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Record Archive 🎧  Since 1975! Largest vinyl collection in NYS, new & used music & movies, unique gifts, vintage clothes, in-store events, beer & wine bar, & much more!

BACK IN MY DAY WE USED FLYER WALLS INSTEAD OF YOUR NEWFANGLED FACEBOOK MACHINES. (welcome to 2018, where we can use both- we'd love to show your flyer for your next show!)

Know any particularly daring souls looking to take a chance on mystery incense sticks? 10 for $1!!! #recordarchive #mysterious #incense #wildberryincense #wewillbesonicetoyou

Need to take your cd collection on the go, and keep the jewel cases perfectly protected? Fresh in, we have these retro case logic bags!

Yup, it's swampy out! Nothing cuts through summer heat and mugginess quite like Rochester's own Fiz Pop! Swing by Record Archive, grab a Fiz and enjoy our POWERFUL perfect 72 degree AC!

Bombs Away! Bath bombs, fresh in stock! Make bath time more luxurious and frothy than ever before, and come out feeling like the new, sweet smelling, person you are!

Rare #donfriedmantrio - A Day In The City - 1st Press deep groove #riversiderecords #recordarchive #vinyl #recordarchive #jazz

Rare 1st Press Prince Lasha & Sonny Simmons - Firebirds #freejazz #freeimprovisation #vinyl #visitroc #recordarchive

Make dishes less of a chore and more of a sudsy-karaoke with these microphone-esque "King" & "Diva" sponges!

If you're like me, you hate putting on sunscreen- it's sticky, it smells like geriatric medical ointments, and you're greasy afterwords. But let me lay this on you; this suncreen smells like mango, it's not greasy at all AND YOU ARE COVERED IN GLITTER ALL DAY!

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