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Becca Lynn Holloway  💜Rebel💙 is my heart and soul PitBulls and Rottweilers are my life I fight for them so they don't have to #SavingTheWorldOnePuppyAtATime

Happy Halloween (:

Awh you made it ink

Let me get my hands on this sick fucker. Please. I will gladly do my jail time for giving him what he deserves. #SickFucksDeserveToBeTortured regram @fbombmafia
I would literally chop a motherfucker's head off... #justsaying #smfh What in the actual fuck is wrong with people?!? #Repost from @caseyiramissy By @michsygold "#ATTN: Residents of #IronCounties in #Missouri. YOUR #ANIMALS ARE #NOTSAFE WHILE UNATTENDED. Bring your #dogs inside and watch them while they are outside.
This dog's tail was scalped and the dog, along with his skinned tail, were left in the driveway Thursday evening in #Belgrade, #MO.
The #dog has gone through #surgery to remove the tail. It was also discovered that his back had been sliced and his genitals kicked so hard they were dislodged into his stomach. He is expected to recover. #safetytipsfordogs"

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Ad should read, "I'm a #scumbag who refuses to get a real #job so I breed helpless #dogs and sell off their #babies...fuck me right?!?" #Repost #Share --- Calling all #pitbull lovers & #advocates. We're trying to raise money to save these babies, otherwise they will end up as #baitdogs or #breeders. We can't let that happen. by @beautyartalli "🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 listen up my good people. WE NEEDS 1300$$$ #ASAP. THE GUY WITH THESE PUPPIES AND MOMMA WILL SELL THEM TO ANYONE WHO COMES ALONG!! I'M FROM #NJ!! I KNOW WHAT GOES ON IN #TRENTON. THESE DOGS ARE NOT SAFE!!!! #PLEASE #HELP BY DONATING TO @WILLIEORTIZ123 #PAYPAL AND HELP US GET THESE PUPPIES AND MOMMA. I HAVE A HOME FOR THE MOM AND 3 BABIES SO FAR!!! PLEASE HELP! HE MADE A DEAL WITH WILLIE TO HOLD THEM FOR 3 WEEKS AND IS NOW DEMANDING TO MEET WILLIE THIS COMING WEEKEND. PLEASE #DONATE WHATEVER YOU CAN."

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This poor boy desperately needs a rescue and committed foster. By @wagagainrescue "This dog is outside of premier auto 7210 senate in jersey village. He's injured and needs help! The people who found him can't take him so he's just laying there. Please help him and find a rescue that will take him in @pittsburghadoptabulls @urgent_dogs @instapetrescue @pittie_pages @voudoodolls please comment below or send an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please repost" via @PhotoRepost_app

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#Repost from @libragirlbx from @stfrancisfurryfriends --- REPOST 🚨🚨ATTENTION #NYC LUNA
is still in need for a new Home❗️❗️ She is 10 months old with shots and Great with kids. Owner is getting evicted bc LANDLORD doesn't want her in the building. Luna's owner doesn't want to surrender her to the #shelter. Plz help me #network this #baby to find her new happy home! Haven't heard from any #rescues yet. SERIOUS inquiries OnLy! Any other info regarding LUNA feel free to DM me @bellablue03. Ps I would appreciate Rescues to #stepup! Plzz help this #pup find her Forever Home. She will be getting spayed and staying with @bellablue03 while she recovers but we really need a RESCUE to #saveher !! #Pitbull #PitbullAwarenessMonth #Rescue #newyork #luna #pibblelover @newyorkbullycrew @clegit5

Can someone please find in their hearts to foster these babies. If I wasn't getting so much static from my family I would. regram @amccarty78
In my world NO dog's bed should be in the grass next to a stop sign alongside a busy street. Unfortunately for these puppies it is. These are the only 3 left alive in the litter. Without local fosters I cannot save them and their mom. My heart breaks for these babies because I know they most likely will not be alive when I am out there again next week. #adoptdontshop #abandonedanimals #dogsofig #dogsofinstagram #fosteringsaveslives #forgottendogsofthe5thward #helpsavethisdog #houstonsdirtysecret #houstonshomelessanimals #houstonsabandonedanimals #houston #texas #puppies

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A TIME OF NEED:: I HATE having to come to all of you guys and ask for more help... im amazed at how much u guys have helped me so far, unfortunately i still have an outstanding balance on my care credit account of quite a bit. We raised about 13,000$ total but her vet care was about 24,000$ i have about 7000$ left to pay off. With a payment of 475$ a month. I am NOT asking yall to come up with so much.. im simply asking of we can help raise just 2 months of payments... 950$...with the baby arrived i have been unable to work and now i am searching for a job but can't seem to land one yet.. im extremely backed up on all my bills and starting to stress not knowing what i am going to do... so if you guys can please find it in your hearts to help us out with just 2 months of payments till i can find a job it would mean so much to me, jess, baby troy nylah and dinan! The link is still im my bio. THANK YOU ALL! I HOPE WE CAN DO THIS!

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#OMG #please...he's just a #baby!! 💔😞 #Repost via "#Manhattan Center
PETER - A1017449
Reason #STRAY
Intake condition EXAM REQ Intake Date 10/14/2014, From NY 10459, DueOut Date 10/17/2014, I came in with Group/Litter #K14-198292.
Medical Behavior Evaluation GREEN
Medical Summary
Weight 30.2
CAME IN WITH A1017451 - INDIGO" #ny #nyc #newyork #puppy #adoptdontshop #sharethis #savealife

This is ridiculous. I hate bsl. It is completely ineffective, it's actually pretty counterproductive. When are governments gonna catch a clue? regram @paco_and_shelby
#Repost from @sherlockshenanigans No. Just, no.
If you've been following me for awhile, you know that I adore #pitbulls. Unfortunately, under Breed Specific Legislation (#BSL) they're banned in #Ontario. That's why seeing things like this bothers me. I wish I could say that this was a fake but this was published in a #Denver, CO newspaper. Feel free to head on over to their website to email them a piece of your mind. This does nothing but inspire fear, it doesn't educate or give an unbiased account.
To my fellow #Mastiff owning followers, think what's happening to pitties isn't our problem? If you're living in #Canada/ plan on visiting you're going to want to avoid #Quebec. Mastiffs are banned there under BSL as well.

Well he wouldn't stay still long enough but handsome Colt #handsomeboy #colt #beautiful #ilovemyjob #huskeygermanshepardmix

I'm at the top of the world and lifes a pussy buffet. #jarule #thatsmyshit #weratchettho

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