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Red Fleece  A fresh take on classic Brooks.

Just a few things we've packed for our Montauk weekend 👉 pick 'em up via the link in our bio. #RFSummerShare

This #MemorialDay weekend, our editors are hitting Montauk for the first edition of our #RFSummerShare series. Stay tuned for our favorite beach-ready looks and things to do during an escape to "The End." #RedFleece (📸: @howieguja)

We're on the hunt for our new crop of Red Fleece #NewProfessionals. Stylish, intriguing go-getters. Entrepreneurs and rule breakers. Innovators as adaptable and dynamic as our clothes. Is it you? A friend? A colleague? We're all ears. Send us an email or DM with a nomination and a brief pitch as to why your pick should be part of our next class of #NewProfessionals.

When designing their high-quality, stylish lingerie brand @negativeunderwear, Lauren Schwab and Marissa Vosper had one big idea in mind: comfort. That's why these two daring entrepreneurs also appreciate the on-the-go ease of #RedFleece, which provides chic comfort all day long. #NewProfessionals

"The heart of my story was... how to define and attain success." – words of wisdom from @laurenmaillian. #RedFleece #NewProfessionals

It’s a safe bet to assume Tom & Walter Hessert, the fraternal founders of the online wagering site @derby, have a relaxed dress code at their NY headquarters. #RedFleece hits that dress code sweet spot of comfort and quality that thrives in startup environments. Read more about Tom, Walter and the rest of our New York City #NewProfessionals via the link in our profile.

Serial entrepreneur and self-described “marketer at heart,” @laurenmaillian helps brands communicate to their customers. But being the face of a brand (while building your own) requires a certain aesthetic. The classic roots of #RedFleece convey professionalism but the unique patterns and colors project exuberance and confidence. #NewProfessionals

"Setbacks are what made me a little bit more fearless," says @madlenakalinova. Learn more about Madlena, Cezary and our NYC class of #RedFleece #NewProfessionals 👉 link in bio.

Working at a tech start-up has given Cezary Pietrzak plenty of exposure to extended workdays. When you're not beholden to a 9-5 schedule, though, there's plenty of room to experiment. Whether it's sneakers with a suit or a sweatshirt with a shirt and tie, his work-to-play look reads like a page out of the #RedFleece style manual. #NewProfessionals

When you're in front of the camera as much as model and producer @madlenakalinova is, you understand the importance of a good fit. When she's not on a shoot, she reaches for #RedFleece because of its feminine lines and clean designs. Shop her look via the link in our bio. #NewProfessionals

"No risk, no reward is a real slogan," says @meatballers' @michaelchernow, one of our new class of #NewProfessionals. 💯 #RedFleece

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