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Still this. I’ll be at the @sebastopolfarmersmarket tomorrow for my last regular market of the season. I’ll probably go a couple times in December. Ending early this year between frost and smoke and my limited supply of irrigated land that I focused more on summer crops this year, which means fewer fall and winter crops in the ground. My thoughts are with the farmworkers who don’t have the privilege that I do to decide to work 4 hour days in this and stay inside as much as I can, or to decide that that’s a flippin wrap. Check out @sariwakitchen for a link to the undocufund site where you can pitch in to help out the California farmworkers who feed this NATION - disasters in California mean disasters for the whole country folks. You want to eat with integrity, do what you can to support these folks. #californiastrong

The annual shrinking of the booth after a week of frosts. Come grab some arugula and cauliflower and all the other goodies while they last today! The air is a little clearer right now, though winds are scheduled to shift again. @sebastopolfarmersmarket

Well, we’ll have a somewhat limited supply of crops at market tomorrow, but we will have a solid amount of arugula, broccoli and cauliflower, as well as a few bunches of greens and a semi-normal supply of lettuce. Between nightly frost all week and the sun blocked by smoke, crops aren’t growing much. The hazy skies mean that crops also didn’t defrost until around noon on my farm today. Thanks in advance for coming to the @sebastopolfarmersmarket tomorrow and to anyone at the santa Rosa market today. Realize that every farmer at market put their health at risk, out in the smoke harvesting all day, to feed this community. It’s rough. #thankafarmer #leaveatip #nocomplaintsplease

The eerie familiarity of this is weighing heavy and sad. Frost and ash, stories of loss, a sense of helplessness mixed with persistence. All I can think is how much we need to do to mitigate the changing climate, build our resiliency, and hold each other and every day dear so that we don’t forget how much we have to live for and be grateful for each day. I hope that all my comrades are wearing masks and giving their employees the option to opt out of the health risk that is stepping outside. So much love and heart goes to our neighbors to the north and south, let’s pull together once again. #californiastrong

Thanks @amywinzagain for snapping some pics at the Delicious Regeneration talk last Sunday! It was great to bring the conversation to this community of folks, share about the farm and the food system, indulge in the full spread of @ethicciders delights and see my food turned into artwork that was both beautiful and delicious! Thanks @healdsburgShed for having us!

You may think our political system is totally screwed may even think it’s complete bullshit. But today we all have the chance to try and at least make things less shitty for a lot of people. If you’re choosing not to vote for whatever reason, I would invite you, even challenge you, to check your privilege. Voting today, while it may not solve all problems, while you may not understand that the outcomes in fact do affect you directly, it gives you a chance to #standwithwomen #standwithimmigrants #standwithfarmworkers #standwiththeoppressed #fightclimatechange #standwiththeearth #standwithchildren #standwithtransfolx and show that you believe that #blacklivesmatter #womenhavetherighttochoose and we need #healthcareforall #ivoted #bethechange

Candid croaker calmly crouched in the crook of a cucumber. 🐸 🥒 #cucurbit

Some of the crops that will be cooked up at @healdsburgshed tomorrow afternoon and delightfully paired with tasty sips from @ethicciders during our delicious regeneration talk! Grab you tickets if you haven’t yet and hear from a collection of folks working on the ground at the intersection of agriculture, conservation, ecosystem management, climate change and deliciousness! #deliciousregeneration

Bottling day yesterday! The cider tasted pretty darn good, time to get bubbly with the addition of some honey and mulberry juice 😋More juicing on the agenda today!! So good having buddies to work on the homesteading tasks with so that I don’t just grow the bounty, but enjoy consuming it too ;) #homesteading #farmlife #cidermaking #garageprojects

Wonder Woman subdued the storm trooper with deliveries of cucumbers and cuddles. All is at peace. And then she took her powers to do good to a disco with @alpost and @ladedalivin ;) #halloween2018

Join me at @healdsburgshed this coming Sunday! I’ll be joining @ethicciders along with @truegrassfarms and a few other folks working in regenerative ag and restoration to enjoy cider, bites and a thoughtful discussion on the movement to eat well, drink well, steward the land and fight climate change all at once. It should be a great discussion with folks working on the ground to make change!

Besides the usual lizards and garter snakes I saw one of the biggest gopher snakes of the season while harvesting on Saturday. Still, I don’t think there is any critter on the farm , a siting of which brings me more joy than seeing this little guy. Once, a few years ago I walked inside and looked in the mirror and there was one perched on top of my hat! #thelittlethings #prayingmantis #predator #biodiversity #IPM

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