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Recording Academy / GRAMMYs  The Recording Academy has been celebrating music through the GRAMMY Awards for more than 50 years.

Only at the #GRAMMYs can you find music legends, @LionelRichie, @MichaelJackson, @QuincyDJones, and @OfficialPhilCollins sitting next to each other 🙌 #TBT

Which artist would you like to sit next to if you could attend the #GRAMMYs?

"Elliott Smith is without a doubt the musician that has influenced me the most. I was 13 when I started listening to "Either/Or" & it didn't take long before the obsession was in full bloom. I wanted to find out what his inspirations was which introduced me to genres that I never would have listened to otherwise at such a young age. "Either/Or" has since then been a trusty companion in my life helping me through tough times & being a gorgeous lo-fi ethereal soundtrack to the good ones. The day "Either/Or" entered my life was the day I stopped feeling alone. That's how powerful music can be." - @mionyl

Every Wednesday we are celebrating your music 🎶 collections with #InMyCollection. Share your story of an album that has a special memory or has inspired you by using #InMyCollection and you could be featured right here! 🙌

As details continue to unfold, we remain deeply saddened by the tragic event that took place last evening in Manchester. Our community of music creators will band together, as we always do in the face of adversity, to continue to make and offer music that forms the soundtrack of our everyday lives, and which continues to provide inspiration - and hope - to so many. Our sincerest condolences go out to the victims, their families, and everyone impacted by this horrific act.
Neil Portnow
The Recording Academy

In an intimate conversation with the Recording Academy LA Chapter, Board Governor @MichaelEinziger and @BrandonBoyd of @IncubusOfficial, LA Chapter President Peter Asher, and co-producer/mixer @Skrillex discussed the creative and collaborative efforts that go into making an album. The discussion touched on how the collaboration between Incubus and Skrillex occurred, how Skrillex blended his knowledge of EDM production techniques with his appreciation for beautiful rock vocals, among other topics. Swipe ↔️ to see more photos from the enter. #PandEWing

"Connect yourself with life." 🎶 GRAMMY-nominated artist Desiigner (@lifeofdesiigner) gave #GRAMMYU members advice on songwriting during a private Q&A before giving them tickets to his show!
Swipe ↔️ to see 👀photos from the #GUSoundChecks. 🙌

Ended the night with my girl @mskellyprice! 📷: @therealfaithevans Takeover

There's more! Still celebrating the release of my new album #TheKingAndI! Next up @MilkRiver! 📷: @therealfaithevans Takeover

Signing copies of my new album #TheKingAndI right now at Rough Trade #NYC! 📷: @therealfaithevans Takeover

GRAMMY-winning artist @therealfaithevans is taking over our Instagram today! Follow along as she posts behind-the-scene photos of her promo day. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••Hey, it's Faith Evans & I'm taking over the Recording Academy's Instagram! Come follow me as I take you on a busy day of promo.

Chris Cornell was one of the influential originators of the 1990s Seattle grunge scene. A two-time GRAMMY Award winner, Chris’ dynamic stage presence and impressive vocal range made him a true rock-and-roll icon. From the international success he achieved as the founder and lead vocalist of Soundgarden, to fronting the GRAMMY-nominated supergroup, Audioslave, Chris’ extraordinary talent will forever live on and inspire fellow musicians and fans worldwide. We have lost an innovative member of our creative community, and our sincerest condolences go out to Chris’ family, friends, collaborators, and all who have been impacted by his outstanding artistry.
Neil Portnow
The Recording Academy

JUST ANNOUNCED: James Corden (@j_corden) will host the 60th #GRAMMYs at Madison Square Garden in New York City Jan 28, 2018!

“It has been one of the most influential records ever to me. Which is saying a lot because that album just came out in 2015 and I’ve only been listening to it for one year. That album was with me through so much. It was with me through my fear of flying; it was with me through reading Harry Potter, which is crazy because now when I think of Harry Potter I think of the scenes. I literally hear these songs over and over in my mind. It might sound hella neardy, but I love to listen to the same thing over and over and over. It just inspires me, listening to these songs, everything he is talking about, the sonics, and the vibe has also inspired me to now pick up the piano, let loose, sing, and learn. There is just something about that album. The way he created it, in a little room, he produced it, and it all came from his mind with a few of his friends and producers. It’s what I really aspire to be as an artist, as a creative, and I feel that I’m doing that. We can talk about so many records that have inspired me, but that album was there in a time and place when I was at my lowest that I’ve ever been and it was there to see me at my highest point to date.” - @Logic301 on why ‘What For?’ by @toroymoi is part of his collection.
Share your story of an album that has a special memory or has inspired you by using #InMyCollection and you could be featured right here!

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