thankful to be surrounded by dudes on this bus constantly. I'll be home eventually?

This is my father in a nutshell: a servant. I don't post this to seem thoughtful, or like a good son. I simply just want to publicly proclaim how wonderful this man is. He is the man you call at 2 am and will fix your car, and he's also the man that will go to a show with you hours away just because he knows you enjoy the music. Super thankful for this dude and who he is. I love you dad. Happy Father's Day. You're the one they're all celebrating today they just are posting photos of different men. And yes I tagged 3 different instagram accounts because I'm not sure which account you know the password to today.

Never have I had a normal experience doing anything with @crowdermusic. Nothing exciting happened this morning until I found chicken wire with a ton of porcelain dolls tied to it. Creepy venue. I can get with it.

Went to the original building where Mountain Dew formula was invented and bottled. Also, Pepsi and Dr. Pepper were bottled in this town as well.

Show me my silver linin'.

Everyone dies// Everyone loves to fight.

The stage was 40 feet off the ground. During @switchfoot's sound check I knew there was no way @jonforeman would stay that far away from the crowd. So stoked right now to get to see one of my favorite bands for at least one more time.

The greatest showman screamo version featuring: Liam @justinteseniar's kid.

During load out last, while I was tearing down production and @goodgoingdrew was tearing down his drum kit, we got to talking about @kevinscheidt and all the dinners we had at our house whenever @showbread would come over. So special to interact in a different setting with someone you went to shows to watch beat on a kit. If you haven't gotten to know this dude you should. And here's a photo of one our dinners and drew before his super hip beard and leather drum bags.

A cell phone was on a tripod with the front facing camera facing me. So naturally I decided to film until the other fella noticed. He never noticed but it made me laugh a lot

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