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ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ  bay area ↟ sierras sf giants ↟ coffee chronicling my weight gain through law school

i have so many photos from my time at banff/jasper/glacier last year that i never posted. using this opportunity to post and to tell you i’m going back to the rockies next month but to the colorado portion of it! woohoo first time in colorado baby! send recs now thanks!

spent the entire day worshipping this dog. titiwawa, you are too good for this world.

michelle and i with captain Titi.

#sierraclub interns at a #sfgiants games! 🧡🌲🖤

red, white, and snooze

relaxing in the shade

naaaaa sibennnyyaaaaaaaa

why do we look so awkward.... #sierraclub interns with attorneys after a district court hearing!

incapable of taking cute pictures

do you like my aggressive fishing stance. caught my very first trout!!! but this experience was also traumatic as fuck. seeing the fish sink below to the bottom and stay there before swimming away a minute later was the saddest thing i ever saw and i felt so bad for hurting the little fish :( :( ugh it was so fun fishing until i saw the fish struggle :( :( :( fish feel pain!!!! it’s fun to fish.. wish it wasn’t painful for them.. not sure how to live with myself at the moment


luna going after the wrong kind of balls. thank you @vjwordsmith for this photo. throwback to a whole year ago

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