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Red Bull Adventure  The future of racing on water is foiling, and the future is now👇

Base jump into a plane at 147kph?! Here's a behind-the-scenes look into Soul Flyer's @fredfugen and @vincereffet 's B.A.S.E. jump from the top of the Jungfrau mountain into a plane.
#basejump #plane #flying

A run in the midnight sun🌄

Filmmaker and athlete @sebmontazstudio catches ‘the best light’ in the middle of June between 9PM and 2AM. This run took him 1000m up the peak known as Kongen, a short distance away from the famous Trollstigvegen tourist road.

#ultrarunning #mountains #running #norway

American @steellafferty rewrites what's possible on a wakeboard. The 25-year-old takes on the 7-meter waterfall drops of Chile's 'Seven Cups' in Radal Siete Tazas National Park.
#wakeboarding #chile #🤙

When you can see the weekend on the horizon🙌
📷: @ginesdiaz #kayaking #canaryislands #weekend

Birds of a feather, flock together🕊
Paragliding world champion, @acroracio lives out a lifelong dream to fly among birds by taking part in the Black Sun starling phenomenon. 📷: @esbenzollnerolesen
#paragliding #paramotor #starling #fly

It's hump day, hang in there! .
@chris_sharma conquers the rocks of Cadena Perpetua (8c) in Spain.
📷: @dankrauss
#rockclimbing #spain #humpday

Now that's what we call a wingman! @fuerstmarco and @max_manow perform a Wingsuit Canopy Formation from 1500m above Bovec🇸🇮
#wingsuit #teamwork #bovec

Is foiling the future? More people are trying the hydrofoil than ever before, and @kai_lenny has been at the forefront of that progression. Link in bio for the full story.
#sup #hawaii #maui #standuppaddle #surf

Meet @stigpryds73, the man who freedives to prevent his chronic illness. By combining meditation and yoga at 33 meters deep, Stig finds relief and peace of mind under the pressure of the deep.
🎥: @daanverhoevenfreediver
#record #breathe #freediving #meditation #belgium

Can we get a “Hell Yeah” for these two legends who just set a new 1504km FKT record of the Great Himalaya Trail!!! @ryansandes & @ryno_griesel finished in 24 days, 4 hours, and 24 minutes... 👉 bio to relive the full adventure.
📷 @thewanderingfever
#ultrarunning #ght2018 #adventure

The stories these four could tell... 👉 bio to watch and read all about the highs and lows of @ryansandes & @ryno_griesel #GHT2018 FKT.
#ultrarunning #adventure

The Dolpa Region is one of the tallest and most remote portions of the Great Himalaya Trail, and @ryansandes and @ryno_griesel find themselves relieved to have made it through this section unharmed. Link in bio to read more about how frostbite, exhaustion, and a gruelling overnight pass through the night almost brought this adventure to an end.
#ght2018 #fkt #trailrunning #adventure
📷 @thewanderingfever

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