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Red House Electronics  Eric Merrow’s Midnight Demo ⬇️

Plate is the second reverb type available on the Ghost Ridge. The plate has a very unique frequency response and the reflections tend to emphasize the upper frequency range. Unlike like many other plate algorithms, the Ghost Ridge doesn’t sacrifice your bass response and so you’re left with a massive sounding plate reverb.

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Mike was nice enough to update my old @redhouseelectronics Midnight phaser to his current version with the random mode but now I gotta get it dirty and banged up again. SUCH IS LIFE 🤷‍♂️ Where’s the velcro?

The Ghost Ridge at its maximum hall settings will reach a near-infinite reverb. In this clip, I’m using my guitar’s volume to swell between each chord and you can hear the amount of space and warmth the pedal introduces to your signal. At the end, I increase the modulation on the reverb’s tails and end up with a very dramatic wash effect.

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Hall, Plate, Room or Spring reverbs with modulation you can dial in or out as well as PRESETS! I’m telling you guys Mike at @redhouseelectronics is doing it right! As soon as I get into my new recording space I’ll get some sounds out of Ghost Ridge for you 🤙

Ghost Ridge Hall Setting: the hall setting is the first of the four reverbs that the Ghost Ridge offers. The hall is one of my favorites because it’s range is phenomenal. Lower depth and mix settings allow for a subtle backing, which is great for adding space to your guitar without drowning it in verb. With the mix and depth all the way up, the reverb reaches near-infinite reflections and sets an atmosphere for your playing. The Ghost Ridge will be available July 20th.

The release is this week (July 20th), are you guys ready? I’ll be sharing clips of the reverb this week - enjoy!

Give Eric a follow, he’s trying out a new series of new videos and they’re looking great! #Repost @merrowvisuals
I guess I’ll round out this run of riff videos how I started it - with a @dawestheband song! Another really great combination of chords and melody. This clip is my Jazzmaster into the @redhouseelectronics Eagle Feather drive! Everyone seemed to enjoy this little series of playing videos, so thank you so much! I’ll have to do more of them soon!

Running Wolf meets Ghost Ridge #Repost @merrowvisuals
A huge thank you goes out to my friend Matt (who I don’t believe is on Instagram anymore) for introducing me to this riff monster of a band! Such a cool band, such cool riffs! For this clip I use the @redhouseelectronics Running Wolf fuzz into the Ghost Ridge Reverb.

Trying to get some more content out to you guys, so I’m excited for this one! #Repost @davidjdaytonmusic
Keep your eyes open, gonna be releasing a demo of the @redhouseelectronics reverb next week 🙏🏻
@lambertones_pickups providing all the amazing Strat tones

Did you know that the Midnight is an analog phaser that allows up to five selectable waveforms? Check out @merrowvisuals new demo!

New Midnight demo by @merrowvisuals! Head to the link in my bio to get full rundown of all that the Midnight has to offer! Also, give Eric a follow and show some love on his YouTube page.

Taking the next week off to hangout in ole Blackfeet country. It feels good to be home and even better to be with family.

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