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Saloni Chopra 🎈  Actor Traveller Home: India/Australia ⚠️Feminist. I don't have flaws, I have super powers! 👻 @Redheadwayfarer work/collaboration

Girls father, brother & uncle rape her for 2 years. Mother says, "Apne hi toh hain". Girl raped by neighbour. Girl raped by bus driver. Girl raped by her own grandfather. Girl forced into a shower with her uncle. Girl raped & murdered. 4 yr old raped. 85 yr old raped. Mother of a child, gang raped by 6 in a moving vehicle, survives... Survives. To tell a story? Of course not. Survives to live a life of shame & sympathy, bcos log Kya kahenge? Log beechari ki beti ko kya kahenge?? In our country when a girl is raped, we don't wonder how will she study? Will she ever get over this? The biggest question is - ab isse shaadi kaun karega? Why talk about it publicly? Rehne do, society mein jeene layak nahi rehenge - jeene layak toh woh society nahi jisme rape victim isn't eligible for marriage. Shame on you for giving her breasts & vagina so much importance. Shame on us for never standing up for ourselves. How many girls have been physically abused by a relative? Clearly too many bcoz my inbox doesn't stop to bleed with your disturbing stories! Raise your voice for women & they'll throw in male sensitivity, false rape cases, cunning women that want to destroy lives of innocent men. For all the men that've been trapped into false allegations - I apologize for your loss, but I'm not ready (yet) to talk about male sensitivity in a world where marital rape is STILL not a crime. Everyday I wake up to rapes I read of, & those that are swept under the carpet by mothers all over our nation bcoz they're conditioned to compromise & hold a family together - regardless of what it may cost them. What's not about to be put at stake is a marriage - bcoz unwed daughters are a bigger burden than raped daughters, after all - culture naam ki bhi toh koi cheez hoti hai. Aur humane culture mein toh apne apne hain, chahe woh beti or biwi ke beech mein farak kyun na bhool jayen... aur jab tak hum jaise 'log' roz kuch bolenge nahi, toh baaki log kuch na kuch toh kehenge hi.

Aur agar aapko meri baat samajh na aaye, toh isse 9 posts pehle ek "bold, naked" photo hai, wahaan jaakar 'vulgar' likhen, aur logon mein shaamil hojaye, aap waise bhi kisi aur kaam ke nahi.

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Beti ho toh aisi 🙃

Because Life... 🍃
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You're back today and I'm not there, but know that I love you - even from far away.
And this by far was the best trip I've had, regardless of how much you annoyed me! :P I think I just like having you around me. I wouldn't replace 'us' for anything in this world!! And it's true - without you, 15x15 wouldn't make sense in my life. :( I love you Bombs. Regardless of my views on legal documents, I'd marry you in a second. Lol. Maybe that's how you're suppose to feel towards a man too but how can I possibly feel the same love twice?! Screw "suppose to's" when I've got you! You are beautiful. 🌺
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Oh Adelaide. 24 years since I first laid my eyes on you. 6 since I last met you. 8 since I left you. You're still home, in many ways. You haven't changed much, and that's not your fault. It's me that's changed... as I should've. You are drops of peace and a scent of calm. Fuck people like me that go on to think you're unromantic - we're toxic, destructive, unsettled beings that thrive for something that keeps us on our toes. We can't handle the silence that makes our minds roar. You're romantic, you are. Your romance is soothing, it's companionship. You're still home, in many ways... you're home in a way where you made me who I am, and you gave me the freedom to spread my wings and fly, knowing you'll always be there if I ever fall. Fly so far that I no longer know what home is - except for when I open my eyes to new land, new sand. Home is what my heart feels when I breathe in the wind, goosebumps on my back, butterflies in my stomach, thriving for more. Yet you, with memories and lessons learnt, I will always love you. 💙

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"You don't have to be pretty. You don't owe prettiness to anyone. Not to your boyfriend/spouse/partner, not to your co-workers, especially not to random men on the street. You don't owe it to your mother, you don't owe it to your children, you don't owe it to civilization in general. Prettiness is not a rent you pay for occupying a space marked 'female.'" — Erin McKean - 📸 @m3anker 🔑 @loco_latte
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1930's - when lifeguards flashed rebellious nipples in order to fight #FreeTheNipple for men - prior to which it was illegal for men to be topless - yes, this too happened! So as you can imagine, before this, men too were shamed, arrested, looked down upon for being topless. Something that is SO natural and normal to all of you today - was once fought for by these men.
The first protests occurred on Coney Island in the early 1930’s, where men gathered to fight for the right to swim and sunbathe in shirtless swim trunks. In 1935, another group of male protesters got themselves arrested in Atlantic City for hitting the beach while baring their torsos. In 1936, these men legally gained the right to show their nipples in public. (That didn't take too long!) For all you people arguing about how "male and female bodies are built for different purposes and hence one gender is given more freedom than the other because it's natural for the man and unnatural for the woman" (which is funny because the female breasts actually breast feeds and hence probably should have the freedom to be used in public to feed a child without any shame/embarrassed but because we've over sexualized the female nipple, and anything used to hold breasts up together, it's near impossible) - however, not to say women should be able to and men shouldn't, I don't think one gender deserves the privilege above the other at all, I think both deserve equal human rights. But you have a mind of your own, so go think about this for a moment in silence. Peace. ✌🏽️ #thefutureisfemale #womenempowerment #educateindia #evolution #myrights #bethechange #equality #feminism #humanity #equalrights #mensrights #traveldiaries #foodforthought #australia #adelaide

Silence your mind, and let your heart do the talking.
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Be right back.

Part 2/2

The lesser she exposes, the more respected she’ll be. Because girls from good families don't show skin. Which goes to say that girls who show skin - deserve it? And so days after we killed the men that raped India’s Daughter, we discovered there wasn’t just one of her. No, you may call her ‘fearless’ with pride but I guess it’s time you realize that we’re all, unfortunately, daughters of a nation that only wants fearless daughters in homes outside of their own. We take part in candle marches for someone else’s daughter and yet we cage our own.

Nirbhaya. Haryanas Nirbhaya. Delhis Nirbhaya. North India's Nirbhaya. Bangalors Nirbhaya. Mumbais Nirbhaya. You say it with so much pride, but what once felt like a salute to her now feels like a slap in my face. Her name was Jyoti.. but I understand, it’s my fault. It’s our fault for being born into a body with breasts & a vagina — both of which solely accordingly to you exist for pleasure. Your pleasure, my shame?

I understand, that you’re going to go to the furthest of your powers to take away her rights because you’re petrified of her strengths —  because you don't genuinely believe that the liberation & education of women is what will be the growth of our country, no, our women are sacred, kept safely behind walls, just like our goddess. I understand that this isn’t the end, this is just the beginning. And it breaks my heart to see that a lot more daughters in every corner of our country are going to end up ‘fearless’, if you don’t understand this too.

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📸 @m3anker


I understand now why my mother always says “I don’t mind the photos you upload, they’re nice, just don’t write the things you write. Why do you want to go against people?”… And why my ex boyfriend always said “I agree with what you write, it’s great… but what’s the need to put up such photos?”… & then there’s you, oh so many of you, who say “women empowerment is fine, but how could you possibly be so disgusting and shameless!”… I understand now — stuck in a tug of war between society, family & love, that I was silly enough to wonder why my breasts are such a threat to society. You’ll drop all your conversations on India Pakistan & the nuclear bomb just to come & tell me I’m ruining your cultural values, along with which you’ll casually throw in “get a breast enlargement surgery”… because culture only works one way.

I understand now that we live in a country full of people who adore shirtless men with biceps and abs in a generation where shirtless gym selfies turn you into fitness role models but dare a girl talk about desexualizing her body, you’ll shut her up with a bikini & whore remarks. Porn star it seems, yes, why stop at that? Why not make her a prostitute too? After all they have much in common. You love a good orgasm out of it but will die before you give them the respect they deserve. & no, #NotAllMen — bcos they’re being raised by us women after all.

I understand that “Woman empowerment isn’t about freeing your boobs! It’s about education & equal rights”, but if we’ve gotten far enough to fight for equal rights we must be comfortable in our bodies? Surely, the 16 yr old girls wanting to become doctors & engineers aren’t worried about their rapidly growing breasts & how many men lech at them? That’s right, give her a salwaar kameez, that’ll solve the problem. Culture solves all our problems, except for domestic rape — that’s not a topic worth discussing cos we don’t wash our dirty laundry in public. We wash her blood stains with her desire to live & then teach her to be a ‘real woman’. Real women don't publicly talk about being raped by family members.

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