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Jeremy Mann  Artist 🍷 “The Conductor” a feature length film available Tuesday March 6th at 7pm PST:

“Thunderstorms Through SF Streets”
36 x 36 in. • Oil on Panel
For the upcoming City Limits invitational group exhibit at the @principlegallery opening Friday, April 13th at 6:30pm.

A favorite scene from “The Conductor” and some behind the scenes (swipe left) showing the making of: I was getting shot at in the morning fog, diving in a homemade bathtub of murky water below several shittily suspended light fixtures and two story tubes hanging out the second story window. 😐🍷
Thank you ALL for the great responses to the film, it was an intense project of love with all the landslides that accompany such things. I’ll be screening high def. versions at some upcoming workshops (@menorcapulsar , @thu_official , ) and anywhere else open to suggestions. I hope you get to watch (at home on a big screen with loud music seems to be the best, it’s an intense slow kinda burn😉)
And let me know what you think!

Music by the incredible and inspiring @parbostrom of KAMMARHEIT

Workshop with @menorcapulsar this October. Nadezda (@twistedmatter ) and I will be crushing heads and handing out homework, enraptured with exhaustion for a full week of nonstop, hardcore, bootcamp, buttkicking (even our own as evident from the eyebags, ruffled hair and unkempt beards caught by @danielescale13 during our weeklong workshop at the incredible @bcnacademyofart , perhaps today's leading art school.) Applications are accepted now through May 1st, and accepted attendies will be notified shortly thereafter. We don't do your typical workshop, and so far, people have absolutely loved it, and so have we. Come walk the grounds of this magical villa, long night discussions in dark corners, chasing street cats for sketching, rapid fire plein air as the sun sets across crystal blue waters in which we will also be partaking in their cooling comforts. HD presentation and discussions of "The Conductor," in depth learning experiences focused on YOU, and not US. See ya there!

One of the stars of the film, @tabithapaigen on 8mm 📽
Join me tonight on my YouTube channel at 7pm from anywhere in the world (sorry if you’re asleep 🙃) to watch a years worth of dreams wrapped in a 70 minute journey.

Please do read the entire description and watch with all your heart. 🍷

Www.youtube.com/redrabbitface (link in bio... but don’t you dare try to watch it on your phone, that would be ridiculous, slanderous! Appalling... 😉 And apparently I need 100 subscribers to change that silly domain name.😊)

*Please take a moment to read* 🙏🏻🍷 Just finished a private screening of my first feature length film with some very close friends at home.

My original idea after this film was completed, was to screen it at several theaters in SF, LA and New York. After contacting a multitude of theaters, I discovered how difficult it is for individual artists to compete with the big companies’ control over most theaters, and therefor what the public is influenced to see. And as I sulked in the basement, finally cleaning the monstrous mound of supplies, tools, chemicals and props that I had yet to put away after two dump trucks came and removed the obnoxious pile of trash leftover from a year of set building in the backyard and bedrooms… I came across each piece, each prop, each object that I had so lovingly spent time with, and had a moment of realization. My greedy pride, which was convincing me that only films seen on theater screens were real films, was suffocating the life of my creation. It was finished, an entire year of blood and love wrapped up in a beautiful little file on my hard drive, and it would be stillborn if I don’t just let it out the door and live.

From its conception, the film was always meant to be free and available to anyone.

I made this film purely from a desire and love for creating an art form which I’ve come to find more refreshing to my soul than many other forms I’m also enraptured with. My paintings have been given movement and music with this new medium of film, and I feel the emotions created between it and the audience are closer to the voice I wish to speak with than anything else I’ve created.

So I only ask this of you: treat her as you would an original oil painting. Spend the time in a dark room with this film on the largest screen you have, with the best and loudest sound you can, with all of your attention fixated upon her (and a glass of wine is always a plus), as anything else would simply do her an injustice. I hope it conjures emotions within you and inspires you to do whatever it is you desire to do, despite the rest of the world’s conventions and hindrances.
And if you like it, just share it.


Jeremy 🍷

Update on the release of “The Conductor”
A change in plans for the premiere, stay tuned tomorrow morning for details. 🍷

A bunch of 4inch Plein airs on panels and coffee paper as the sun set last weekend out on the freezy tips of Long Island after the first screenings of The Conductor before @twistedmatter ‘s packed solo show with @havengallery . I don’t sell these (though I often leave them behind for good souls met on the way) because I enjoy them too much, they’re not about making sellable paintings which makes all the difference, but There are original Plein airs done for the Collectors Editions of MANN vol. 1.3 Plein Air via www.redrabbit7.com/store - a great shot from @nicolasbruno and some polaroids from the cigarbox camera: Nadezda and her fans, pops pimpin’ on the piano, a hidden mother for cats, and the maestro Philip working on his own Opera, get out and get it!

“The Conductor” - Official Trailer - The trailer for my first feature length film created entirely by myself with the help of some lovely friends, to whom I’m eternally grateful. WEST COAST PREMIERE! In order to receive an official invite to the first theater screening of the film in Oakland, CA, in this month, you MUST rsvp either by using the form on the website at www.redrabbit7.com/video or by sending an email with your full name to rsvp@redrabbit7.com 🍷 It is highly recommended to watch this loud and large, much like an oil painting.
@twistedmatter @blairepie @oldenkamp @schumacherx1 @dwdaniellewood @ximenarendon @tabithapaigen

Graphite in the ole mole’ and compiling the trailer for “The Conductor” to release this Thursday. Thank you for the amazing response to the film’s soft premier this past weekend by those in attendance, west coast coming soon! 🍷

Today is the second screening of my first feature film, “The Conductor” to the select few who made it out to @havengallery on Long Island. Those in attendance are welcome to add their honest reviews here below! 😢🍷

I fully subscribe to Einstein’s sentiments that it is a fundamental human right not to participate in something you consider wrong, and as an artist, I don’t need someone else coercing me to look at things I don’t care about. Art shall stand on its own, not become the product of sideboobs and unnecessary chatter. Yes, it’s full of bugs and boogers, but so was I when I was little.

We’ve just finished the premier screening of the film “The Conductor” at @havengallery for tonight’s opening of Nadezda’s (@twistedmatter ) massive solo show. In the respect of honest criticism, I’ve asked the first 30 viewers in attendance to write their impressions here in the comments below: (🍷😢🍷)

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