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Brent Dankochik, Zane McKinnon  RedNorth Carpentry and Structure Ltd. Winnipeg, Mb.

This was an interesting and demanding house.
Sections directly and indirectly effecting details such as where a downspout needs to perfectly split between windows. How that cantilever needs to appear as though it's resting on the office. The curbless shower that's integrated into the garage roof trusses/second floor trusses.
I love a good set of plans and these were just that. Drawn in a way that made it hard to stray from the course.

Second level roof framing on this contemporary build.
2% minimum grade keeps a low profile and moves water towards scuppers.

Spring has arrived (yesterday I'm told). Mud is starting to replace the snow. Every season has its list of complaints, but we couldn't be happier the warm weather is rolling in.

Underside of roof framing. Valleys, hips and ridges.

A classic carpenters silhouette. Boards on shoulder, heading to brace up trusses.

Crane day at the site. Goal here is to be safe, organized and fast. Proper rigging and good communication with your operator. #mrboomtruck always takes care of us.

Doing a quick clean in the crawl space, I was able to to get a picture of the underside of the floor truss system. Lee and his crew from Nouvelle Construction did a great job on this foundation, leaving a comfortable amount of space underneath for the trades.

Beautiful day for raising walls. This is a 40'x10' mostly LSL wall. Exterior sections for the kitchen, pantry and mud room.

Trusses, LVLs, LSLs, TJIs (back section), steel, nominal lumber. Cab-overs, cantilevers, wall heights dropping and raising. This is not your run of the mill floor system, nor house.

Sun dogs, frozen faces, broken tools. Deceitful beauty in the big prairie sky.

Standing in what will be a bedroom, you get a good sense of the size in this lower level. The bare bones of a house always look so good to me.

A few more trusses to trim and place in the basement. Walk out section and main floor tomorrow.
Only up from here!

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