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There's a few very basic, sensitive, extremely important things that people don't openly discuss. 'Nudity is not consent' - being one of them.

The amount of times I hear stories of a guy who leaked a girls naked photos & the whole world blames HER for clicking it in the first place - it's disgusting.
Here's a little insight for those that are confused, if a girl sends you her intimate/naked photos - she is NOT giving you the permission to share it with others. Simple, no?

Every person has the right to expose their body to whoever they please without being judged. I'm appalled at how often the victim in this situation is made to feel guilty. Why when we find 'indecent' naked photos of a girl, that we had NO consent to see, do we blame her? Thats her body, it's what she looks like at ALL times underneath the clothes - so do I - there's nothing indecent in her ass or her nipples - the problem is not her photo - the problem is the lack of consent.

When you see a leaked sex tape of a girl having oral sex, why are you always pitying/judging the girl while no one cares about the man she's performing oral on? Everybody does it behind their 4 walls - every fucking person has sex, don't they? Don't we, guys? But when a video of it gets leaked - everyone cares about the image of the girl being destroyed - everyone says 'you should've been more careful'. From family, to friends, to the strangers that found all the time in the world to have an opinion about it - question the victims character & her future. Yet no one - questions why all of us, or any of us, are watching this video that was leaked without her consent.
Next time you have a friend, a sister, a girlfriend, a neighbour, a co-worker who is being threatened by a man with naked photos/videos of her - stop making the girl feel like her life is over. Stop giving so much importance to nudity that you'd actually let what's beneath these clothes destroy ANYONE'S life.
File a complaint against the person threatening because this is a real crime, & it's not one committed by the girl. Your career will not be over, your family should not be shamed & you - are not your god damn body parts. #InFrame @mondalmanisha

Finally stepped out of the den yesterday after being sick for a whole week. Still coughing like a crazy annoying person, but there's no sickness that a Hot Toddy can't fix. Along with these lovely losers of mine.
In Frame: @eshaanroshan @mondalmanisha - you're being missed in frame @hathiparinda 😘
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I'm writing tonight. Hopefully stuff that'll resonate with you. On some days it comes to me really easy, on other days I struggle to choose my words wisely, because I know how much they mean to you. And - you know how much you mean to me!
Any guesses what I'm writing? Be back soon for some words. Until then, I love ya'll x

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I've been sick all week with a viral, coughing mucous on everyone's face, being a whiny bitch, and right now I know just how easy it is to feel awful about yourself. It's so easy to fall into the miserable trap of self loath and sadness. I think we all deserve someone that tells us we're beautiful & wonderful - so if you're up right now, lying in bed, restless about your life, your decisions, or if you feel like you're just not good enough sometimes, if youre reading this - let this be your reminder. From me.
You are beautiful, exactly the way you are. Stop worrying about the people that criticize you, and go be your crazy wonderful self - why you ask? Well, because everybody else is already taken. ✨
Tag a friend that needs this right now :) #yourebeautiful #beyou #love #goodvibesonly #bethechange #happinessis #positivity #spreadlove #mumbai #selflove

[ Love ]

We did well, @shrayraitiwari - I'm so proud of that scene. Thank you for vibeing with me there. You & I should fight more often.
Directed by @areesz
#ifsandmaybes #love #relationships #shortfilm #mumbai #throwback
Link in my bio

This ones probably a personal favorite scene from all the things Ive ever shot. I couldn't tell you why even if I tried - there's just something about the tragedy of love in this scene that never fails to break my heart.
Co actor: @shrayraitiwari
Directed by: @areesz
Part 1/2

#love #throwback #ifsandmaybes #shortfilm #uncertainty #life #relationships
Link in my bio :)

Throwback to this. Found this on my phone and literally got goosebumps... I wonder how many people actually know where this is from? Not a lot, I bet.
#memories #love #happinessis #throwback

Throwback to our first international trip together. I love you so, so, so, so much. I've never loved anyone that isn't biologically related to me this much. You're the most beautiful human I know (with your many flaws and everything, you still are). You're just so real, that I can't help but adore the little things.
You fluctuate between my Id, my Ego and my Superego - which is crazy because I'm always so entertained by you. You came into my life and changed everything I believed in as a person. Made me positive, more tolerant, less aggressive, moooore positive, and sometimes even got me carried away into shit I shouldn't have done - I guess that's what a literal partner in crime is. I wouldn't ever call you a 'bad influence' - I'd say you challenge my thoughts and my choices - you force me to think harder about what I want and why - and in that process, sometimes I win, sometimes I learn. But you must know that every little thing that you ever say, stays with me. I mean it when I occasionally say that I wouldn't be the girl I am today if it wasn't for you. You taught me how it wasn't okay to just word vomit without consequences, you also taught me forgiveness. And right this moment, I just wish you were here because you make such nice Khichdi 😭
Living here without you has been so tough @ibombets - it's like every little thing reminds me of you. The places I go to eat and my favorite bars and now even my bedroom.

PS: no boy will ever replace you, so don't you ever worry about that. It'll be tough anyway y'know seeing as you both have different procreative organs and as per my preference.... Okay I should shut up now.

I love you. You're my human.

But we're just friends k.

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In sickness & in health.
You kids, if you're swimming during the monsoon - make sure you don't fall sick like me. Don't be stupid enough to go for a swim when you already have a cold. 🙄

Oh and yeah, I realized later that maaaaybe coconut water isn't best for a bad throat, but it made me feel better. So did the Brandy. ✨
I miss you @bindiia - always when I'm sick lol.

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Remove the word "don’t" from each sentence & see how it changes the meaning.

Dedicating my 200k to the men in my followers - I can't believe it's 55% of you!

Thank you for being there for me. For understanding my essays. It's overwhelming when I read comments from men that address themselves as feminists - you are a gift. It's natural for people that are struggling to stand up for themselves, but empathy isn't everyone's cup of tea.
Dedicating this post to men that are on the receiving end of stereotypes. I'm sorry the world thinks men should always be strong. Its not true. Men don't ‘have to’ pay, we should raise women to be more independent. Men DO cry (I'm surrounded by the most sensitive men). Crying isn't a sign of weakness, it's a sign that you're alive. Tears don't pick a gender.

Men are emotional, men get raped, men are vulnerable, men are misunderstood. It's not his birth right to get a job & financially support his family. If there are girls who want to stay home & raise kids - there are boys too. Stay at home dads are amazing. Stop stereotyping both genders & let them choose what they love.

Ladies, encourage the men in your life to express themselves. When they have IMS (equivalent to PMS) - be there for them. When they feel sad/weak - hold them. Hug them. Tell them you love them & it's normal to feel this way.

If women have been suppressed - for generations we've put the burden of strength on the shoulders of men - not every man wants to live like that - I am sorry that you've had to.

Parents don't allow their sons to feel femininity bcos it's seen as a weakness. Masculinity & femininity exist in both genders - let's stop seeing one as weakness & the other as strength.

So thank you for being wonderful. For being self-aware. I hope you know that when I fight for equality & feminism, I'm never fighting against you or your gender - I'm standing up against society - that consists of yours & mine - it's ours. I hope you know that the ladies need my words a little more than you do, but you're never forgotten.

I love you. Don't ever stop being you - your strength lies in your individuality & expression - not your muscles or your bank balance.

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