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Reds4Veds  #Reds4Veds day is raising awareness of Vascular Ehlers Danlos! Just wear red to show your support!


Delighted to announce our #REDS4VEDS photo competition winners.
Every photo shared online is a winner in support of raising awareness on REDS4VEDS day for Vascular EDS. Thank you to everyone who supported our annual global event.

All your photos helped to raise awareness and we are so proud you took part.

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🙋 Hoy me escapamos al cine porque tengo tanto tiempo encerrada por los días tan terribles que he tenido,que ya estaba desarrollando claustrofobia 😂.
Casi siempre me acuesto en ésa posición vaya a dónde vaya. Y es que yo me invento
cualquier estrategia con tal de ir más allá de #mienfermedadinvisible 🙌
🍀Yo soy mi Heroína.😆 Voy de Rojo por el #vascularehlersdanlos

#superarlensiú 🍃

P.D. Se acerca la hora de mi nueva campaña para poder llegar a USA y ser evaluada por especialistas. NECESITO UN TRATAMIENTO. 😷
¿En qué puedes ayudarme para lograrlo? 😇

#red4veds #myhero

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I'm wearing #red4veds !! Vascular EDS is a serious life limiting genetic condition that is associated with a risk of sudden death due to arterial rupture at any age. #EhlersDanlosSyndrome @ehlersdanlosuk #EDSAwarenessMonth #DinkyktsEDSDiaries @ajschallenge

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Today is wear #red4veds day please wear red and share your photos in support of people living with cedes and those who lost the lives like Louise to this invisible illness ❤️❤️❤️

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Wearing #red4veds in support of my friend @beckywalls1989 today! Get your red on people! ❤

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Red for my cousin Bella, who lives with VEDS (vascular Ehlers-Danlos syndrome). Spread the awareness, wear red! #red4veds

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❤️ #REDS4VEDS ❤️ ❤️Share For VEDS Awareness❤️ Vascular Type is generally regarded as the most serious form of EDS due to the possibility of arterial or organ rupture. The skin is usually thin and translucent with veins being seen through the skin, which is most apparent over the chest and abdomen. There are certain facial characteristics present in some affected individuals. These manifestations include large eyes, thin nose, lobeless ears, short stature, under developed chin, thin lips, and thin scalp hair. Also evident is a decrease in subcutaneous tissue, particularly in the face and extremities. Minor trauma can lead to extensive bruising.

Arterial/intestinal/uterine fragility or rupture commonly arise in this type of EDS. Spontaneous arterial rupture has a peak incidence in the third or fourth decade of life, but may occur earlier. Midsize arteries are commonly involved. Arterial rupture is the most common cause of sudden death. Acute diffuse or localized abdominal or flank pain is a common presentation of arterial or intestinal rupture. Life expectancy is shortened with a majority of individuals living only into their forties. Pregnancies may be complicated by intra-partum uterine rupture and pre- and postpartum arterial bleeding. Treatments are available which may help extend life, and surgical interventions are improving.

Joint hypermobility is usually limited to the digits. Tendon and muscle rupture can occur. Talipes equinovarus (clubfoot) is frequently seen at birth. Other manifestations that may be found in the Vascular Type include: acrogeria (premature aging of the skin of the hands and feet); early onset varicose veins; arteriovenous fistula (an opening between an artery and vein), carotid-cavernous fistula; pneumothorax (collapse of a lung) /pneumohemothorax (collapse of a lung with a collection of air or gas and blood); gingival recession and complications during and after surgery (i.e. wound dehiscence). The Vascular Type of EDS is caused by structural defects in the proa1(III) chain of collagen type III encodes by COL3A1. This type of EDS is inherited in an autosomal dominant manner. A skin biopsy c

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Yesterday (12.05.2017.) was vascular eds awareness day. We miss the date so we post today. #reds4veds Wear red for vascular Ehlers-Danlos! ❤❤
Our genetics suspect that we have vascular type of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and we waiting for analysis be done. 💪
#spoonie #undiagnosed #veds #vascularehlersdanlos #ehlersdanlossyndrome #ehlersdanlos #mitralvalveprolapse #connectivetissuedisorder #spoonielife #spooniestrong #raiseawareness #spreadawareness #vasculareds #genes #geneticdisease #spooniesisters

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‪Proud to help raise awareness for #reds4vEDS (https://www.reds4veds.org/); honored to know C, someone who gives more than he gets. #hero

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Support those who matter to you! #love #REDS4VEDS @galwithgrit #bebrave #EDS 🔥

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