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Red Fleece  The new classics born from @BrooksBrothers 🐑 Have you found our hidden cafe? Smile & tag @redfleece to be featured Shop our new arrivals👇

We think we have our winner for the Best Dressed competition of the match. (📸: @katemcreynoldsblog) #VictoryCup #RedFleece

It was great day to be horsing around. #VictoryCup

Beating the heat with madras today at #VictoryCupPolo. Take a peek at our stories to follow the fun. #RedFleece

Going aweigh this weekend, wanna join? (📸: @Sweatbrah)
#RedFleece #Summer #Sailing

Come for a pair of chinos and stay for a cappuccino when you visit our shop in Flatiron 👍☕️#RedFleece #RedFleeceCafe

How do you unwin(e)d after a long day? (📸: @RedWhiteAndDenim) #WineWednesday

In this your new 6-9pm suit. Extra comfortable and water resistant.👍 #RedFleece #swimsuits

Rep stripes gallantly stream at our shop in South Huntington. #RedFleece

Introducing the summer cup lineup at the #RedFleeceCafe. Get the best-dressed coffee in town only at the corner of 20th and Broadway. Which design is your favorite?

We’ve never met a palm tree or a pink house we didn't like. (📸: @StacieFlinner) #RedFleece

Fighting the Sunday scaries in florals (📸: @amywesttravel) #RedFleece

Just add rosé #RedFleece

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