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So, I don't know what possessed me yesterday when I decided, after sooo many years and totally out of the blue, to give the gym a try, again.
And I even got myself a subscription.
Somebody please send help: I am clearly out of my mind.
And of my comfort zone.
And, as of today, kinda out of order too, lol.
But, after that, I found these.
Maybe it wasn't all for nothing and I am not that crazy if I can still giggle over cookies :)
[These are shop bought, but nothing that a bit of pastry, a cookie cutter better two, raspberry jam -or other jams of your choice- and a bit of chocolate cannot fix. Easy and fun].

Sponsored| I was surely thinking 'I'm not ready, it's barely November, I'll give into panic if I think of Christmas this much ahead of time'. But then. Then I had the pleasure to attend @waitrose supper club to celebrate Christmas and as soon as I walked past the entrance door, I knew Christmas had come early and I was just happy. And it was festive and it was über nice, there was plenty of amazing food from lovely canapés -those Christmas Tree mushroom-y vol-au-vents were simply to die for- to meaty main courses, to luscious desserts. But my eyes were all for this array of cheeses and chutney and crackers and all the simple but nourishing food that simply calls for sharing. Because that's what #ChristmasTogether means to me: family and friends -btw, a huge thank you to every single person I had supper with the other night, it really was a pleasure guys- all gathered around a table, enjoying mealtimes and cozy conversations, just taking it slow and being present in the moment. How would you have it instead? Share your #ChristmasTogether moments with Waitrose and you'll be in for a chance to win amazing prices (there's Kitchen Aid up for grabs but I didn't say anything, mum's the word, lol) Ts&Cs apply, info to be found here: #ad

Today is 8 years dad is not with us anymore.
When we found out he was ill, a member of family -on paper, at least- told mum it was 'about time something horrible happened to your family too'. Mum was in such a shock from hearing those words that couldn't really reply anything.
Today, I'm swapping that memory with every time at the hospital ward, when everybody was happy if someone else made it and not for one moment resented it.
That's the kind of empathy and humanity I want to celebrate.
Today I'm going to go out there, act normal -for as normal as I can ever be- and smile, because I look and am a lot like him and that's what he would have done anyway (minus the coffee, that was awful and he wouldn't have stand that!)
I miss him. Today is no more than yesterday and won't be any less than tomorrow.
I just miss him.
But he's with us anyway.
I want to think so, I need to think so.
Have you all a lovely day smile smile good guys, x.

Sponsored| Hyggelig. Norwegian for nice. Because these past few years, for me, have been all about no frills no fuss conviviality, a sense of well-being in enjoying simple days, simple things, simple meals.
And that's why I decided to have it printed on my personalised #HeinzBeanz can. Did you know that you too can have your own personalised can? Just decide what Beanz mean to you and visit to get your very own can.
And to make the day even more special we are going to celebrate this beaut with a yummy dish of baked sweet potatoes, beanz, spinach and feta. 'Cause, you know, can it ever get more hyggelig-er than that? I'm pretty sure it does not :) #ad #BeanzMeanzHeinz

Sponsored| The only way to turn the day for the better is by realising that todays is #WorldPastaDay and that there will be, for sure, an out of the ordinary dish of #🍝 with romanesco, pistachios and lemon thyme vegan pesto waiting for you at home.
No better way to make it really special, right?
Unless.. unless you realise that you could also win a trip to Italy by entering Barilla’s competition: you just have to let your #passionforpasta drive you, get creative, share your image along with #BarillaUk and #WorldPastaDay and then simply enjoy the result while crossing your fingers.
And yes, you can eat first and cross your fingers later, lol!
Details can be found here , terms and conditions apply. #greatpasta #ad

"Happiness, not in another place but this place...not for another hour, but this hour" ~W. Whitman.

While out there is Xmas already -sigh!- I'm enjoying the season, this season.

Have a lovely Friyay good good guys, x

Sponsored| My idea of a perfect autumn morning starts with some amazing light, a bowl of fresh fruit, a biscuit or two and the lovely aroma of a freshly brewed coffee that fills the room.
A coffee that doesn't follows trends but just my needs, exactly like my @Grundig Delisia.
I add some cardamom pods and cinnamon sticks to the ground coffee and, believe me, leaving the house to face yet another busy, hectic day, is not that simple after all!
Take a cup please, let's have coffee together and have then a wonderful day you all. #ad #grundig #wherehomeis #bestplacetobe #grundighome #respectfood

Sponsored| Today is the perfect day to play with flavours and textures and to have something really special and indulgent.
And we are getting on with our 'cheat day' by  adding a splash of Baileys to the last slice of a chocolate cake, shaping it differently and adding a salty, subtle pistachio touch.
Our idea of the perfect treat day, what would be yours?
Get creative and have fun, we surely are! #ad #Baileys #DontMindIfIBaileys #CheatDay

Had salad for lunch.

Mostly croutons and tomatoes...
Really, just one big round crouton covered with tomato sauce. And cheese.
It was pizza.
We ate pizza. 😂😂

Whether you are having a scorching hot summer, or -as we are used to at this latitude- a milder, rainy here and there summer, these are a few of my favourite things, the ones I cannot really do without and I would call a true, seasonal must-haves: - tiny gelato sandwiches, made out of stroopwafel and homemade Baileys gelato -@baileysofficial on the rocks, to be served in cute, small glasses.
Add plenty of laughs, time with friends, a chilled out atmosphere and you'll have a good idea of what is going on right here, right now. Care to join us? We'll be waiting for you but hurry, they are bound to run out before you know it! #ad #baileys

One of the perks of working as a freelancer is that you get to choose the clients you want to work with.
99% of the times they are nice.
The remaining 1% are über nice clients, the ones is truly a pleasure to work with.
@waitrose falls exactly in the latter percentage: yesterday they hosted a quintessentially British summer garden party, with an all vegan -from dishes to wines- menu at their beautiful Leckford location.
How I wish I was still there, everything was simply perfect so much so that, come Xmas, I already know what ask Santa for :) #waitroseatsource #ad

Thank you all for your dms yesterday, it was nice laughing together (and sorry if I haven't yet replied to all, there were tons and I'm afraid some I missed, my bad). .

Now, not saying that each vanilla day is necessarily an adventure -how cute are those espresso cups though? Sooooo cute- but let's try while enjoying coffee and a small choco-hazelnut treat.

Aaaand, in the meantime, have you all a fun&cozy Friyay good good guys, keep on smilin'!

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