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Fashion Blogger • Reda Laâfif  📌 Lucerne 👉🏽 Paris 👉🏽 New York 👉🏽 St. Girons ✖️enthusiast ✖️travel ✖️fashion ✖️moroccan ✖️dutch ✖️swiss

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"When time flies, words stay. When people walk out your life, believing they can take back everything they gave you, memories stay. If you are like me, everything, good and bad that people ever told you is stuck in your mind forever. Sometimes it's a good thing because you quietly laugh about that joke your friend said that gave you stomach pains. But all the good words in the world can't cancel the bad ones, the hate and the cruelty that was adressed towards you. So remeber before you speak that you are not shouting into the void but words always find their way back and will eventually break your bones."

we out here vibin' ⚡️

life's so fucking good dude ✌🏽 @mathilde.rietsch

i thought posing with glasses would make me appear more sophisticated 🤟🏽 by @alex.barbey

baby put on your blue sunglasses 'cause we gonna take a ride 🤟🏽 shot @yannickpulver

never trust a girl at coachella 🤟🏽 shot @yannickpulver

jupiter and neptun are cool and stuff but have you seen venus or mercury ? they truly sold out ⚡️ shot @_celinephotography_

drippin turquoise vibes tonight 🤟🏽

your strawberry boy 🍓

monday chills 🤟🏽

gratitude for each day that comes in our lives ✌🏽

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