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Outdoor selfie

Letter to 2018 Part 2
Keep going. Never be afraid to be vulnerable to people. We are ALL human, so we are ALL weak. Just because a situation is so depressingly dire, desapiring, deathly, its never stupid to still have faith in such a faithless situation. It only shows that you're not so easy to break like others. That strength alone just shows others what the fuck I'm talking about. For what I have gain, I am forever thankful for the people in my life & not the possessions. However, for what I have lost, I WILL TAKE EVERYTHING BACK! Even it takes 2020, the year 2021, & it goes on. Once again, this is it. Its time. To close the door on 2018...

Letter to 2018
This is it. Its time. We're closing another door. Actually, I am. What I've done this year will be always apart of my past, just like the previous years before. However..... This is the year of powermoves, dreams being achieved, taking the first step into what you want for the rest of your life - The untangable, the unimaginable, the thing that no one knew existed until you created it. I've done it. Me & my colleagues took our first official step into that realm. The best part is, the journey has already started when we met. This is FAR from the end. This is still the beginning. I finally moved out, but before that, i had a truck named Red Hank. I was so happy when i got my first car, I would always overexaggerate that truck, boasting that i have a big dick. Sadly, Red Hank could not live to see 2019 with me, but it will always be my first car. After being shackled & sheltered by the ones that love me more than the whole world, I have finally broken free from their grasp. Now i decide, suffer, & accept my decisions & my consequences for those choices that i have made with no regrets. I have a new car, a buick named Dr. Doom. I wont compare it to Red Hank, as they will live up to each other as their own car. Like war, you have a scar that lives with you for the rest of your life. Everything comes with a sacrifice. I didnt receive these things without losing something in exchange - I've lost love once again, I've temporarily lost my artistic vision, I've lost the trust of my family, & I've lost the biggest supporter of my life. My mom. At least, i thought i was supported, but not for what i believe or what i want to do with my life. Its alright. This is what it takes to be where you want to be in life. This pain, this horrible sorrow, having the whole world against you, even the ones who loved or your family. Fight. Back. Do what you care about, do what you love, nevee second guest yourself, in fact, pick yourself up right now. Look at yourself. Think back to those bad experiences, even the ones you never want to think about again. Now, look at yourself now. You're alive. You have something to do. We all do. Are you hurt? Are you ok? (Cont)

One of the lit photos I've had in my life. WE NEED MORE POWER. #devilmaycry #vergil #capcom #power

Con today, con another time.

I'VE DONE SEEN IT ALL....... This nigga Broly bout to be in smash ultimate. 😵

My night.


Oldie. I hate senior pictures. #fbf

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