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Saloni Chopra  I don't just live in bubbles. I also create them. It's an art, you see. Writer. Traveler. Actor. Feminist af. work/collaboration teamchopra@gmail.com


I know a lot of you keep asking me how I look after my skin & ‘Whats the big secret’ & I constantly say ‘I don’t have a skin care routine’. TBH I don’t look after my skin as much as I should. I have extremely dry skin & so you never see pimples on my face (except for the occasional guest) but honestly, there are plenty disadvantages of my skin type too - my skin sheds & is flakey & tends to get so dry (even in BOMBAY winters) that it literally hurts.
Recently, bcos I’ve been travelling lots, Ive been looking for a skin care product that could kill many birds with one stone - relax, its a metaphor. Young skin fades & the dryness tends to get in the way of so many things I need to do. Like make up for camera - its a nightmare on the dry days.
Few weeks ago, a friend suggested @melblokofficial ‘s Advanced Home Kit. Then ironically - I also saw their products on Amazon & I figured - its a sign! So I’m going to try out the Advance Home Kit for a couple of weeks to see if it suits my skin.

Why @melblokofficial ? Well, a few reasons to be honest. I was very fascinated that a Day Cream could work as a primer, sunscreen, BB cream AND its a pigmentation reducing skin cream - if creams had superpowers this one may just be it. The Night cream also made my skin feel smoother aftee just 2 days. And with my profession - I could probably use all the above.

I don’t have any pigmentation right now but it definitely runs in the family so I’m more likely to end up with some. My moms skin is pigmentation prone, & so I bought the Melblok Advanced HomeKit & we’re going to be trying it out together to see if it works for us. Wish me luck.

I’ll of course keep you guys updated in a week or more to let you know how its working out for me, but meanwhile if you’d like to try out their products with me - the link to their website is in my Bio.

If any of you have tried Melblok or would like to use it - leave a comment & tell me.

Do most of you have pigmentation, marks or tanning? Or do you feel like you need something to unclutter your skin? Is your skin oily? Or dry?
I have so many questions!

#melblok #skincare
📸 @rahulb90

What’s ‘Freedom’ to you?
Freedom to me is having control over my mind & my body. To be able to make decisions for myself. What I wear, who I become, where I go.

Freedom to me is the ability to walk down the streets of my city without being visually raped by every second man that looks at me.

Freedom to me is to not have a man brush his hand up my legs while I’m in an auto stuck in traffic on a crowded road.

Freedom to me is leaving the house at whatever hour I please, without being accompanied by a man.

Freedom to me is being able to attend a party with a friend without being kidnapped & gangraped in a lodge for 10 days.
Freedom to me is getting on to a bus after watching a movie with a friend at 8pm, & NOT be ‘asking for it’... to still be an alive daughter of this country.
Freedom to me is being safe on my own streets, without being tied to a bridge in public & being raped repeatedly.
Freedom to me is when the government of my country doesn’t try to shut down wine shops or get rid of skirts in school uniforms or increase the curfews on a woman’s time out - but instead addresses the issue for what it IS - the man’s fault. Not the western culture, not the life style, not the girl.
Freedom to me is having the option to reject a man without having him throw acid on me.

Freedom to me is having the right to fall in love with whom I want to, without being shamed & killed for it.

Freedom to me is the right to the same education as my brothers.
Freedom to me is the ability to make my own decisions, even after marriage. Instead of him or his parents ‘allowing’ me to work.

Freedom to me is when a man is equally answerable for a leaked sex video as is a woman. Instead of society destroying every little piece left of her character.

Freedom to me is being able to express myself how I wish to - without being called a slut.
Freedom to me is not having every male friend offer to drop me home at 2am for my own safety & protection - that isn’t a solution to this problem. That is denying me of my individual freedom in the name of safety. Because there are still thousands of women on the street tonight for whom its not safe, & tomorrow; one of them is going to be me.

For all those that think Female Breasts are ‘sexual’ organs - they really aren’t any more than the rest of the body parts that can turn a person on. Please do your homework.
Secondly, stop comparing nipples to penises. If you’re going to compare, you should be comparing nipples to nipples - and penis’s to vagina’s - that’s a fair comparison. In which case, I don’t see what the issue is with a Woman’s breats if she’s absolutely comfortable with the way she is. As for your free the penis concept - most men already do unzip & piss where ever they like - which often is in your sight. I must’ve seen at least 10 men masturbating in public in my personal experience if not more (8 of those in India including Auto Wala’s, Bus Drivers, Men on the streets) so really, what’s your point?

Why does a persons comfort in their own body make the rest of Society so uncomfortable? Its just a bare chest, isn’t it? Every second photo I see of men with good bodies are shirtless photographs, how often do you find comments under those photographs asking him to arouse his mother, or question his conditioning & his personality traits, or leave absurd comments filled with harassement & sexual remarks? A woman’s breasts feed its child - that may be why men are biologically attracted to breasts - what part of that makes you want to tell a girl to become a whore, or that she’s shaming your culture?

Think about it: you praise a man for being semi naked and give credit to his masculinity, & when women are comfortable in their own skin, you tell them they should either go sell themselves, or you ever so casually remind her that ‘equality isn’t about doing the same as what men do. A woman is already above us. The way to her better future is by being educated & getting a job and not losing her ‘character’ - so you conveniently tie our integrity & respect to our bodies, while men are allowed to do what they please with theirs? How is it not fair to ask that both genders be equally comfortable in their own skin? When did we ask to have our dignity tied to our breasts & bodies?

If it makes you* uncomfortable, isn’t the problem with you - and not the person that demands to be treated equally?

You don’t need anybody’s permission to be yourself. How much you wear, or the lack of it - is your choice. You go do you, without worrying about what people think because the only approval that matters is your own.
Its going to be hard - standing up for yourself, but being uncomfortable in your own skin isn’t going to be any easier.
You were not born to be objectified. Or be married off. Or to give birth. You are not a liability, nor are you anyone’s property - you can not be ‘given’ away. Your biological clock is not ‘ticking’. Your dreams are not ‘too much’. You are not ‘over ambitious’. It isn’t your job to be pretty or sexy if you do not wish to be - you don’t owe that to anyone in this world. What you do owe, is honesty to yourself. That’s why you’re here - to be you. Not to be what they want you to be. 📸 @zainaliphotography - my magician.
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‘Perhaps when we find ourselves wanting everything, it is because we are dangerously close to wanting nothing.’
- Sylvia Plath 📸 by @zainaliphotography
#sylviaplath #quotes #wordporn #foodforthought #writersofig #shadowplay

Strolling. Streets of Melbourne.
Jacket by @shopmangopeople - there’s an interesting story here. I ordered another green jacket from these guys, and they accidentally sent me this one. I was like gaaaaaahhhh I wanted my other jacket - they were really sweet. Promised to have the other one delivered! Meanwhile, I put this on, my hands went straight into the pocket, I looked at myself.... and as stupid as this sounds, it was one of those ‘the jacket chose me’ moments. (Hey, if parents are allowed to say their kids chose them from heaven before being born I’m so totally allowed to say my Jacket did too...) This one was here for keeps.
I cant actually remember the last time I felt so happy in a piece of clothing that id wear it all day, everywhere. I wear it with everything. Short/Long dresses, semi ethnic things, shorts, jeans - its ridiculously comfortable.
So @shopmangopeople lets just say this is me not so subtly saying I don’t want an exchange anymore! Lol.
PS: That dress is something I picked up from Sarojini Market for Rs.150/- Seriously... I’m not even kidding. That’s $2. Goes to say, shop where you like, where you want to. Fashion is what you create for yourself, not what people tell you to wear. There are no rules. And the cost is the most irrelevant of it all. Something that’s expensive doesn’t automatically become amazing. Xo

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If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be?
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In a world where I could have all that I want, this day would be part of my routine. Maybe it’s the smell of the chocolate powder on top of the perfectly mixed mocha I’ve ever tasted, maybe it’s the words that refuse to flow, till they do and there’s really never any stopping them... Maybe it’s the Half-Indian boy sitting behind me every day that’s been writing a book and whenever someone asks him how far he’s gotten, he smiles and says ‘just reaching page 74 actually!’, with a hint of frustration but far more gratitude than I could ever fathom. Maybe it’s the lady that comes to sit right in front of me for 25 minutes as she waits for her first date to arrive, while reading her book with a glass of rose wine. I wonder if all along she thought of the endless possibilities that could take place once they‘d meet? I wonder if she’s ever had her heart broken before... and if it scares her very honestly? Maybe, it’s the chills that enter from the outside every time someone leaves the door half open, as if shutting the door while exiting a cafe on a windy, cold afternoon isn’t mandatory. There should be more signs. Not the sort the universe sends you, but the sort you stick on a door with tape. Man made, human instructions. Clearly we’re far more receptive to those than we are to nature.
My words - all ready to be heard, begin from my brain but lose train of thought before they reach my fingers because suddenly my body focuses harder on trying to keep warmer than anything remotely philosophical... and maybe, it’s when I look up and see you walk in through that half open door - the way your eyes light up and your lips curve at the sight of me, and as I whine about the door, you smile and say ‘I want to show you a place’ - in that moment I realize that nothing I could’ve wanted to print onto paper would’ve made any difference if I didn’t gasp for breath every time you kissed me.
Maybe, of all the sounds and all the things I wished be a part of my day, it’s you, I desperately wanted to stay.
Black Laptop Bag: @shopmangopeople
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Some more great photography skills along with even better Bloody Mary’s at @pillarofsaltcafe - it was definitely tough competition though. I mean, are my eyes shut? Are they opening? Do I look ridiculous? Am I even AWAKE? Whooooo knows. Art is art, after all.
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I don’t know what’s larger than life right now, this magnificent skyline, or the sinking in my heart?
Let’s just not talk about this for a couple of days... let’s let it sink in. It’ll eventually implode or explode. It must - it has to.
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‘No one ever thinks of lunch from the point of view of a gas meter. Everyone thinks of lunch from their own point of view. But imagine what it must look like to the gas meter.... or the sun glasses, or the straws and the way they outline your face. I’m revolutionizing this.’ ... and all I said was ‘could you be more creative with your angles?’ Remind me to never ask @rahulb90 for a photo again.
#SoCreative #GasMeterPOV #CreativePhotography #melbourne #traveldiaries #brunch #bloodymary #pillarofsalt #sunday

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