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Meghan Meeker  "All grown-ups were once children... but only few of them remember it." - Saint-Exupéry Ⓥ

Scott and I are cutting back on wedding bookings - but damn do amazing couples like @hilary_heavilin and @wanyesaan make us realize why we loved being part of someone’s wedding day in the first place. Two dweebs in love. #watertrashwedding

It’s #nationalbestfriendday - which is awesome because @ainsface2787 is in Akron this weekend! Tomorrow we get to meet our new nephew (technically he’s HER nephew, but I’m counting myself as another auntie).

Since Sterling is an official Meeker-Roger now... I had to take his portrait over the weekend so his sweet face could join Petey and Roan’s on the living room wall.

Oh peonies - you are such a short-lived but absolutely perfect flower.

Kitchen is done! Better photos soon! I’m just so relieved! A HUGE thank you to @slcdesignco for helping us conceptualize and DO. This project would still be just an idea without Shawn’s creativity and expertise.

So ready! #notoriousrbg

Pretty much an awful day all around, but this photo makes me happy... so I’m going to share it.
Our newest pack member, Sterling, is quite the little charmer. We may be a small bunch, but my boys are my family.
📸: @scotteeevil

Last weekend I went to Minnesota and did a thing for my camp wife and her new husband. It was lovely.

PR on the treads today! On a Monday, no less. Thanks for pushing me to be a runner (literally never thought I would be), @coachtravisotf! #vegangains

One day, two mascots (I might have a problem). Stopped at the Blue Heron homecoming event this morning and then Cleveland VegFest this afternoon.

Bee babes in action! Most of my ladies have woken up and are busy making me some new bees.

Over the last 8 days I’ve only been home for two... so, when I got home yesterday I thought we got a new dog! Sterling got his first haircut since he’s been a part of our family and he’s looking extra cute (and even more like Roan’s mini me).

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