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Saloni Chopra  Actor Traveller India/Aus ⚠️Bad Feminist. I don't have flaws, I have super powers! Snapchat👻 @Redheadwayfarer work/collaboration

I've been thinking for the past two days about this... you know how everyone calls you my Dahej? Well, technically, right from the beginning, humare labeling mein hi problem thi. Jab mein kabhi Shaadi hi nahi Karungi toh Dahej kaise?! See... too many glitches from the start.

But you must know, that I loved you then, I love you now, and I always will. (Just stop copying me in your clothes.) In some other parallel universe where Saloni believes in the constitution of marriage and finds herself a suitable groom, she and you will be together forever - making some poor guys life miserable. But in this world, please bear with me. <3

Guys - BEST Sarod player in the country. Go check out his music @yashnirwan @pranasound
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The answer you await will soon arrive.
Lucky number: 23

Remind me again why don't I buy Fortune Cookies all the time?!? 😃

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Anyone else feel like that recently? Are we on the same vibe? 🙄

We live in a world where Tripple Talaq is still frivolously used to divorce women.

Where women are being pimped & sold in the name of religion, we call them Devdasi's.

They're also being used & abused in the name of more religious scams - Nikah Halala.

A 12 yr old is raped on her way to Independence Day celebrations. Happy Independence to you too. You'll hate Britishers & Chinese & Pakistani's for everything they've done to you - but you fail to see the harm people in your own country cause you. Your blind patriotism is all yours to keep.
Where the people in power think the biggest issues concerning women are our reproductive organs, the ability to afford Sindoor/Bindi tax-free & fulfill our roles as wives & mothers before anything else. #MaternityLeave #LahuKaLagaan

A World where creating human life consists of two but contraceptives are invented only for one. Because obviously.

Where child marriage is illegal but still continues as a cultural tradition.

We look down upon women from lower castes but for Prostitution & Slavery - they're on top of the list.

Where in the name of religion - patriarchy & misogyny is 'protection & care'. Speaking of protection, we cage our women to protect them from Beasts outside, yet most girls are raped by someone in their own family.

Where Marital Rape is NOT a crime.
You speak of a woman's purity & power as of a Goddess, Bharat Maata, Mother Nature - but femininity is looked down upon & the only go-to for humans to insult each other involve them fucking their mothers & sisters.

When do we ever refer to a woman without stating her relationship with a man? She is someone's sister, mother, daughter, wife... A world where we are so busy protecting the strength & power of men, we forget that men too can be sensitive & vulnerable. That not all men are answerable for the well being of an entire family.
So busy trying to suppress women that we overlook the crimes/rapes committed on men cause we're no longer Men vs Women, we're a bunch of human beings fighting a fight to sustain a culture & history that oppresses all of us from being who we choose to be.

Yet you so ignorantly ask, why I need feminism?

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Boys at work.

Team Maya back in action. Given our history, I personally consider brainstorming with you two a good luck charm 🍀
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"Do not let your fire go out, spark by irreplaceable spark in the hopeless swamps of the not-quite, the not-yet, and the not-at-all. Do not let the hero in your soul perish in lonely frustration for the life you deserved and have never been able to reach. The world you desire can be won. It exists.. it is real.. it is possible.. it's yours." ~ Ayn Rand

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Happy Independence Day my India. But also, Happy Independence Day Pakistan.
Let's not forget that once upon a time, we were one... and the borders we've drawn, are only man made. Somewhere here, your grandmother was born, and somewhere there, in the hearts of humanity, I am another you;

I am another you. I don't live on your land, but my land is the same too. The air I breathe, is a breath by you. I too have a heart like yours, stuck in a cage, mine too grows bitter, and bitter by age. I walk down the same streets, feeling like a victim in their eyes, sometimes I take a scarf and cover my head, I too live the same lies. I may not pray, but don't you pray for peace? Because I hope for the same too... I have a dream, and I have a desire, burning within me is the same fire. I fall in love, and I too feel pain, when you tell me I'm not the same. I look the same, I swear my blood is red... I too cry when those nasty things are said. I want a life, and a love so strong, and it's been next to me all along. A border. A line. I didn't create this, and neither did you... But when I go to sleep at night I often wonder, if you think of being me, the way I sometimes think of being you?
To Countries that were once united, I hope one day we can find it in our hearts to at least love once again. Patriotism to me isn't about blindly loving and never criticizing your own, but instead accepting our flaws to become better with every passing day. To nourish and to grow. Isn't that what Love is?
Saloni Chopra

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Disrupting my #LettersFromLadakh Series for a very legit, special reason - guess who's back in 3 days??? The Husband!! Though Hubs has been acting like a bit of a Wife lately - sending me ultimatums and refusing to talk to me when I don't answer calls, and using phrases like 'I'll see you when I see you' - but that's because we don't believe in following stereotypes and norms. In our little world, we switch roles. We compliment each other. We fight like dogs, but love like girls. When I have a writers block she takes over and pours magic on paper for me, when I give up in the rat race, she'll stop midway to catch her breath in order to stay aligned with me - and the only designated job we have is to be ourselves. And never, ever, ever let go of each other. You - my little seesaw.

You go live life, see the world through your tinted glasses, my job isn't to not let you live and learn, but I'm here to constantly remind you that when you can no longer wear them anymore, when it begins to hurt and leave tiny marks on your nose and there's no longer a sun left to reflect any light from, when your heart aches and your eyes are sore - we'll make reality so beautiful that you won't need to filter anymore.
Come home soon @ibombets 😘
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Home for the day.
Highlight of the day was when we asked the sweet man at the reception about wifi & he said 'Ma'am it came yesterday morning, at 11 am'. Lol. I wonder what it came for? And when it will come again?
Letters From Leh ✨
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When packing consists majorly of throwing all your clothes into a suitcase and then contemplating which book you'd like to read every night before you breathlessly fall asleep?
Also. These Gucci inspired Steve Madden White Embroidery Sneakers are literally all I wear these days. Thank you @the_gorgeous_divas for the most efficient birthday gift ever!
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