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Redrosesmod  ✨Part-time Hobby Selling Women's New and gently used fashion, skincare, perfumes.✨ Check out my eBay @redrosesmod 🌹 🌸

The fires continue in California, so sad. Wondering if post office is delivering or there are delays? Anyone having issues with shipments out there? Stay safe folks!

Well this is a first for me!Never heard such a train to cancel 😳. What would you do? I was a bit annoyed when I received this message but glad it was before shipping. After I thought about it, I decided to cancel it. After all I don’t want the item to be returned later. Would love to hear if you’ve received this type of message and what you decided to do.🤔. #ebayseller #justbuyit

Seeing pics of sweet pets always cheers me up! 😃 Great way to take a break from thrifting on Saturday. Have a relaxing day my friends. Thank you @thepetcollective
#itsadogslife #pugs #thrifting #lovelife

Still the lowest offer ever ! This happened last week. I still think this is hilarious 😂😂. Thanks for the laugh!
What’s the lowest offer you’ve received?
Lesson learned. Make sure to review all listings and do not offer free shipping if the listing has best offer. Have to at least break even 😃
Have a great Monday everyone!

Stopped to shop but only saw the usual suspects, mostly Banana Republic. So decided to go through my closet for some items and death pile to list 🌸
#bananarepublic #shopaholic #reseller

Working as fast as possible so I can ship and list during my lunch hour. I enjoy my regular work but I also love being able to sell online 😍. It can be as addictive as shopping 😂
#worklife #shopping

Days are short, it’s beautiful to see all its amazing colors at sunset. Have a great week everyone! While you’re reaching those goals, remember to stop and reconnect with nature 😊. #sunset #winter #nature #mondaymotivation

Hope everyone’s having a sweet Monday! #mondaymotivation #inspiration #sweet #pineaple

It was love at first sight for this beauty 😍. I had never heard of the brand before but picked it up cuz it was so adorable. This is a Nothing Matches brand, I think it’s a boutique. This sold to a lovely lady in Australia. Anyone heard of this brand before?

Spend life with who makes you happy. Not who you have to impress -- Love what you do 😊
Hope everyone's having a great day! #insipration #lovewhatyoudo

Just received a request to ship to Israel! Anyone ship there before? I'm guessing it's a bit expensive. I'm thinking I will turn on Global Shipping 🤔

This cute Jcrew Merino wool sweater Sold after a few hours of listing. Didn't realize JCrew would sell so quick! Did I price this right? Or is it just a popular item?
#quicksale #jcrew #sweaterweather

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