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RecceWife  Musings of a Canadian Military Family. Believer. Wife. Mom. Writer. Speaker. Runner. Starbucks addict refusing recovery.


Things my 10 year old wanted for his birthday:

1. A @bangormainepolicedepartment shirt to go with his Police collection. We are Canadian and have never been to Bangor, but police are police so this makes him ecstatic. #noducknojustice
2. A Walkman. Cassette player. Because apparently the Google Play account is just not able to play his Queen cassettes the way he likes... 3. His random act of birthday kindness was a trip to bring donuts to the Military Police unit.
4. Autographs! He got 2 new police officer autographs.
5. A trip to the Chiropractor so he could feel "loosy goosy" for his birthday.
He may drive me nuts and have a virtual alphabet soup of letters describing what makes him special, but how can anyone not love this kid.

Happy birthday Monster.

It's not a kid's Christmas party without a Nerf gun kill house, airsoft target practice and Arctic camo Santa.
At least, not for the kids of combat soldiers.

After an incredible week learning about women and the Canadian Armed Forces, a long time friend and amazing leader General Trevor Cadieu presented me completely unexpectedly with his coin for, among other things I didn't really catch because I was completely suprised, challenging the leadership on their work with military families.
So crying was not how I thought I would end this week. But here I am.
So grateful for the experiences I am given.

I dunno guys, feeding everyone on base seemed like the most stressful job in the army!

Learning all about #canadianforces cooks at CFB Edmonton.

Did you know the Canadian Armed Forces has a fully deployable CT scanner?
This scanner being shown off by Medical and Radiology Technologist MCpl. Pawulski was used even at the hospital in Kandahar before being brought here to Edmonton.
It can be packed up and moved where needed and has a separate power grid and even a sea can size backup power unit.

Well I might not have got the chance to do the FORCE test, but I did get to meet another badass soldier.

MCpl. Lavoie is a military mechanic. Her job involves the maintenance of all the vehicles on base, including the tanks, LAVs and trucks.
Fortunately for me, she's also a pretty phenomenal friend.

Today she was kicking ass in volleyball at her unit Sports Day.


Well as much as I joked about it, I really had wanted to try out the FORCE test again for the challenge (I have tried it before but never with an official time). However apparently as a civilian any medical condition, regardless of whether it effects fitness, precluded me from taking the test, I was not allowed to try I had to sit this one out.

It was definitely an interesting experience to watch though. And some pretty amazing ladies in our group completed with flying colors.


Today's Women's Influencer adventures ended at 408 Squadron! #womencantoo

Time for a quiet night before we head back out tomorrow morning, starting with the FORCE test!

Driving in the LAV6

My crew commander was a good sport, and I've decided these helmets are the least flattering item I've ever worn.

Safe though.


CFRC Women's Influencer event stop 2: LdSH(RC)! Hanging out in the back of the LAV.

First up for the CFRC Women's Influencer event is Canadian Forces 101.

I used to teach Forces 101 at my last posting but hearing it explained by Sgt Brown, who is a PPCLI Infantry soldier it, is enlightening to see her perspective and the passion behind it.

All the caffeine in this mess hall isn't enough.
Let's do this.

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