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セパレーションノリス (Shon Norris)  I write worlds CHANGE EVERYTHING Embodiment of Darkness WORLD DOMINATION OVER EVERYTHING

Tonight, I'll be streaming Friday the 13th at midnight in celebration for the 13th tomorrow. Link to my channel in bio - Twitch: RebelliousTheRAGER #twitch #twitchstreamer #twitchtv #gaming #horror #friday #fridaythe13th #old #stream #streaming #streamer #videogames #vintage #jason #jasonvoorhees #rebellioustherager #channel #bio #watch #event #midnight

From the melee god himself. 🙏🏾

Please let this be something so I can stop taking Ls rn.....

This was my day

Guide to living life everyday as you should when you have dreams.

Currently my life as a blonde on my birthday. 😂☺️🔥😆 #24


How it feels to be 24 pt.2

All this suffering will end one of these days, but now, I'm saying bring it on. It all has to be worth something, right? Everything you want always comes at a price, even if it's free. Life is the biggest gamble, so I could never lose anything in life except my own. I live a life with no regrets & no fear for I am not a support character in my lifetime. Otherwise, I only have to fear living like a normal person. I never know my cards, but I never fold them. You never know what you got until it's time to know. Fuck all my troubles, fuck the bullshit that's especially not my own bullshit, fuck all the fucks I will never accept because I no longer have none to give, so I'm extremely happy to say fuck it all. I'm fuckin 24 and I'm ready to do 86 more. COME FUCK WITH ME, LIFE!

How it feels to be 24 pt.1

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