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Saloni Chopra 🎈  Actor Traveller India/Aus ⚠️Bad Feminist. I don't have flaws, I have super powers! Snapchat👻 @Redheadwayfarer work/collaboration teamchopra@gmail.com


I tried really hard not to put this up but LOL, I think we're totally feeling this vibe after yesterday, aren't we kids?
Also, I'm really proud of ya'll for holding up such great arguments supporting freedom of speech and equality. If we don't try our best to create awareness and make people uncomfortable enough to acknowledge these things, then what's the point? It's good to create discomfort, sometimes it's great to (slightly) offend people too only then can you actually get them out of their comfort zones of patriarchy! So you guys rock. But just don't waste too much time on dumbwits, instead talk to peeps that you know are capable of being part of a better world. And remember, you and your tinny little steps are enough to change the world, you really are! 🖖🏽

You're a girl. And girls shouldn't expose their bodies. In public. Your body is a temple. A raided, broken into temple, owned by everybody but you. Owned by people that know the religion of your body better than you do. Girls shouldn't flaunt their bra. Haven't you heard? The fight is much bigger than just for our bodies. They want you to fight for education, fight for your right to be born, fight to be an engineer and to land on the moon - but don't talk about your boobs. Don't make feminism "vulgar" my child. Fight for your right to live - they don't consider the freedom of your body a real fight. Now that's just trivial. That's you being too modern. Thats you just screaming out nakedness and sex. Slut. You're losing your culture. Shame on you, how could you forget? Breast feeding your baby in public is a disrespect to your culture. Accepting you have breasts and sometimes bra's cover them - is also disrespect to your culture. We, in our respected beliefs, don't like to accept that men too can be horny. And even if we accept it, don't you know that it's your fault?! It's your fault that he was horny. You - in your skimpy clothes, and sometimes in your school uniform, made him lustful. How dare you?! You, being a woman must pay for it. But that's okay. Smile. Behave like a girl should, my love. Cross those legs. Open them only when told to, or forced to. Don't for a second think you have the right to wear what you want, or remove what you do not want. You are a sexual object. You are to fight for the right to be well educated, but never speak a word of your body. Don't be vulgar, darling. You are a goddess. You are a pure, holy, asset to this society. What without you, would the men fuck? Where without you, would they get nurturing from? So flick that hair of yours, put on your best smile, and sit there like a goddess, with respect & dignity, while they rape your soul. You're a girl, my darling. You weren't born one - but you became it for sure. #educateindia #beyou #feminism #innervoice #women #bethechange #freethenipple #equality #india #raiseyourvoice #repost @redheadwayfarer 📸 @m3anker

Did someone say @redheadwayfarer ?

Shingara, for every time I saw kindness in your eyes for this world, I fell in love, again and again. Hasya, for the look in my eyes when you told me I was enough… I never knew what you meant then, foolishly in love, but you would’ve known, you must’ve, for we always knew happiness wasn’t a constant state of being, but joy could be, and I never felt the need to laugh out loud because what I felt was far beyond that momentary smile. Shanta, for me in your arms was as rare and as precious as it could be, beause I spent far too long running behind things that exhaust me and keep me on my toes, except for when you hold me tight and in that little piece of me, I am at peace. Rundra, because how could I be so foolish? How could I ever let myself believe that you and I could be? How could I blindly trust you to never leave me, how could I, think I would never leave you when all along I knew, that I was meant for bigger things in life. Veera, for every time I think about how much you hurt me, I am reminded of just why this journey is mine solely. For every second you spent telling me I couldn’t love, laugh, live, believe. For the nights spent aruging over selfless love and desires, you gave me the courage to be adament, you made me want to fight for myself, stand up for myself, even to you. Karuna, never for you, never for me, but for ours. Ours that could’ve been, ours that could’ve blossomed, ours that we watched grow but maybe our love was excess amount of water that drowned us. I may mourne over ours that died, but I will never sympathize with the life ours lived. Bhayanaka, not because you left me, but because you existed. I worry that sometimes what we fear is what we desire the most. You always knew I was crazy like that, ready to walk through fire, only to know for sure I wasn’t deprived of desires. As I wake up every day anxious about my future, a part of me worries that you, in another form of a human body, may find me all over again. Vibhasta, because I let you.. #ContinueReading #LinkInBio #9rasa #lovestory #love #writersofig #writersofinstagram #wordporn #relationships #selfawareness #selflove #letgo 📸 @photowalktd

Because the first 60 seconds weren't enough, I wanted to torture for 60 more. Naadan Parinde ke saath ek Darinda @hathiparinda
#annoyingfriend #midweek #theslowlife #love #beyou - okay maybe don't be you all the time.
Part 2/2

When you're an intolerable entertaining soul at 7:30 am in the morning. Thank you for putting up with this @hathiparinda - I don't remember a lot of it, but oh my god I have unresolved issues. Mainly with my singing ambitions. 😂
Part 1/2

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10 minute skin detox, the new pure clay masks from @lorealskin, a great mid week skin care routine. Try it for yourself. I think I've even got my room mate hooked to it, you're next @bindiia 🙂#InstaDetox #claymask #multimasking @lorealskin #midweek #mumbai #bombay #skindetox #hydrate

"Yoga is not about touching your toes. It is what you learn on the way down" - Jigar Gor.

That, word by word, is so true. I prefer not writing about Yoga because I'm a little too in love with it, & yet I have very little knowledge to share. I'm taking baby steps every day, observing why it makes me so happy. Far too many people tend to think Yoga is some sort of life changing magic pill. As if you'll get enlightenment the day you do it. But it's really not - there's no nirvana at the end of the one hour class. Your problems don't disappear, you dont turn into a monk, & I can assure you the desire to down 3 glasses of Martini or cry your heart out doesn't die either. Yoga isn't a magic portion that evolves you, it's a lifestyle choice. With every passing day that you dedicate yourself to your practice, to your body, the only thing that will definitely change is your patience. The way you perceive hurdles. Your ability to handle your problems, your ability to detach yourself from your problems knowing that nothing lasts forever, not even the bad days. It's tricky, you know - I could tell you exactly how I feel and the differences I've noticed within myself in the last two months, but that's my journey - not yours. For me Yoga helps me balance. It links my body to my soul.
If it were up to me, I'd encourage the entire world to do Yoga because a healthy body is a healthy mind. Specially people suffering from anxiety, depression and/or panic attacks. Our bodies have literally become the vehicle we use to transport our brain to different places - which is sad. One day, any day, when you're finally ready to look for peace in this chaos, remember that meditation isn't hallucination. Meditation is simply the art of breathing. With focus. And I'm no pro at any of this, but regular yoga has been the best decision I've ever made for myself. I literally wake up every day craving for it.
So be good to you. Take out an hour every day for your mind, your soul & your body. Simply breathing isn't good enough if you aren't breathing right.
Happy World Yoga Day, may you find the time for some Gin & Yoga. 🍷

#wyd #worldyogaday #yoga #selflove #happinessis #breathe #innerpeace

You guys! Have you tried the L'Oréal Paris - New Pure Clay Mask yet?! I personally love it. You know I'm not that big on make up & I like to let my skin breathe - but what if the air it's breathing is bad too? That's when you really gotta take out some me time. This new mask purifies & mattifies with Eucalyptus, adds a glow to your skin & exfoliates with Red Algae. A 10 minute skin detox that I'd personally say your skin really, REALLY needs because on a daily basis you spend the entire day out in dust & pollution too busy trying to make your mark in this world. But honestly, working hard & being tough doesn't mean you gotta look rough. You can take out a few minutes for an instant, quick, pure Clay Mask. And if you really don't have the patience or the time, be like me! Multitask, and Multimask! But look after your skin. Feed it well. Hydrate yourself.
PS: if you've tried this out, tell me how it worked for you? 😘 #PlayWithClay #TheGreenOne #TheRedOne #InstaDetox #claymask @lorealskin, #lorealparisindia #loreal #loveskin #innerbeauty #selfcare #skincare #multimask #mumbai #salonichopra #hydrate @popokokoproductions


That very first night when I lay next to you, petrified of falling asleep. I knew nothing about you, except for maybe your preferred side of the frosty bed. Yet I dreamed a little dream where you were you, and I was me, you tucked my hair behind my ear as you looked at me and said "You are enough". I woke up, unable to breathe. I woke up, when you weren't next to me. I spent the next month wondering what it meant? I spent the next year waiting for you to say those words to me, whisper them in my ears. I waited, as I learned more about the mole on your chest and the sound of your sleep. I waited, afraid that I was falling too deep. I waited as the season deranged and our moods changed. Every time you ran your fingers through my hair, every smile, every stare. Till finally one day when you stopped me mid sentence - I'd waited long enough to realize that the day i'd hear you whisper those words, would be the end. So I chose to kiss you before you could speak. Somewhere in my heart, waiting for that dream to come true was like waiting for that first monsoon rain just to smell the wet mud - I'd rememeber every little detail of you and me up until I'd hear you say those words out loud, and then i'll slowly start to over look the little things you did for me. I'd start to see the puddles & the pot holes instead. I called it awareness, you called it stupidity. We'd seen far too much love fade before our eyes to not know any better. I was enough - I knew I was enough every time you held your breath after you kissed me, I knew I was enough when you'd sit me down before you speak, and I knew I was enough with every little step we took discovering the world we'd created, within the world they'd destroyed. I guess I wanted to spend the rest of my life tip toeing around the idea of us, because I knew you and I knew me, and Enough wasn't even close to where we wanted to be.

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📸 by @photowalktd

If I had to lose my discomforting thoughts to anything in the world, I'd lose them to the ocean, for I know the crashing waves would bring them back to me in sentences.
#writersblock #wordvomit #thoughts #writersofig #ocean #wordporn #love #waterchild #monsoon

I know I'm a day late, but this is purposely done. I wanted to be a little less (or more) cliche and say Happy-One-Day-After-Fathers-Day @bindiia . Thank you for being our mom & our dad. It couldn't have been easy playing good cop bad cop all on your own. Thank you for teaching us that parenting isn't just giving birth to a child, but actually raising them. I'm glad for all the years @schoujar & I spent fighting with school teachers & government offices to put your name under the 'Fathers Name' column (which by the way really needs to be looked into in our country) we love you mum 😘
#fathersday #love #famjam #themom

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