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Redbankmike  Performing magic tricks with yarn in Red Bank, NJ. Husband (married to the babe who owns Chelsea Yarns), father, hockey coach and yarn winder!

“Winners never quit and quitters never win.” Vince Lombardi. We will try this KAHUNA GIVEAWAY again this week. Same rules as last week - pick the correct score for the Minnesota Vikings winning Monday night at Seattle Seahawks and win this beauty of a Kahuna. Same tie breakers as last week and if Seattle wins we will try again next week.....and the next.....and the next....have a great 👍 day! #knitting #knittersofinstagram #crochet #crochetersofinstagram #chelseayarns #magicyarnball

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” Albert Einstein. Ok, Ok, Ok...I am trying something new to have fun with Kahuna Kountry and to give some much needed mojo to my Minnesota Vikings. Pictured is “Purple Soul” 800 yards of sock yarn atop a Kahuna Bag. ITS FREE to the person who FOLLOWS Red Bank Mike and picks the Vikings at Patriots correct winning score for Minnesota (for example Vikings 57 Patriots 3) If the Vikings lose.... we will try again next week...and the next...and the next.... first tie breaker if nobody selects each team’s exact score is the Vikings score, then point differential - finally ties will be broken with a drawing out of my hat. Entries must be in by 4:00 pm Eastern Time. Get involved, have fun and good luck 👍🍀! #knitting #knittersofinstagram #yarnporn #yarn #crochetersofinstagram #minnesotavikings #chelseayarns

“Well done is better than well said.” Benjamin Franklin. No point in me talking about Kahunas...just have to make them. This morning’s ball of fun was inspired by the music of Little Feat and those sizzling sounds from Lowell George - welcome “Time Loves A Hero” to the Kahuna world. It’s 7 colors of sock yarn, equal lengths each wound twice. It’s 1,100 yards of serenity and is shipped to your door along with a Kahuna Bag for $100. I can jam like Lowell and get this out in today’s mail. Lemme know, and if you just want to talk Little Feat that’s cool 😎 too! #knitting #knittersofinstagram #yarnporn #redbank #yarn #crochet #magicyarnball #chelseayarns

“If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don’t have to worry about the answers. Thomas Pynchon. Pynchon, Vonnegut, literary “3 Kings” of zany - the BB, Freddie and Albert of page to page jam...a guitar solo here, bass solo there, drum solo when you don’t expect it and Janis Joplin when you are looking for Billy Holliday. Confusing? Yes! Meet “Gravity’s Rainbow.” A hodgepodge of 1,125 yards of many sock yarns, colors and vibes. Different hues, different lengths, different moods - it’s Mountain Jam times two. Boom. $100 includes shipping and Kahuna Bag....and a whole lot of vibe. Say “yes” and it’s in tomorrow’s mail. #knitting #knittersofinstagram #yarnporn #yarn #crochetersofinstagram #chelseayarns #redbank #magicyarnball #thebigkahuna

“Sustained motivation is essential to achieving your potential.” Grete Waitz. Oh yea Grete, you got me fighting, pushing, digging, grinding trying to push the envelope of Kahuna production......the Chuck Yeager of big balls of yarn! So this morning I exhausted myself creating “HOLY SH*T” 2000 yards - that’s over a mile - of 15 colors sock yarn wound twice. It’s big. It’s badass. Its bodacious. It’s ready to rumble to your door along with its Kahuna Bag Kompanion....$190 includes shipping - first one ☝️ in gets this bad boy! Peace!!!!! #crochet #crochetersofinstagram #yarn #yarnporn #knitting #knittersofinstagram #chelseayarns #redbank #bigkahuna

“If people knew how hard I worked to achieve my mastery, it wouldn’t seem so wonderful after all.” Michelangelo. Up with the sun this morning, fueled by espresso and Kahuna mojo I pounded out this colorful cornucopia of yarn jam. “Celebration Day” is 1,425 yards of 10 color ways of sock yarn each wound twice. $140 gets this glorious piece of RBM artwork 🖼 in Tuesday’s mail along with a Kahuna Bag - shout out from the mountain tops I will hear you!!! Have a wonderful day and be extra special nice to someone today - make their day!!! #crochet #crochetersofinstagram #yarn #yarnporn #yarnlove #bigkahuna #redbank #chelseayarns

“It doesn’t take much to be good, but it takes a lot to be real good.” Billy Gibbons. My friend Barbara asked for some blues, so let’s play her some blues! On the left - “Polk Salad Annie” jams 1,225 yards of 10 colors sock wound twice. $120 gets this cool 😎 cat sent to your door. On the right - “Jr. Wells Calling” is also a medley of 10 colors sock yarn each wound twice resulting in a bluesy riff of 1,325 yards. $130 gets this bad boy delivered to your love shack....hurry hurry I can get in today’s mail! Peace to all. #crochet #crochetersofinstagram #knitting #knit #yarn #yarnporn #chelsealuxe #chelseayarns

“Success is getting what you want, happiness is wanting what you get.” W.P. Kinsella. The Joe Jackson funky groove rolls on with this beast of an encore. Ladies and Gentlemen, from the banks of the Navesink River arises “Look Sharp Too.” This 1,525 yard cool 😎 concoction of sock yarn with 10 colors each wound twice, with a little glitter here, a little glitter a glitter there a glitter...wait, I digress. $145 gets this big ball of wonder with its own Kahuna bag shipped right to your door! Bring it on! #knitting #knittersofinstagram #crochetersofig #crochet #yarnporn #yarn #chelseayarns

“Without ambition one starts nothing. Without work one finishes nothing. The prize will not be sent to you. You have to win it.” Ralph Waldo Emerson. I woke early to start this Kahuna. I worked hard to finish it. Like Austin Powers.....I am spent. “Look Sharp” is 1,475 yards of 10 colors of sock yarn each wound twice. A little glitter, a lot of sock yarn and a sh*tload of mojo!!!! $140 includes shipping and a Kahuna Bag. Like today’s NYC Marathon first one in wins! #crochet #crochetersofinstagram #yarn #yarnporn #knittersofinstagram #redbank #chelseayarns #thebigkahuna #bigkahuna #magicyarnball

“With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.” Eleanor Roosevelt. Say “hello” to 1,425 yards of 9 colors sock yarn each wound in equal lengths twice ... “Smoked My Stuff And Drank All My Wine” is this morning’s Led Zeppelin inspired big ball of mojo - $140 includes shipping, Kahuna Bag and good thoughts from RBM. As Maverick said in “Top Gun” - “ talk to me Goose.” #crochet #crochetersofig #knitting #knittersofinstagram #yarnporn #yarn #redbank #kahunacitynj

“Not making a decision is the worst thing you can do...” Bo Schembechler. Yesterday @chelseayarns had a trunk show with Liz from @treliz_colorispower. She saw these two Kahunas heading for the photo shoot and said “I can’t go back to Greece without them.” Right place, right time. Farewell “Monster Mash” and “Effin’ Mess” enjoy your new home in Greece with my new friend!!! Peace to all. #knitting #crochetersofig #knittersofinstagram #chelsealuxe #yarn #yarnporn

“It takes a long time to become young.” Pablo Picasso. In honor of all those who had a blast at Rhinebeck (New York Sheep and Wool) I am jumping back into Kahuna production with my Woodstock Collection. These three bouncing balls of sock yarn are named after songs on the original Woodstock album. On the left, “Sea of Madness” 1,350 yards of multiple colors with a touch of glitter sock ($135 includes Kahuna Bag and Shipping). In the middle, “I’m going Home.” 1,550 yards of sock yarn with some glitter tossed in! ($150 includes Kahuna Bag and shopping.) On the right, “Rainbows All Over Your Blues.” A funky mixture of sock yarn with a touch of glitter to boot. ($150 includes Kahuna Bag and Shipping.). Give me a shout and one can be yours! #knitting #knittersofinstagram #crochet #crochetersofig #yarn #yarnporn #chelsealuxe #chelseayarns #magicyarnball

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