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Red Helen  The Official Red Helen Profile. Debut album 'Trading Past For Pathways' now available everywhere.

#Repost from @deamhorth with ... We just wanna give a massive shoutout to all the amazing people that came out to @sundowners_pub on Friday to headbang with us at the Revolution Fest!!!..🀘πŸ”₯🀘 was such an amazing experience to have @riddlebreak_band and @redhelenband with us on stage and for them to rock their first vocal collaboration together!!!..🀘😎🀘πŸ’₯🎀 See you all at the next show!!!..🎸πŸ₯πŸŽΆ
#DeamHorth #DeamHorthlive #riddlebreak #redhelen #sundowners #friday13th #epiccollab #metalshows #spiritualserpent

***METAL VOCALISTS - WE NEED YOUR HELP*** Our screamy-boy, Brandon has misplaced his voice and sounds like a slowly dying goat when he tries to scream...
He'll still be throwing down at our show tomorrow night, but we're going to need some extra firepower.
Join us on stage at Revolution Fest tomorrow night (Friday the 13th) at @sundowners_pub (Alberton) and hop on stage with us for a song or 2 for some extra special collaborative shenanigans.
If you're keen, (or know anybody who would be), reply here and we'll send you our set list for tomorrow night!

@jade_riddlebreak how 'bout it??? πŸ“Έ: @stellateleur

Thanks to our good friend, @christidutoit. You can now buy a Red Helen shirt with this crazy design!
Get yours at a Red Helen show near you or drop us a message for more info!
#redhelenband #progressivemetal #art

Making some magic happen at the place of G-Whizz last night πŸ–₯️🎼🎢 Could we possibly be discussing new all-pink stage attire? Could it be a new mascot? Or possibly something else entirely? Who knows...

BOOM! πŸ”₯😎 can't wait for this one at @Sundowners_pub with @DeamHorth (they're dropping their new album 🀘🏻) and @Riddlebreak_band 😊

"Read in the voice of Sir David Attenborough"

Band practice from the eyes of the Matty-Matt. Also known as the wild Drummy-Boi... In the rare spottings of the wild Drummy-Boi, this creature can often be seen twirling his long hair and waving around sticks in a bizarre mating ritual.

Depicted here, we see the rare, blonde-bearded bass boet, also known as Gee-Whizzz, locked in a musical conversation with the long legged electric fiddle player aka E-Ricky-Rick. (Perhaps discussing quantum physics or the meaning of boobies). Where is the long haired, shouty-guy named Boogaloo Poogaloo you may ask? Probably sitting upon the porcelain throne, shouting angrily from his butt in his natural habitat, the bathroom.

Please do not feed the wild musicians as they will then get used to people and stop hunting (or foraging in the case of the herbivorous Gee-Whizzz). Check our profile link to listen to these strange beasts.

#wildlifephotography #music #progressivemetal

So if you've ever seen Red Helen live. You may have seen the birthday-boy-boet-pal depicted in this image... The wild Brandon Pratt, A.K.A Beeps, A.K.A Brannewyn, A.K.A Brandy, A.K.A BeePee, A.K.A Boogaloo-Poogaloo.

Living on a diet of nuts, bolts and iron filings, this oke spits out pure metal with a ferocious roar matched only by a moderately aggressive poodle.

As was written in the International Medical Journal of Medical Facts, Scientists have conclusively proved that Boogaloo-Poogaloo's growl can cure the rare but deadly Fingernail-Cancer, Boredom and Chronic Iron Deficiency.

Please join us in wishing our Pal a happy birthday by commenting the best nicknames you can think of for this legend!

Catch him at a Red Helen Show near you! ***Warning***
Red Helen is not responsible for any injury, death, or unwanted pregnancy caused by the sonic boom that Boogaloo-Poogaloo's growl.

Thanks to @Texxandthecity for this epic photo!

#Repost from @metal4africa with ... WinterFest'18 is on it's way: 28 July at Metronome, Cape Town. First time to M4A, but no strangers to Cape Town or SA Metal, we welcome @redhelenband from Johannesburg.
#redhelen #africanmetal #metal4africa #m4a #M4AWF18 #WinterFest18 #capetown #metalfestival #progressive #metal #metalband #progmetal

BOOM! πŸ’£ We're super super amped to announce the release of a brand new RH T-shirt design! πŸ”₯
They will be on sale tomorrow night at @aandklas_pta for R280!
Get em while they're hot! 😬😘πŸ”₯ Shout out to @christidutoit for the amazing design!

Pretoria friends! πŸ”₯🀘🏻😎 This Saturday Red Helen (JHB), @godmothernoise (Sweden) & @peasant (CPT) LIVE at @aandklas_pta

This is Going to be CRAZY!! 🀘🏻😎🀘🏻 When? Saturday - 5th May 2018
Where? Aandklas, Hatfield
How much? R50 Entrance

Merch on sale!
Proudly brought to you by @noisefix


Wishing this beautiful bastard a Happy Happy Birthday! πŸŽ‚πŸŽˆπŸŽŠπŸŽˆπŸŽ‚ @duncantte (Uncle Duncy), One of the dynamic duo from @ttemanagement

Make sure you head to @36crazyfistsofficial this weekend brought to you by Turning Tricks Entertainment! It's gonna be KILLER! 🀘🏻😎 PS. Duncan tell us who's playing @krankdupfestivalsa this year already!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Seems like a good 'caption this' photo πŸ˜‰. Aaaaaand GO! πŸ“Έ WP Productions

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