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Γιαννης Redion Gezhillis  Stock Trading,options trading💵 @tradersacasemyinc 📈 🥓 Ketogenic #classicphysique #teamBuendia 💪🏻 👻rediongr. Athens🇬🇷->Detroit🇺🇸->Olympus⚡️


In years to come make sure the question they ask you is not “Why did you give up on your dream “ but “how did you make your dream become a reality” day 1 in the books at the #tradersexpo went awesome got to kick it with one of my millionaire mentors Tom Sosnoff from @tastytrade 📈📊📉📉

It’s not about chasing the perfect physique it’s all about being the better version of yourself and pushing past your limits every single day! All cable chest day for today workout ! Slide left for the exercises! 5x15 3” negatives superset with 20 push-ups ! #keto #ketogenicdiet #ketodiet #classicphysique #naturalbodybuilding

Be committed and enjoy the process! Results will follow!! Week 2 into keto and keto flu been kicking my ass this time! Patiently waiting for the shreds to show up! 🥓🥓🔪🔪Stringer by @heraxhero #heraxhero #ketogenic #ketodiet #keto #flexfriday #teambuendia #teamhero today’s workout ⬇️⬇️ Heavy legs day, Slow negative 4" explosive positive, squeeze and flex your quads!
Leg extensions 6x16
Legs press 8x5
Bb squat 8x5
Hack squat 8x5
Leg curls 4x20 stretch in between

"Thought it looked cool , might delete later" 💁🤷‍♀️ good shoulders and tris workout with this sikkent @mirsaddood we brought the drone to the gym for some aerial shots!! 🤣😎😏 #classicphysique #naturalbodybuilding

“Tired doesn't equal hard work , it's how hard you work after you get tired!” #teamhero @heraxhero And this is how our legs day started after we warmed up with 600lbs sled pulls and speed squats and we border line passed out ! Slide left for the rest of the workouts we did 4 sets each exercise and we started counting reps after we couldn’t lift the weight up anymore! PUSH PAST YOUR LIMITS 😎

If you wanna see results get comfortable with making yourself uncomfortable everyday 😎 slowly transitioning into shredding season and adding cardio back in! if you feel like a hamster on a spinning wheel when you do cardio on elliptical,!stairs etc. give this Functional training combined with weightlifting compound movements workout a try(SLIDE LEFT) , 5-6 minutes each exercise should get the job done without burning precious muscle mass in countless hours of pointless machines cardio! #teamhero #heraxhero @heraxhero @jeremy_buendia

Pumped to be part of 4x Mr. Olympia @jeremy_buendia team @heraxhero #teamhero #teambuendia #heraxhero for all their products and this sick groutfit link in my bio

#flexfriday #motivation Stay aesthetic and trade cryptos 🏛🏛⚡️⚡️📈📊📉💵💴💳💶 @nermyyyy #naturalbodybuilding #goldenera #classicbodybuilding

The principle of K(eep)E(ducating)Y(ourself) 🔑 🔑which l preach about the financial markets and trading very much applies into bodybuilding too!learned new approaches about dieting and training and couldn’t be happier with the results 😎Last years bulk up to 260lbs(slide left) vs this years bulk close to 260! Keto , Paleo , IIFYM, carb cycling ?🤔🤔🤔 Time to get diced to the socks now and lay off the Oreos ! #naturalbodybuilding #classicphysique

“If you don't challenge yourself every day, you'll never realize what you can become!” Combining the art of 🥊 and bodybuilding 💪🏻 been working wonders lately ! Trying to add those last few lbs of lean mass before shredding season kicks in 🔪🔪😎 #classicphysique #naturalbodybuilding #sundayfunday

Tip to all the New Year’s resolutioners that will stick with their fitness goal for longer than one week! Have a clear vision in your mind, set a goal and don't let a day go by without chasing it! Write your goals and remind yourself everyday what you trying to achieve ! 😎 #cheersto2018 #happynewyear #fitfam

A week late, but better late than never 😂😂😂 and yes we did get him a pack of Oreos as a cake 🎂🙄🙆🏻‍♂️ @milkomania123

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