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Hey y’all! The BRAND NEW video is out!! Even if you don’t give a fuck about sound proof foam it’s still the funny and worthless content y’all desire! Link is on the story ;)

Hey y’all! The brand new video is out!! Dont wanna miss this one!! Link is on the story!!

Brand new video is out!! You’ll love this entertaining shit for sure👍🏻 link to watch is on my story

Hey y’all!! THE BRAND NEW VIDEO IS OUT!!! Doesn’t that thumbnail just make you wanna watch the video so bad? Probably not... just watch the fucking video. Love y’all!! #nohomobullfuck Link to watch the vid is ON MY STORY

Hey y’all!! BRAND NEW video is out!! It’s a funny ass vlog with my boy @jakegentry98 Don’t miss out on this one! Link is on my story

Hey y’all! The I have just recently uploaded a very entertaining funny ass video for y’all. You’re going to love it so make sure you watch it! (Link is on my story) Oh yeah and follow my Twitch if you want to. 👉🏻rednecktv👈🏻

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I hope you all have a wonderful day and never forget the true meaning of Christmas. Christmas is to celebrate our savior’s birthday. Just because you didn’t get the brand new iPhone doesn’t mean you should post about how much you hate Christmas... you spoiled little fuck.. be happy and grateful you have people in your life to celebrate Christmas with because not everyone has that. And if you are someone who no one gives a fuck about and nobody told you Merry Christmas, just know I love you and I am very grateful of your existence and everyone lives with purpose so just hang in there and I promise one day it’ll all get better:) (btw sorry about not uploading I’ve been very busy with my family Christmas get togethers and I’ve been remodeling my bedroom and my studio. As soon as I’m done setting all that up I’ll have a video uploaded for y’alls entertainment ASAP! Have a great day y’all:) #nhbf

Hey y’all!!! THE BRAND NEW video is out!!! Make sure you go check her out! (Link is on my story🤘🏻)

BRAND NEW VIDEO IS OUT!! Make sure you watch this masterpiece!! (Link is in the story)

Brand new video is out!! (Prolly the worst one I’ve ever made tbh😂) so many technical difficulties. But I still hope you enjoy it:) link is on the story🤘🏻

Hello beautiful people😏 the BRAND NEW video is out!! Better watch this one😉 link is in my story folks🙂🤘🏻

HEY Y’ALL!! My BRAND NEW video is out!! This is a very funny story time that you can’t miss!! Thank you all so much for supporting me I love you all like family☺️❤️ #nhbf 👉🏻LINK TO WATCH IS ON MY STORY!👈🏻

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