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RebelTHON  One generation fighting for the next. RebelTHON is the University of Mississippi's 12 Hour Dance Marathon.

What a fantastic year and unbelievable Dance Marathon weekend! Support from @lovestravelstops made the event a success & helped us raise $40,000 OVER our goal. Thanks again to everyone who participated, we couldn't have done it without you! #LovesForTheKids #LovesMiracles

$265,912.30. There are not enough words to express our gratitude to every dancer, every donor, every miracle family, every doctor, and every single person involved in this journey. We are extremely grateful and extremely proud to be able to hold up these numbers tonight. We were forty thousand OVER our goal! This could not have been done without the help of each individual that was involved! $265,912.30 going straight to the amazing kids at Blair E Batson!

#50Statesin50Hours was achieved yesterday! THANK YOU dancers and donors for helping us gain nationwide support t-minus 2 days before the DM. We can’t wait to see everyone at RebelTHON tomorrow!

It’s BEST DM WEEK! Here is a schedule of what our week looks like leading up to the DM:
TUESDAY: We will be recognizing dancers and top fundraisers, so keep a look out for your name!
WEDNESDAY: Fundraiser Appreciation Day - Meet us in Weir Hall from 10:00-1:00 to thank the fundraisers that make RebelTHON happen!
THURSDAY: Dancer Appreciation Day -
Find us on Business Row from 10:00-1:00 as pass out goodies and get excited about the DM this weekend -

THE TIME HAS COME-- the official theme hours for RebelTHON 2018!!! AMERICAN DREAM: wear your favorite American themed clothing
CLOUD 9: grab some ALL white clothes for a WHITE OUT
DREAM TEAM: sport your school spirit with Ole Miss apparel
SWEET DREAMS: put on your favorite onesie and favorite pajamas

So raid those closets and get ready because RebelTHON 2018 is in 8 DAYS! #DREAM and don't stop fundraising!

MIRACLE KID STORY: Luke and Caroline Puckett.

Siblings Luke and Caroline Puckett both visit doctors at Batson Children’s Hospital, but for vastly different reasons. Caroline has hypoplastic left heart syndrome, a condition that caused the left side of her heart to not develop correctly. Caroline and her family were forced to travel out of state for three separate open heart surgeries. Thankfully, the Children’s Heart Center opened in 2010, so pediatric heart patients like Caroline can now receive care at home without having to leave the state. Luke, on the other hand, was born with spina bifida, a condition where the spinal column does not close completely. At 3 months old, Luke underwent a procedure at Batson Children’s Hospital. Though he has no feeling in his feet, doctors believe with continued physical therapy Luke will be able to walk with the assistance of leg braces. The siblings regularly see specialists at Batson Children’s Hospital for check-ups and have found encouragement and strength in one another.

Hannah Dunaway spent the first five months of her life in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit at Children’s Hospital. Diagnosed with Cystic Hygroma, or recurring nonmalignant tumors, Hannah had her first surgery at just six days old. Since then, she’s endured an unimaginable 40 additional surgeries. Because of the rarity of her illness, doctors at Batson have teamed with specialists at other hospitals to ensure Hannah receives the lifesaving care she needs. With each surgery, Hannah and her family continue to hope that the occurrence of future tumors will be reduced. This sweet, spirited singer and dancer with a smile that’ll melt your heart, hopes to become a pediatrician and help kids the way she has been helped. We have no doubt she’ll meet her goals.

Fun fact: This picture is from a wedding of one of Hannah's nurses during her time at Batson and Hannah was a bridesmaid!

Most 5 year olds can't say they have a pacemaker, but Miracle Kid Jack Henry isn't like most. At only a year old, he began having episodes where he would stop breathing, turn blue, and his heart would stop beating. The team of experts in the Children's Heart Center at Batson inserted a pacemaker that would restart Jack Henry's heart when his blood pressure dropped below a certain rate, allowing him to do almost anything other kids can. He loves baseball, dressing up like a ninja, and his big sister Hailey. We can't wait for Jack Henry to join us this year for his first RebelTHON!

ALSO: THANK YOU to everyone who fundraised yesterday, we surpassed our goal and are taking the GOLD to Batson!

UPDATE: We have filled the first ring, continue to fundraise so we can reach the GOLD!
We also have a shout-out from Miracle Kid, K.J.! K.J. is an awesome athlete and plays basketball, competes in track, and even surfs! He DREAMS to participate in the Paralympic Games one day. #GoingForTheGOLD

Meet our Miracle Kids!
Born with a rare genetic disease, Williams Syndrome, Sydney Mead had to have open heart surgery just days after birth. Two years later, she had to endure another heart surgery. Her surgeon performed a hybrid procedure that would help her pulmonary arteries grow. She became much stronger and never lost her beautiful spirit. While she
continues to see many pediatric specialists, this sweet girl always has a big smile on her face especially
when listening to music, singing and playing her favorite instrument—the drums. You're a rockstar Sydney! We can't wait to see you at RebelTHON in 11 days!

Something big is happening Tuesday to help dancers reach their goal... stay tuned!

HEY YOU! The last day to register and receive an event T-Shirt is Thursday the 15th. Tell your friends and get ready to dance ALL NIGHT LONG! #FTK

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