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🌺 LAUREN MARIE 🌺 NASHVILLE TN  Represented in Nashville🏠/ATL/CHI/FL Just your friendly neighborhood ginger.

I'm not a psychic but I see myself all over you. 📸: @grantaumiller

If I'm ghost, then I'm Casper, that's why I call you boo. 📸: @davidarteaga

When it feels so good but it's bad for you, can’t say I don't want it 'cause I know I do. 📸: @ahollowayphoto 💄: @nereidamua

Got a lot of blood and it's cold. 📸: @kevinthestreets

What the shirt says. 📸: @realjoshmartinez

I stopped askin' myself and I started feelin’ myself. 📸: @nolanfeldpausch

Show off my diamonds like I'm signed by the Roc. 📸: 👑: @jewlybox

Wherever you are is just where you're at, not where you'll always be. 📸: @noelozanophoto

Think you're the sickest like you got diseases but you ain't got nothing on this. 📸: @simbalic 👗: @_dangchristina 💄: @etiosahmua

You get me outta my head, so let me get in yours. ☀️

So @googleshits_ did this amazing edit of a photo @ruthchapa took of me awhile back and I can’t get enough of it. Tell me you feel the same.

Get the DM I’m on my way through pouring whiskey over you. 📸: @brandonkeithphotography

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