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Γιαννης Redion Gezhillis  #letsgoketo Keto diet coaching🥓🥩🧀🥑 ⚖️Weight loss programs 💪🏻Training Programs

We don’t grow when things are easy, we grow when we face challenges! 💯#ketodiet #ketoliving #classicphysique
Get out of your comfort zone and try a 10x10 back squat with a 3” negative on your next leg day. And if you got some more in the tank after that here’s what followed next on today’s #legday 💥 Leg extensions 5x20
💥 Hamstring curls 5x20
💥 Leg press 5x20
💥 Weighted lunges 5x20
💥 Hex squat 5x10
. +new gym who dis ??? .@mfitclub expansion almost complete 😎

Some quit due to slow progress. Never gasping the fact that slow progress IS PROGRESS! Never quit always keep pushing! #ketodiet #ketoliving #classicphysique .
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sick tank made it all the way from Cali here! Thanks @tilyoucollapse & @erica.coates

Once you get started in your fitness/self improvement journey, remember! It’s not about competing against others, it’s about competing against yourself to make sure that you are better than your previous self! #keto #ketodiet

arm workout ⬇️⬇️ Alternating DB curl
30,20,15,10,8,8 drop 20
Spider curl hands touching
12,10,8,6,6 drop 12
Rope Cable curl (keep constant tension don't drop arms)
25,20,15,10,8,8 drop 15
BB Curl 21
Hammer curls
15,12,10,8,8 drop 12 📖check out my free keto book link in bio @rediongr

#1 issue I have with the people I’m working with on keto is Sweet cravings!! 🍫🍦🍰🍪🍩Here’s a quick easy sweet fat bomb recipe with less than 1g carbs per serving , that I can make without my moms supervision In the kitchen!! 📲Dm for macros , ingredients and more info #letsgoketo

“Visualize it in your mind, work it into your reality.” Then go put some butter in your coffee ☕️ #kerrygold #keto ... Today’s #backday ⬇️⬇️ 💥 Cable rows 3xfailure 💥Behind the neck pull downs 3x failure 💥Barbell rows 3x failure 💥Hammer High row 3xfailure 💥Hammer low row 3xfailure

Have the discipline to work hard and chase your goals with the same drive and passion everyday like the first time you set them 💯 🥓🥩🍳🥚🧀 Why #goketo if you want to lose weight ?? Faster , healthier (mentally & physically ) results while maintaining your muscle mass!! Dm me if you want to know more about the #ketodiet

Small milestone accomplished today ✅👏🏻off to a bright future 🚀✨✨ #littlebro

This time the keto summer cut ☀️🏖feels like it’s coming along better !! Why GO KETO?? 🥓🥩🧀🥑 ▪️increased energy ⚡️
▪️healthy progressive weight loss ⬇️⬆️
▪️balanced glycemic index & Increased levels of HDL (the "Good") Cholesterol ⚖️
▪️minimum to 0 cravings 🍪🍦🍩🍕🍟 ▪️maintain most of your muscle mass💪🏻

#oldschoolbodybuilding is about the gym making your life better and not consuming it, you take the principles of #hardwork #dedication #disclipline forged by the iron and you apply them into every aspect of your life!! #Day28 and holy F*** do you even chest genetics bro? @melo._g #mensphysique #classicphysique #teenbodybuilding

“When the tire was heavier then you thought” 😬😅 #Day22 and the gains keep coming fast!! Added and extra meal to increase his caloric surplus, + 20min HIIT cardio 2x a week #roadto200

“Have a clear vision in your mind, set a goal and don't let a day go by without chasing it!”💭 #workinprogress
Shoulders might be the most stubborn muscles to grow right after calves! After experimenting for a year here are a few tips for growing & shaping them 💥High volume 💥controlled negatives 💥Compound exercises 💥train them only once a week 💥stretch and warm up properly with bands 💥A LOT OF PUSHUPS in between sets 💥PATIENCE

Be committed and enjoy the process, results will follow! 💯 #Day17 and we hit the 180lbs mark 🎯 ✅ vascularity and muscle separation starting to come in! #roadto200 #teenbodybuilding #naturalbodybuilding

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