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Zach Brown  Big, bearded, and always hungry.

Thank you so much for the early birthday gift my love @_fancy_lilly_. cant wait to put these @freezesleeve to use and get these knees right!

I don't often post training vids on my gram but this is one I'm pretty damn proud of. I've always worn knee wraps due to having a torn meniscus, and this month last year at my first meet at @oldskooliron i hit #563 in wraps. After the meet i decided to see how far i can push my knee in sleeves, i reset my squat numbers and got a new coach and today with the amazing coaching and guidance of @jralicdan, the gang at @chalkitupstrength, and the fact that one of the most awesome guys I've had the honor of meeting and learning from that happens to be one of the best squatters in the world @optimusprime_334 hyping me up i hit a new pr of 565# in sleeves. Despite depth being a bit questionable and it being the slowest I've ever squatted i don't give a shit, I'm fuckin stoked. Thank you everyone that was involved in the seminar today, i had a fuckin blast. @_coximus_ @weakasscarol @the.great.white.rhino @just.allie13 @joe_the_sauce @gymcarrey211 @nightmaremuscle and anyone else i missed

Pretty proud of this, the first mechanical i did on my own.

Got a portrait of my girlfriend @_fancy_lilly_ today. done by the one and only @80sixer @santarosatattoo

Post Squat feels

This is what happens when you give your girlfriend that never drinks caffine a SIP of your thai iced tea before the movie lol @_fancy_lilly_

Just wanted to take a second to say that i fucking love and appricate this woman so much. Anyone that knows me knows that i can be a bit of a cantankerous old prick, and she can somehow not only deal with me at my worst but she can make me strive to be better. So here's to finding someone that can make me be just a bit less misanthropic, i love you so much its stupid boo boo, thank you for being you. @_fancy_lilly_

@jralicdan 3-27 deload squat 3x5 @315, pause squat 2x5 @ 290. I also felt good and carbed up so i did belt squat 3x8 at 405 and added a bit more weight to my split squats.

Awesome new socks from muy amazing @_fancy_lilly_

Happy V-day @_fancy_lilly_ you are the peanut butter to my jelly. Thank you for being you, being my bestfriend, girlfriend, and the only person i really like giving whale hugs to! I'm the luckiest sumbitch there is❤

my post gym get down

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