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This is what happens when Drama gets bored while visiting dad at work.

I'm kind of hoping they try it.

Sometimes you need to ditch the phone and the Blackberry (as much as is possible on IRU) and watch your husband coax reluctant kids tubing on the lake all day with great friends.

Then you can remember that SSM and SQ and WO and all the other acronyms and high readiness and hurry up and wait... It's not all he is.

Driving home after a beautiful day on the water and then an evening watching the rain from the patio is the perfect recharge button.

Monster won't stop asking for a #bulldog puppy now.
Apparently they bonded.
He's in love.

Oh Army.
Never change.

I've been trying to explain this to Dh forever.

This is Good Times, my oldest friend.
I haven't been out on the town with Good Times in 15 years.
Good Times is taking me through stampede for the first time in a decade.
It will be fine.

If you've ever been to a mess dinner, you know this chair and table.

It sits, during the crowded time when everyone finds their place, during the toast to the fallen, and during the drunken times after dinner.

It sits. It

And when the dinner is over, it will be cleared off quietly and put away until next time. Even when the party carries on happily until the early morning, it has to be put away eventually.
But its presence is never forgotten.

And some nights, it's louder than others.
At the Regiment.
At the dinners.
In our homes on random nights.

That quiet reminder that not everyone is with us, even when we are all together, it some nights screams from its silent chair, unexpectedly, even when the table has been put away it still has a voice.


Learning to embrace those days and nights as a part of this life, that can take more than we knew we'd have to give.

But it is the cost of love, and of war, and it's unpredictable, and sometimes it's louder and sometimes filled with remembered laughter, and sometimes it is sad, and all the time it just.... Is.

Tomorrow we wake the same.
Grateful for the day that freedom gives us.

But the nights, sometimes they are for remembering.

I don't know who you are, glorious person with the size 5 feet who decided to clear out their shoes and donate them to the thrift store, but you, my friend, are wonderful.


Oooh ohhh! Can I take a picture?
Kids? No, I don't even know where they are. With ME!


Sign #34 that there's a parade coming up.

I guess I'll take a bath tomorrow.

Right up by the stage with my favourite Freddy Mercury

What Freddy looks like when he gets upgraded to floor seats to see #queen

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