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RED Digital Cinema  RED cameras combine cinema-grade image quality & incredible dynamic range to deliver the best images possible to every cinematographer #ShotonRED #R3D

Stranded at a summer camp when aliens attack the planet, four teens come together to save the world. @RimoftheWorldMovie now streaming on #Netflix. #ShotonRED by Cinematographer @ShaneHurlbutASC on #GEMINI5K and directed by @mcgfilm. ⁣

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Hey guys, here’s the trailer for my latest movie with @mcgfilm - @netflix - “Rim Of The World” featuring @realjackgore @miyacech @kingbach @darealpnut and an incredible crew of @p_o_c_h_a_n @chris.moseley.771 @crherr @derekcedwards_opf @bigsticksjake @samuelbutt_ @m_hendershot @lwwyatt @tera.vachova #filmmaking #cinematographer #film #netflix #cinematography #movies #movi #redcamera #freefly #blackarm #innovativcarts #netflixmovies I really hope you enjoy it.

Watch the season finale of @SEALTeamCBS tonight on CBS. #ShotonRED #DRAGON6K #SEALTeam

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This @smallrigchina setup is awesome for the @reddigitalcinema #REDGEMINI plus the @woodencamera top handle is ideal.

These images really show off the impressive dynamic range of the RED. The high-contrast, sunlight-on-ocean shot was a very tough one to expose, and you can still pick out colors and details in that image. The variety of subject matter is a photographer’s dream. Crescent moons shot through our atmosphere were always a favorite, especially when you can see the details of thunderstorms a thousand miles in the distance, along with sand dunes in the Sahara, isolated atolls in the middle of the Pacific, etc. There was a seemingly never-ending supply of beautiful subjects to shoot if you were simply willing to take some time to get the camera ready and look out the window. Those sights were really unimaginably beautiful, and it was an honor to be able to capture them on stills and video for folks down on Earth. I came away from those 7 months in space with a tremendous appreciation for how beautiful and unique our planet is, how it is our “plan A” (and we don’t really have a “plan B”), and with a huge motivation to share that experiences with people around the world.⁣⁣
Thanks so much to RED for making awesome cameras and letting me share my space experience with you all. Follow me @astro_terry.⁣⁣
[Post 4 of 4. Astronaut Terry Virts sharing @astro_terry sharing shots from #space.]

Shooting stills in orbit is an art in and of itself - exposure, focus and composition. All of the things that are important on Earth are even more important in space because of the intense brightness of the sun and the darkness of space. ⁣

There were no tracks to stabilize a moving video camera. If you want your shot to have organic motion, then you need to do it hand-held. This is very difficult, especially since you are floating and don’t have anything to stabilize the camera. We also didn’t have large tripods, so the camera was tough to stabilize on a small Bogen arm bracket. ⁣
Focusing on the Earth or the stars was also very challenging, especially at night. You need to use “magnify” mode to get precise focus. You can’t simply set it on infinity. ⁣
Lighting was also a challenge. Of course, shots out the window were naturally lit, but interior shots needed some lighting and we just didn’t have much on board the station. A few small “brick” lights were okay for basic people shots, but if a window looking down on the planet was a part of the shot, it was challenging to get both interior and exterior properly exposed. Luckily the DRAGON has a pretty large dynamic range to assist with that challenge. That large monitor on the DRAGON cage was very handy and in weightlessness it floated without much effort.⁣

[Post 3 of 4. Astronaut Terry Virts sharing @astro_terry sharing shots from #space.]

I love this clip featuring highlights from some of the first-ever 4K video from the @ISS. We shot on the DRAGON sensor - it was amazing. When you see Earth from space, it’s indescribable. Words don’t do the view justice. There’s no other place in the known universe that humans could inhabit without the use of spaceships and spacesuits. Here is a typical view from space: Earth, clouds and ocean. My favorite views from orbit were of the sunrise, moonset, and the hurricanes swirling. ⁣

Another favorite moment on the ISS was making the #SpaceCheeseburger (recipe: beef patties, Russian mustard, tomato paste, cheese paste, and tortilla. Very tasty!). And of course, I enjoyed just floating around the station. #ShotonRED #NASA #InternationalSpaceStation⁣

[Post 2 of 4. Astronaut Terry Virts sharing @astro_terry sharing shots from #space.]

I had the privilege of spending over 7 months in space over two missions. My favorite, and in my opinion, the most important thing that I did in space was take photos and shoot video. It was through the RED camera with the DRAGON sensor that I was able to share the experience of space flight with people on Earth. I helped to make an IMAX movie (A Beautiful Planet), and shot some of the first 4K UHD video from space. What an amazing camera, I loved shooting with it. ⁣

While on the International Space Station @ISS, we had a @Skype video chat with [Hollywood director] James Cameron, and my crew mate was showing James around and said, “Hey, here’s my crew mate Terry Virts playing with cameras like he normally is.” I had the DRAGON in my hands, and James looked at it and said, “Oh, I filmed Avatar with that camera.” That was pretty cool.

This last image is me in the Cupola. It's every astronaut’s favorite place on the space station; a seven-windowed observation post with the best views of our planet and the universe. ⁣

[Post 1 of 4. Astronaut Terry Virts sharing @astro_terry sharing shots from #space.]

Astronaut and Cinematographer Terry Virts sharing footage from space and how he captured these amazing and difficult images of our planet.

Check out the new trailer from @anthillfilms for the upcoming mountain bike film "Return to Earth" shot on RED HELIUM and GEMINI . “Our goal with Return to Earth is to transport the viewer immediately into that feeling of total immersion you get on a bike ride.” — Darcy Wittenburg, Anthill Director and Producer

#returntoearth #shotonred @rideshimano @trekbikes .⁣
A mountain bike movie by Anthill Films.⁣
Time is either spent wisely or it is just spent. Second after second; minute after minute; moment after moment… they’re all there for the taking. This film is about the simple act of living completely in those moments. A cinematic journey, connected by true to life examples set by riders of all ages around the world, who prove that when we lose track of time, we make the most of it. Return to Earth. The time is now.

Director of Photography @raoul shot the red carpet and backstage program of the 2019 Daytime Emmy Awards on the DSMC2 #HELIUM8K. Go behind the scenes at link in bio. #ShotonRED
Executive Producer:
Kent Speakman @KNEKTtv

Written, Filmed and Edited by:
Raoul Bhatt @raoul

Second Shooter:
Dan Sved @dansved

Special Thanks to:
David Michaels | The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences @daytimeemmys @davidmichaels999
David Parks | Ignition Films @viewfinderla
Kent Speakman | KNEKT @KentSpeakman

Starring Rachel McCord @iamrachelmccord
Jezlan Moyet @jezlan
Thank you to @TyEvans from @GhostDigitalCinema for the helicopter shot.


Using the low light mode on the GEMINI 5K S35, Nick Schrunk and team captured the effervescent glow of the Red Bull Air Force wearing wingsuits above the 2019 Supermoon over the city of Los Angeles.⁣⁣ #ShotonRED
Director: ⁣
DP: ⁣

Camera: ⁣
@collinharrington @ry.dp ⁣
@tyevans @mritzema @willroegge @kylecamerer @thollien @thereal_spike @kinkelaphoto⁣⁣

Aerial cinematography: @aaronfitzgerald105 ⁣
@airborneimages @jip_01⁣⁣

Athletes: ⁣
@jondevore @mikeswansons @chexmachine⁣⁣

Executive Producers: ⁣
@crosene @marknechi⁣⁣
Watch the full-length at link in bio.

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